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  1. Paperbus Thread

    I posted one I made a couple of months ago but didn't post the template cause no one seemed interested...
  2. Best sounding buses

    I once caught this NYCT MTA Novabus RTS in my neighborhood and thought this was a pretty good sounding bus (it's just a video of the bus passing by but I think this still shows how well this bus sounds):
  3. Paperbus Thread

    After going through hundreds of files... I'm happy to say I found all my templetes! Here's the MTA NYCT 2017-9 New Flyer XD40 in the new scheme, MTA NYCT 2017 New Flyer XE40 in the "Electric Bus" new scheme, and MTA NYCT 2017-9 Novabus LFSA in the SBS new scheme. Enjoy!
  4. Paperbus Thread

    At this point, not really... as it turns out, a lot of the files on my hard drive have either gone missing or have been overwritten, including some of the templates for my models. There aren't great odds that I find them given that they haven't been overwritten, but if I do end up finding them somewhere on my computer I'll post them here.
  5. Paperbus Thread

    It hasn't.
  6. Paperbus Thread

    Yeah, sorry about that. I said I'd have them done by this week but school and all, I just haven't had the time. If I don't forget, I'll try to get them here during the weekend. I wanna make that model too, but there isn't a Proterra model anywhere and I kinda don't wanna make one from scratch, but I'll see...
  7. Paperbus Thread

    Speaking of the LFSAs... my latest completed project (had it done since Friday): As well as the new scheme XD40: And the completed XE40: I'll try to post these templates at some point this week when I'm not busy but hope you guys like!
  8. Paperbus Thread

    I already had all I need to make the roof, I'm still in the process of doing so
  9. Paperbus Thread

    I think the general rule is that you can repaint a bus if it's for yourself, if you want to post it you should ask the creator's permission. Plus, you should keep the copyright info and stuff on the bus.
  10. Paperbus Thread

    I just PM'd you about it. I'm not done with the XE40 yet but the XN60 is already on this thread, two pages before this one. Here ya go
  11. Paperbus Thread

    Hey everyone, hope you're all enjoying the holidays! Here's some things I've made / been working on recently... NYC MTA 2011 Novabus LFS #8075 NYC MTA 2018 New Flyer XN60 #1016 New York University / Academy Bus 2010 New Flyer XDE40 #2192 (in honor of me getting admitted into NYU) And some WIPs: NYC MTA 2017 New Flyer XE40 #0011 (I still need to work on the rooftop since there aren't any pics of it but i wanted to see how the scheme would come out) And, since no one made the XT40 yet, I figured I'd have a go at it and make it myself... and I'm quite proud of how it came out! Again, I couldn't find any decent pics of the top so I basically used an edited version of the E40LFR's rooftop. King County Metro 2015 New Flyer XT40 #4321:
  12. Paperbus Thread

    Has a Proterra Catalyst ever been made by anyone? There's a certain project I wanna work on but I can't find a model and I don't want to try and make one from scratch...
  13. Paperbus Thread

    Does anyone have any pics of the rooftop of the XE40? I'm making a model for the NYCT XE40 and I just need the rooftop in order to complete it... Since there isn't a public XE40 model anywhere I'm doing the roof from scratch, and I need pics for referencing.
  14. Paperbus Thread

    I didn't use fonts, I used the actual signage of the buses and photoshopped them onto the templates.