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  1. It could just be a shuttle chartered by the Nav Centre.
  2. …..that's unfortunate. I suppose they'll want to wait until the Albert and Slater reconstruction is complete.
  3. I'd say the 71 EXPRESS routing would be a good model for Sunday Service (for one day when/if the city decides to implement Sunday Service). Add that with a Pitt/McConnell route running every hour, only 2 buses will be needed.
  4. That's what I thought at first but then I realized the auto announcement system showed Blair..... I'll see if it happens again tonight.
  5. With college back in session at SLC, ridership will increase significantly. In combination with Route 3, the college will have buses passing through every 15 minutes 😃
  6. It seems some PM trips for Route 22 are stopping at Blair.... I was on the last trip yesterday and we stopped in at Blair Station.... None of the schedules reflect it though....
  7. That explains it... Unfortunate... I hope not all of the 2020's won't all end up there. I'm sure the '02s are almost ready for retirement.
  8. Arbocs have run 71 EXPRESS on occasion but an Eldorado is usually assigned to that run. That being said, if they're adding another bus to 71 EXPRESS in the afternoon, that means the Riverdale route could have an Arboc assigned to it regularly instead of an Eldorado...
  9. Are the 2019 LFS HEVs equipped with LED headlights?
  10. PM service for 71 EXPRESS is increasing to every 30 minutes from 1pm to 5pm as of this Tuesday. Could this mean Arbocs coming back to the Riverdale route on a more permanent basis...? 🙄. I've not yet seen an LFS or an Orion VI for that matter on 71 EXPRESS.
  11. Anyone see any hybrids out this weekend? I spent time in Gatineau yesterday and all I've seen were '10-'11 LFSs and '12 and '13 LFS-A's.
  12. I'm guessing their signs don't change automatically with the GPS system...?
  13. Driving on Aylmer Road I've noticed the new signs have 800 and 800x. I'm assuming 800x runs are the short runs that start and end at Galerie Aylmer?
  14. It appears I have found my answer. The destination signs have been changed to use lower case characters and thicker pixels depending on the route. Routes 55 and 59 had "59 POB Allum. via Eardley" on the same line.
  15. Could be. I just realized that 2 shelters in Glenview Heights needed to be removed stemming from the route changes back in September. And the shelter in Sunrise Acres was also removed.
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