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  1. Transmission problems again?!?! I was on 8139 twice between July and September. In July it was struggling but I made it downtown. In September, it wouldn't shift to 4th gear and we couldn't go faster than 50 km/h on the 174 and then died at Montreal Road.
  2. Could this mean different buses as well possibly....? I've noticed that I get the same bus type every day on route 40 (i.e. 40 ft 3rd gen in the a.m., 40 ft hybrid in the p.m.). They still haven't added an artic on the 2nd morning run after many people (that I know of anyway) wrote to the STO back in the fall complaining that our bus fills up half way through the run.
  3. I saw a 2012 artic on the 59 Ottawa last night in Aylmer. It had the accessible symbol on the destination sign. I don't recall the 59 being a designated accessible route...
  4. A classic just went by my place on the 52 at 19:50. It might have been 9138 but I'm not 100% certain.
  5. If I heard this correctly, it was just mentioned on the radio that the Ford government has cancelled the LRT project in Hamilton......
  6. Anyone know what's the new building being built at Gare Vaudreuil? Indoor concourse/waiting area/ticket sales....?
  7. Had a chance to ride 9138 on route 40 this morning.
  8. In regards to the 40-XXX LFS's, are they equipped with LED headlights?
  9. Odd... I was on 1105 early this morning and didn't notice it when I got off...
  10. They've often been found on the business park runs at rush hour. Sometimes they'll assign one of them to Route 1 as well.
  11. I stand corrected. Though that run you mentioned, they usually assign an artic to it don't they...?
  12. Makes sense. It stayed on the 52 for the remainder of the evening.
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