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  1. Cornwall Transit will be offering a free special service on Canada Day.
  2. I found a recent update about the Cobourg Transit OnDemand service. Year 1 has been deemed a success; however the following changes are being made: - Service hours reduced to end at 9pm instead of 10pm - They seem to have to obtained Arbocs and will be ceasing the use of the 30ft buses. (Unclear if they'll be kept as spares or whether they'll be sold off)
  3. FINALLY!!! OC Transpo is in the process of placing its data on Transsee
  4. Have the reliability of the Van Hools made any progress lately....? I haven't heard any new chatter about them spending most of their time in the shop.
  5. STO put out a notice regarding the plan for fall service (in French). It looks like the plan will be to reallocate resources from peak hour "express" routes to increase counter-peak and off-peak services. Planned counter-peak and off-peak service increases for routes 38, 56, 68, and 800. The fall schedules will be released on Planibus in July. http://sto.ca/index.php?id=87&tx_ttnews[backPid]=2&tx_ttnews[tt_news]=33117&cHash=89f8a836b067ea6de1effcacd87529df
  6. I heard from a friend that this bus stopped over in Cornwall at the Best Western. He sent me these photos.
  7. With this boost in MoR, any word if there are any Promasters on order for this year...?
  8. I saw what looked like 9881 and 9882 parked out back of the garage. I assume they're now retired?
  9. Did the 2015 and 2016 STO LFSs get transferred to Jean-Proulx from Des Affaires garages?
  10. I just found a retired Niaraga Fall Transit Orion VII parked on rue Principale in Aylmer next to Marché Laflamme.
  11. STO: I've noticed on the travel planner and transit tracker that Gatineau-bound routes are now supposing using Albert-Bank-Queen-Kent instead of turning... I would assume that's some sort of error as buses are still turning onto to Kent from Albert.
  12. Is 2102 on Charter tonight..? It was tracking driving around the east end, going by Pitt and Second and now it's at Walmart.... Could there be an On-Demand service that they didn't advertise...?
  13. 375 was out again yesterday on A40. This morning 382 was on A40. Shortage of coaches...?
  14. I just read a Facebook post from the city of Cornwall. Due to lack of resources as some staff are isolating, transit services are being temporarily reduced: - Hourly from 6:15 am to 10:15 am - Every 30 minutes from 10:45 am to 2:45 pm - Hourly from 2:45 pm to 6:15 pm. Last run at 6:15 pm, no evening service - Route 61 Community Service Route temporarily suspended - No changes to routes 8 and 9 serving the Business Park.
  15. 417 Bus Line is resuming routes 516, 528 (now serving Casselman), and 558 starting January 4th. https://transpo.417busline.com/
  16. The destination sign changes when departing the last stop before Pitt & Second. As for Riverdale On Demand, I was told recently by Cornwall Transit that it's still in the planning stage. I've not seen it in the budget for 2022...
  17. *UPDATE* Cornwall Transit has confirmed to me that the interlines remain the same despite the new route numbers: 1 - PITT ---> 5 - McCONNELL 2 - SUNRISE ---> 6 - CUMBERLAND 3 - BROOKDALE ---> 7 MONTREAL
  18. STO bus tracking (transit app) has been restored for well over a month now; however the bus positions are still frozen at "3 months ago" on Transit Tracker. Any word if their data will be refreshed....?
  19. I tried asking Cornwall Transit if the interlines remain the same. I never got an answer…. Anyone hear anything about that….?
  20. Cornwall Transit is changing the route number scheme effective December 13th: 1 - PITT 2 - SUNRISE 3 - BROOKDALE 4 - RIVERDALE 5 - McCONNELL 6 - CUMBERLAND 7 - MONTREAL BUSINESS PARK 8 BUSINESS PARK 9
  21. Here's another piece of the puzzle... François Legault announced at COP26 that the Quebec government will be investing $2.4 billion for a mass procurement of 2,148 electric buses by 2030 for the province.
  22. Any indication if STO will be re-sharing tracking info once they've finished dealing with their cybersecurity breach?
  23. First STM, then STO, now the TTC.... I'm not liking this pattern.
  24. If I had to guess I'd say they're probably gearing themselves for a larger electric bus order sooner than expected after they test out the 2 electric buses they wish to purchase in the short term.
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