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  1. I'm guessing they have 5 new Arbocs on order?
  2. Cornwall Transit

    I saw 0359 going down Brookdale Avenue and into the yard just after 4:15 this afternoon.... Also noticed that it was all EZ Riders today with the exception of 9887 on Route 1, and of course "Bubba" 0677 on the Riverdale route. Not a Nova in sight...
  3. Cornwall Transit

    And there lies the end of high floor conventional buses in Cornwall. They had a good run. Though I can't wait for those new Novas to get here!
  4. Cornwall Transit

    It makes sense... It's been over a month since I've seen one of them out. They've been using an Arboc on the Cornwall Business Park run.
  5. CIT Sightings

    I saw a CITPI MD30 in Pincourt with LED headlights. Did they get another new MD30...? I couldn't make out the number.
  6. Cornwall Transit

    I saw what looked like 0870 smoking away on the Riverdale route this afternoon. 0677 only lasted 1 day this week.
  7. I assume the Arbocs are still being used on routes 1 and 3?
  8. CIT Sightings

    Is CITSO using Novas now on their peak route between Valleyfield and Gare Vaudreuil? I saw an all white 2nd gen LFS going down Aut. 20 on route 99 to Valleyfield.
  9. It sounds just like Burlington Transit's 2015 LFS. No low-rev eco mode at take off compared to TTC's LFS's.
  10. Cornwall Transit

    Both Orion Vs are out on main routes today. 0359 on Route 3 and 0360 on Route 2. 0677 didn't come out on the Riverdale route. 0972 is running that route today.
  11. GOA transit news, info etc

    Really...? Hasn't that project been deferred to around 2025...? I'm surprised they've built an overpass so soon.
  12. Future TTC Bus Orders

    Artics and POP on the 192 Rocket, it's about time. I've no doubt the trial will be a huge success as stops are highly limited. Better ride on the highway too.
  13. Cornwall Transit

    Sorry, disregard. I saw 0677 in the maintenance bay today.
  14. Cornwall Transit

    I can't be certain but i think I saw Bubba (0677) on death row. Can anyone confirm if they FINALLY retired that bus?
  15. Are all the new Novas equipped with ZF Transmissions? I though the 2015 Novas had Allison B400R6......