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  1. From what I understand the artics at Mount Dennis will be assigned to the 927.
  2. It appears that the new Arbocs have arrived. I saw one out on Saturday afternoon. It has a new livery, they've added a thin green lining under the blue lining to match the colours of the City of Cornwall logo. Kind of reminds me of North Bay Transit's livery....
  3. There's not a single electric bus out at the moment (12pm). Are they keeping them tucked in when it gets too cold?
  4. Only 1 Nova stayed out tonight (1895). 0972 is out on Route 3, and 0870 on Route 2.
  5. Makes sense. Last time I saw 0973 it was still burning oil like crazy. Stank up Riverdale when it went by.
  6. Any indication if Exo Presqu'ile sold off the ex-Miway Eldorado EZ Riders along with the MD30s?
  7. Any word yet which EZ-Riders are due to retire along with the Orion VI's when the new LFS's and Arbocs arrive in the new year?
  8. Took a glance at Transsee, not a single EZ Rider is out today. All the Orion VI's are out on the peak hour Business Park runs, and an Arboc on the Riverdale route.
  9. I've just seen this article about up to 85 layoffs in St-Eustache: https://laurentides.cime.fm/nouvelles/economie/340796/compressions-chez-nova-bus-a-saint-eustache Didn't the TTC already choose Nova Bus for their next massive order...?
  10. This is excellent news for areas that are under served where Greyhound is the law of the land
  11. I've seen Presqu'ile drivers fly around corners with the MD30s as if they were driving cutaways. They obviously don't handle the same way..... However; in terms of driver comfort, the Vicinities look less back breaking than the MD30s. I hope they like them better.
  12. 2053....? I thought there were only 11 on order. Are there new MiLocals currently on order?
  13. Interesting... I wonder where they'll end up. Cornwall should grab them to get rid of the Orion VI's that are falling apart
  14. With the new Vicinity buses now active for Exo-Presqu'ile, does anyone know if Transbus re-allocated the MD30s? I haven't seen them active on transit tracker in weeks.....
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