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  1. 2209 is back in service today on routes 2/5. I also believe it was in the Santa's Clause Parade this past weekend.
  2. 2208 and 2209 entered service today. 2208 on routes 3 & 7, and 2209 on routes 1 & 5.
  3. 9887 is showing active on Transsee. Based on its travels, I'll assume it's another bus on the Riverdale route. Perhaps 1583...? Can anyone confirm?
  4. Just saw 8067 in a Bell wrap leaving Terrasses. Looks sharp!
  5. The 4-Riverdale route hasn't been active on Transsee for the last couple of days... Has a Handi-Transit with no tracker been on this run?
  6. I stand corrected. Though I'm surprised they only got one Arboc for 2022. I thought they had ordered more... My mistake. After years of blue, it's weird to see a Cornwall Transit bus in green.
  7. 2208 was active (but not in service) on Transsee this morning.
  8. I have confirmation that 2207 is an Arboc. I suspect the same for 2208. The Wiki will need to be amended appropriately. cm-chat-media-video-1-dbdaa725-4843-56c5-8918-ccf4010f65ab-579-0-0.mov
  9. Is It indeed the new Nova or could it be a new Arboc that was also on order testing out on the Riverdale route.....?
  10. STO - I significant change for fall service that I had missed in my previous post - Route 800 now runs every 30 minutes for the full day on weekdays.
  11. Interesting..... Are they using mini/micro buses or minivans.... and cars?
  12. I was looking at the roster for OnDemand vehicles... I'm sure that with the expansion of OnDemand during the pandemic that DRT has more than 5 ProMasters, no..?
  13. STO fall schedules affective August 29th are now available on Plani-Bus. A few things to note: A noticeable shift in resources. Peak routes will be less frequent. Route 56 will run mid-day every 60 minutes. Route 38 will see a service increase to every 20 minutes mid-day on weekdays, and will increase to every 30 minutes on weekends. Route 52 will not increase to every 30 minutes on Saturdays. Service every 60 minutes will be maintained. Routes 55 and 59 will be slightly less frequent during peak hours. The terminal at Promenades Gatineau will be closed as of August 29th (I assume it will be demolished to make way for Costco Gas). Bus stops moved to Ch. de la Savane. I'm awaiting word from Orléans Express as to where the new bus stop will be located. Maheux has already relocated to Station la Cité. Parc-o-bus Robert-Guertin will be permanently closed as of August 29th. I've written to some Gatineau city councillors pitching the idea of a stop-to-stop on-demand service in low-ridership areas of the city during late evening to alleviate concerns of near empty buses in certain areas. I've referenced the on-demand services and equipment being used in Durham Region. Any thoughts?
  14. Cornwall Transit will be offering a free special service on Canada Day.
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