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  1. I'm not sure if I read this right on Twitter but it seems like exo-Presqu'île may no longer be assigning MIDI buses to route 15. Instead they're assigning mini buses on to that route.... Are they having issues with their MD30s?
  2. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    Saw 9887 get pulled from service at Smart Centres at roughly 9:55 this morning. I believe it was replaced by 1794.
  3. sdgta2008

    STO and OC Transpo Routes

    Does anyone know there's a full system map available of the 2018 Route Network Plan anywhere?
  4. sdgta2008

    Belleville Transit

    I've just taken a look at the new service improvement. Finally seeing late evening service around the city is definitely good news. I hope it works out.
  5. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    I'd hope so. That bus spent more time in the shop than in service.
  6. sdgta2008

    OC Bus Spottings

    FINALLY! lol. I've been writing OC Transpo since 2015 about getting DD's on the 99 at rush hour. Good news indeed