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  1. I've gotten word that route changes for 2017 were to have been explored during a committee meeting back in February. Has anyone heard anything further on that?
  2. I saw 0360 running Route 2 on Saturday. Not often I see it out on the weekend these days.
  3. CITPI seems to be having problems with their MIDI's. Often I would see tweets that a MIDI would be replaced with a cutaway due to mechanical issues...
  4. That would make it how many MD30's in total for CIT La Presqu'ile so far?
  5. RIP 8558. It had a damn good run. Rumour has it the incoming 4 new handi-transit buses are going to be high-floor cutaways. Has anyone gotten anymore info regarding this...?
  6. CITPI has announced new weekend and holiday service in Vaudreuil-Dorion effective January 21st. Route 115 (following route 15) will operate until 21:30 and A-40 will have 8 trips on Saturdays and 6 trips on Sundays/holidays. It's about time
  7. Makes sense about the '03 Orion V. I recall roasting on those buses lol... One of them is on the Riverdale route today, I heard it go by my house this morning when starting it's run.
  8. Most likely the EZ Rider II MAX.
  9. I guessed Bubba croaked again. Either 0359 or 0360 was on the Riverdale route today.
  10. If that's the same bus I'm thinking about, I believe they've had that bus for several years at least.....
  11. I just read a report that 3 Nova LFS's have been ordered and are expected to arrive in November 2017. Is there any word on those new Arbocs that I heard were supposed to be delivered this year...?
  12. New livery.....? Are they going to be harmonizing to the same scheme as the new streetcars?
  13. Has anyone heard if 0677 has finally kicked the bucket? (keeping the champagne on ice for the day it's finally sent to the scrapyard...) I've only seen it out for 2 days in the last month and a half. I haven't seen it on the property. I also saw 8558 parked out back along with one of the 2011 Arbocs the other night so that kind of raised an eyebrow...
  14. I was in Rockland for the first time in a while on Monday night. When I left I saw the 2008 LFS out of service leaving St-Pascal, I assume it was finishing its run on Route 535. I thought the 1st 535 trip was run by a coach bus...
  15. I'm glad to see that they're going to expand their service hours. All that's missing now is GO service on Saturdays.