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  1. Some long exposure MTA NYCT train shots for you guys: A 1984-1987 Bombardier R62A (6) train at 23rd Street in Midtown Manhattan A 2016-2018 Bombardier R179 (C) train at the lower level of 145th Street in Harlem, Manhattan A 2016-2018 Bombardier R179 (A) train at the upper level of 145th Street in Harlem, Manhattan on its first day of service
  2. For those of you who've ever heard of the YouTuber "FilthyFrank", his normal persona off the internet, Joji, released an EP last week and I can't see to stop listening to it. It's really deep and it hits right in the feels if you're someone who's ever experienced some kind of heartbreak in the past. It's listed on Wikipedia as "alternative R&B", "trip hop", "neo soul", and "lo-fi". I don't really listen to any of those genres normally but this EP is just beautiful. I really recommend a listen.
  3. Here's two pics of the XN60 I posted on the last page but in better quality. Here's my submission for both the photo of the week and the MTA wiki page: XN60 #1016 in Manhattan making a trek to the Bronx on the Bx19 route And here's my other submission for the photo of the week: An overhead shot of XN60 #1016 on the Bx19 (with 2003 New Flyer D60HF #5664 in the background)
  4. 2018 New Flyer XN60 #1016 making a run on the Bx19 through Harlem. This is the third day of service and is the first CNG articulated bus used by the MTA.
  5. Banned for having exactly 539 posts
  6. Drunk texting your ex why things didn't work out with the two of you... That's all I'm gonna say... It was sorta a FML moment but I read the texts afterwards and it was honestly fine, kinda funny too
  7. Jane Krakowski, Jimmy Fallon, and Jennifer Lopez have all visited my school to see if they wanted to send their kids to my school
  8. Banned for not driving a Novabus Classic!
  9. A St. Louis Metro Gillig Phantom, #3112, running on the 30 Arsenal, making its way through Downtown St. Louis.
  10. A rerouted R160 (E) trekking through the 6th Avenue line due to weekend construction.
  11. MTA NYCT 2017 New Flyer XN40 #720 (wrapped in the +Select Bus Service BRT scheme) and 2003 Orion VII 1st Gen CNG #7661 (a dying breed) both running on the Bx36 Limited route in the Bronx. A bit of an "Old vs New" concept here
  12. I was devastated when I heard the news... I still remember when I first heard their music (first song of theirs I listened to was What I've Done) and immediately fell in love with Chester's voice... I've been listening to them for almost a decade now and they hold a special place in my heart as their music has gotten me through some tough times. I feel as though it's a little ironic tbh... Chester committed suicide while he and his band's music have most likely stopped others from self-harm. Regardless, you will be missed, Chester...
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