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  1. (Note to mods: If there is a more appropriate thread, please feel free to move my post there.) Greetings and happy holidays to everyone! Sorry to re-open a thread I started 12 years ago, but I've been wanting to share this LRT project with you all for a long time, and figured now would be the appropriate time to post since construction is wrapping up, testing is beginning, and enough videos have been posted online. This project is very near and dear to me since it's happening in my hometown, and today I'd like to briefly showcase what has been built there. I find it very interesting to co
  2. Thank you for pointing this out. Guess I’m gonna have some fun times with unusual buses on my regular route until the September service changes go into effect.
  3. First time in my life seeing a Nova on the 51! This shot was taken of 8676 NB on Leslie at Nymark.
  4. Overhead grab bar from a Gloucester car
  5. ^ I believe the purpose of the blue light is to discourage junkies from shooting up on the bus. It makes it harder for them to see their veins. You occasionally see blue lights in public washrooms too.
  6. Just spotted artic 9130 laying over at Sheppard-Yonge station operating on the 84 Sheppard West (local service). I wasn’t sure whether to post this in the special sightings thread or the regular one. Have artics become a common occurrence on this route, or is this just a one-off?
  7. Thank you very much to everyone that took the time to reply! Very interesting stuff! I seriously had no idea either that the U2s were in such bad shape. I look forward to visiting Calgary one day, and experiencing this wonderful system in person.
  8. Hey everyone, I’m from Toronto, and have been following this forum, and Calgary’s transit developments for around a decade now. I have a strong respect for the CTrain, but I have a few questions about the network: 1) From watching cab ride videos, and observing the bi-directional signalling, the system looks to be able to operate both ways on a single track, obviously with reduced frequencies. But does this ever happen in regular service? (i.e. during scheduled maintenance, or an extended service disruption.) I haven’t seen any videos of this, so I’d like to ask actual Calgarians this. 2)
  9. Sorry, I find it stupid that the NB 200 doesn't stop at Bridgeport/Weber, even though the bus passes right through there. Bridgeport Plaza is right there. As if GRT expects you to take the 5 and then transfer at King. There's no reason the bus couldn't stop there, there's plenty of people who've gotta drag their groceries. Ps. When is the railroad bridge on Park gonna be replaced? That bridge looks like it's gonna collapse every time I walk by it. Cheers.
  10. Yesterday I spotted car 4220 in service westbound on Dundas at Bay. Never seen an ALRV operating on the 505 before. Aren't ALRVs restricted to 501, 511, and some peak 504 runs? Any thoughts on why this occured? Maybe Roncy had a shortage of available CLRVs.
  11. Thank you for the clarification. I was under the impression that all the routes for the appropriate division where overwritten when an update was required. Even then that leaves the possibility of oddball routes kicking around, e.g. routes formerly served by that division, buses being transfered between divisions, or temporary routes resulting from construction.
  12. I was surprised to see a bus heading eastbound on Eglinton at Laird signed "13 Neville Park to Victoria Park Stn". Guess the driver was having a little fun. It was indeed a temporary route in 2005, but I wonder why it's still programmed into the destos ten years later. Also, does anyone know when the TTC will start adding the stop number stickers at bus stops? Every bus stop now has a number, just no sticker. Is this delay somehow a result of the signage pilot project on Wellesley? The TTC webesite says all bus stops should have had them in 2011.
  13. I have seen the white led destination sign used on one of the new TTC wheel-trans buses. Agreed, it does look nice. This is the only such implementation I am aware of in the GTA. (source: Michael W. - www.ttcpage.tk) Helsinki used them on their new trams. (source: Tuukka Varjoranta - www.vaunut.org) (source: Juhana Konttinen - www.vaunut.org)
  14. I've been wondering... since we have such a surplus of T1s, would it make sense to convert some of them to work cars, and scrap the current H-series work cars.
  15. Ex-MiWay (Orion VII) 0101 spotted on Edward Street outside of World's Biggest Bookstore this morning around 11am, now sporting the NYC MTA livery. A police officer said they were filming an episode of "Beauty and the Beast".
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