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  1. 520 is seen here on Transcona Boulevard on the Route 89 To North Transcona
  2. Forgot about this topic. Here’s 253 on the 17
  3. Yes and 107 814 is my best guess
  4. 649 is seen here making a somewhat rare appearance on the 672 Takin in a very exclusive location
  5. Winnipeg Fire Department New Hazmat 9 seen here on May 9th outside of the station. This truck entered serviced Late 2019
  6. Something pretty rare today. 347 on the 88
  7. Very uncommon sighting of 537 seen here in lindenWoods on the Route 642
  8. I never got a pic of 62. But sadly it’s been scrapped
  9. Here’s my shot of 232 on the 49 and 92
  10. Not really no. My buddy who works at transit is the one who programs the signs and gives me a heads up
  11. Fun fact the reason there was a 70 was cause people kept getting the 62 local and 62 express mixed up.
  12. Winnipeg Transit 252 is seen here on the Route 83 to MURRY PARK VIA Saskatchewan Loop. it’s uncommon to see a LF on this route
  13. Winnipeg Transit 642 Aka Ex Calgary Transit 7553 is seen here on the 693
  14. 648 is seen here turning onto Edgeland while making a very rare appearance on the 79 as on a all day run. You’ll likely never see a Calgary bus on the 79 again.
  15. 54 hasn’t gotten the update yet. My buddy update the signs
  16. 662 is seen here making a rare appearance on the route 77 on Saturday
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