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  1. I'm thinking 9840 was brought in to replace 9705 as a contingency bus.
  2. I was commenting about a response to your comment. I did not say you were selfish. I was talking about most people in general.
  3. People only want what directly benefits them.
  4. I think it's maintenance thing. My first thought was that all the xde60s were broken.
  5. To my understanding, the r3 is a poco route. The reason I mention this is that the r3 generally uses xde60s.
  6. Appears to be all 8100s on the r3 today. I caught 4 of them this morning. 8105?, 8112, 8113 and 8115 so far.
  7. When shall we expect to see the CNGs come into service?
  8. R16121 is on a 595 Langley centre. I am on it.
  9. Aren't all the units from the 8096-8117 series retired? I notice that they are still listed as active on the BC Transit main wiki page.
  10. The 66 extension is to save the non compass card holding Abbotsford and Chilliwack passengers from paying 4 different fares. They would only pay 3.
  11. They've had double deckers for how many years now?!?!?!? 20?!?!?!?!? It should be common knowledge that you watch your step going up and down the stairwell. Pay attention people!
  12. From what I can see, the R3 is doing its job of providing Express service to Haney Place and alleviating pressure off the 701. The ridership just does not warrant artics at the moment. What could happen is use 40ft buses until the ridership justifies the use of artics just like they did with the 97.
  13. Extend the Canada line to Lonsdale and Central Lonsdale and have 2 branches. One to Park Royal, the other to Phibbs. Scrap the Seabus or use it as a tourist attraction.
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