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  1. If SLC is going back to in-class learning full time, I've no doubt 71 Express will make its return in the fall.
  2. Right now it looks like it's 2 trips each way. But I'm sure that will change post-pandemic as demand will increase. Though I hope they're conscious about the increasing competition between Via Rail, as well as the new cheap flight from Flair Air...
  3. Do they actually use 3 buses for late night Business Park run....? I thought it was only one bus.
  4. Not to mention they also opposed smaller companies that wanted to compliment service where they made cuts (i.e. Cornwall-Ottawa).
  5. I, for one, have popped open the champagne. In recent years I found that Greyhound Canada had become inefficient and disorganized. Now with them out of the way, I've no doubt that other companies will try to take over and provide a better service. With Ontario deregulation coming, hopefully there will be some decent competition.
  6. 2106 has made its debut. 1895 has returned to the garage.
  7. I love it! It's a job well done
  8. I haven't seen 1895 out for a while. Is it still in the shop....?
  9. TTC 8325 is on route 32 to Eglinton Station.
  10. Oh wow, it's still alive...
  11. Whatever bus is working on the Riverdale route today is not tracking. I assume it's either 2096 or 2097...
  12. Odd..... hope they're not having issues already. Might have been out for a shakedown.
  13. That was a brief appearance.... I'm now seeing 2102 on Route 1.
  14. Another changeover on route 1. 2104 went back to the garage.
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