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  1. A few years ago there gonna be a route 52 that covered royalwood. Sage creek, island lakes
  2. Good afternoon. How are you? I was wondering if it would be possible to add Winnipeg Transit to Transit55 I have a link herr to get Winnipeg Transit open data if it helps. https://api.winnipegtransit.com/home/api/v3
  3. From what my contact at FRG said that it isn't retired just being worked on
  4. 971 990 have been missing for a while 233 247 270 277 278 731 being rebuilt
  5. Yes we have new wrap. 850 347 348 359 have wrapped
  6. Yes know. I was gonna go get a pic to see what ad he had
  7. Ah so outside of rush hour and on weekends they run? Just have to wait for 1 lol
  8. Ill be coming to Edmonton in Apirl. When would be the best times to get the U2s? Do they run all day everyday or are they only rush hour
  9. The 96 will be going back to the April schedule using 3 buses again.
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