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  1. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    No, these are just measures to address the on-time performance in the afternoon. Some of the routes have been shortened to reduce delays. To say that it's part of transit master plan is what I find absolutely outrageous. The re-structured routes should have already been implemented. I suspect these are interim changes as Leonard Tapp said there may be more changes in March.
  2. sdgta2008

    Sarnia Transit

    Which route is route 16...? A school special?
  3. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    There will be many who will cry fowl over these changes. Many of these eliminated stops currently serve low-income housing areas (especially Royal Oak which will be completely cut off). It's going to be a long winter.... Excellent news
  4. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    Yeah, I believe they're one bus short from the 3 ex-Kingston Orion VI retirements and the 2 Orion V retirements... I recall seeing a tender that was granted to Nova Bus for an LFS to be delivered in November 2018.
  5. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    Anyone know if Cornwall Transit is still expected to take delivery of an LFS this month...?
  6. sdgta2008

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    CRT's 3931 broke down last night on the eastbound on ramp to the 174 at Place d'Orleans Drive. Saw it there at 6:30.
  7. Weren't some of the Arbocs being used to Dial-A-Ride?
  8. sdgta2008

    Belleville Transit

    There's still a bus shortage in Belleville.....?
  9. sdgta2008


    Ouch.... that's unfortunate...
  10. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    1793 has since returned to service. The damage to 1792 wasn't all that extensive, I'm sure it will be back soon, if it has returned already.
  11. sdgta2008

    STO and OC Transpo Routes

    Isn't that one of the connexion routes that got scrapped.....?
  12. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    From what I can tell from the photo it looks like that car tried to cut the bus off at the traffic circle. It happens way too often... I've had close calls myself.
  13. sdgta2008

    Cornwall Transit

    And now 1793 has been taken out. It was involved in a collision at the traffic circle last night.
  14. sdgta2008

    GOA transit news, info etc

    Spotted a Ford cutaway with a destination sign (it was not a Bird G5) from a distance turning onto Daly Ave. downtown while I was going over MacKenzie King bridge. It was all white with no decals. Has anyone seen this around before...?
  15. sdgta2008

    OC Transpo Rural Partners

    CR Transpo's 3932 has indeed returned from Belleville. It was on the 530 at Albert and Kent just before 7 this morning.