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  1. It’s been in Ontario for years now.
  2. No it was never used for service. It is Ex Brandon Transit unit 12
  3. If the XE40 survived the winters in Winterpeg then Calgary should have no issues
  4. First one is to be delivered in a early 2022. So 1-2 months. Bus 480
  5. Ex Calgary Transit 7573 seen here on Route 77 turning into Pipeline Heading to Kildonan place as Winnipeg Transit 641
  6. I don’t think it’s a repaint. Are you sure the bus just doesn’t look clean. As fair as I know the low 100 don’t need to get a light refurbished yet
  7. Winnipeg Transit 650 is seen here on Route 677 leaving Beaumont Station
  8. That might have been touched up. Did you see if the under the front door has rust?
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