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  1. The New Flyer Xcelsior has been at the BTC depot of CMBC in Burnaby for the last 2 days and is being driven back to Winnipeg this afternoon. I took some photos with my blackberry camera but they are just small pictures and not good quality. I also took a video clip which I will post on Youtube. As for anyone who says this bus is just like any other model... they are wrong. This model is the first of it's kind and has many specs that are far superior to other New Flyer or Nova buses. I shall post some specs later when I have time. One point is that it has a FAR more powerful engine than any other bus in it's class. It also has a redesigned roof unit and completely new style of headlight etc. More to come later...
  2. Well I'm not surprised that the Translink sign was put on sloppy... there's some bad feelings between CMBC and Translink. But then again I am not sure if that's the reason the sign was put on badly. On another note... I have found out some good news from Translink. I will post as soon as I confirm some other details.
  3. Hey everyone, Yeah that was a fun tour. Citaro and myself arranged the tour (I am a driver out of BTC and a CAW Union job steward for local 111). I will be discussing the success of this tour with CMBC and CAW so we can hopefully get these tours going on a regular basis. I am also going to work on a tour for other areas of Translink (no promises) like Skytrain etc. We'll see what happens there. All in all it was a success and everyone learned something new about the Burnaby Transit Center (even myself).
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