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  1. sdgta2008

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    Limoges is now served by Route 556 and St. Albert is now served by Route 516.
  2. sdgta2008

    Ex-GO Coaches

    Saw an ex-GO MCI yesterday going westbound on Highway 417 just before Casselman. It still had a GO livery and the destination sign was lit up saying CHARTER.
  3. sdgta2008

    Grande West Transportation

    Mystery solved... It was destined for Saguenay.
  4. sdgta2008

    Grande West Transportation

    It was fully white. It had the bi-fold doors front and centre like the Oakville units. I doubt it was headed for Quebec. Anyone hear of any expected orders in the Maritimes...?
  5. sdgta2008

    Grande West Transportation

    Saw a Vicinity bus on a flat bed going eastbound on Highway 417 near Limoges this morning.
  6. sdgta2008

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    Your link unfortunately does not work.... Is it the black bus with the Ford chassis?
  7. sdgta2008

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Apparently they're going to start the Slater and Albert reconstruction when LRT starts..... I wasn't expecting the city to start that this year. So until that's all done, there's no point for STO to change the routing.
  8. sdgta2008

    OC Bus Spottings

    Saw 4608 this morning on the 417 eastbound headed to Vars. Likely to start a run on Route 222.
  9. sdgta2008

    CitiBus (Watertown, NY)

    Will they be keeping any buses as a spare in case the Eldorado breaks down...?
  10. sdgta2008

    OC Bus Spottings

    That didn't take long.......
  11. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    Fares are going up for May 1st. It was posted on Cornwall Transit's Facebook page that "Great news" is coming in a few months.... Does anyone have the inside scoop as to what that could possible be? A few months means we'll likely not see any changes by the fall.... which was supposed to happen a year ago but didn't...
  12. sdgta2008

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    901 is miraculously still on the road; however, with the exception of the back of the bus, the wrap has been removed. I believe 1801 retired before Delaney sold the bus line since an H3 had been running the 517.
  13. sdgta2008

    Orangeville Transit

    Did Orangeville Transit take delivery of their E200 which was ordered last year?
  14. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    Has anyone heard anything as to whether if the city will go ahead with more route modifications this spring? I heard possibly late May.... But I figured there would've been more news at this point since May is not all that far away...
  15. sdgta2008

    Grande West Vicinity

    There are already LFS's on the way and they're to receive more Double Deckers. Seeing as this was 10 years ago, I highly doubt OC Transpo will purchase any Grande West buses. Another thing that must be taken into consideration is Transpo's close ties to Alexander Dennis. Now that New Flyer no longer sells the E200 (former MD30/MD35), they're likely to purchase with them before Grande West.