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  1. I tried asking Cornwall Transit if the interlines remain the same. I never got an answer…. Anyone hear anything about that….?
  2. Cornwall Transit is changing the route number scheme effective December 13th: 1 - PITT 2 - SUNRISE 3 - BROOKDALE 4 - RIVERDALE 5 - McCONNELL 6 - CUMBERLAND 7 - MONTREAL BUSINESS PARK 8 BUSINESS PARK 9
  3. Any indication if STO will be re-sharing tracking info once they've finished dealing with their cybersecurity breach?
  4. First STM, then STO, now the TTC.... I'm not liking this pattern.
  5. I saw a Facebook earlier today that Red Arrow is looking for feedback in terms of an Ontario expansion. It seems that they want a piece of Highway 401 action in between universities: London - Toronto Toronto - Kingston - Ottawa
  6. I've recently discovered that city council moved a motion back in June to purchase 2 new LFS's through the Metrolinx Procurement Initiative. Can anyone confirm if these are on order...?
  7. Looks like an LFS-A HEV demo without the roofline.
  8. I don’t know expect London-Toronto to be all that popular, but I think London-Kitchener, and especially Stratford-Kitchener will be well utilized… depending on pricing of course.
  9. Brockville Transit was to have received infrastructure cash from the province and the feds over the last year... Were any new buses purchased?
  10. Was this a custom order....? The 38 footer doesn't seem to be available.
  11. Are those 2012 to 2014 Enviros still sitting collecting rust....? At this rate they might as well start selling some of them. MTB could make a pretty penny selling some refurbished 2012s.
  12. Are they shorthanded at Mt Dennis right now with all these RADs on route 32....?
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