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  1. Any word on the E200 order..? I hope it didn't get cancelled.
  2. I've noticed that 1895's transmission shifts differently than the other LFS's. "The old Allison B400R" if you may... compared to the others that shift with lower revs and faster shifts.
  3. Long shot question, but would anyone have a list of the new locations where the STO are planting bus stops for fall service beginning on August 26th?
  4. Yes, it was on the Transbus property when I was in Vaudreuil a couple of weeks ago. One bus I didn't see, though, was the ex-MiWay Eldorado.
  5. Were you able to see if the destination sign was operational..?
  6. Rode on 4615 on Route 22 this morning. My first ride on the new LFS, very smooth on the highway.
  7. I saw an MD30 with the turquoise colour exo decals on highway 417 westbound in downtown Ottawa yesterday afternoon.
  8. Thanks! I saw the facebook post this afternoon. I have mixed feelings about this. In introducing this route, I now have doubts that the recommended routes in the TMP will ever be implemented.
  9. I drove by the Transbus (Exo Presqu'ile) yard in Vaudreuil today. I found 2 addional Novas (one 2nd gen and the other is either 3rd or 4th gen), as a well as a new Vicinity with bi-fold doors front and rear.
  10. Anyone able to tell me what 71-EXPRESS is...? I've seen the signs popping up on Brookdale. According to the tracker it's Route 3....
  11. Excellent news. As a future Aylmer resident, it's definitely a worthwhile project
  12. I attended the STO's info session in Aylmer yesterday in regards to the west Gatineau transit re-structuring where they presented 5 scenarios which comprised of using a tramway system, a BRT system or a mix of both for the Wilfred-Lavigne/Aylmer Road corridor as well as Des Allumetières/Vanier Road and Plateau. As I will soon be a resident of Aylmer commuting to downtown Ottawa for work, I'm 100% in favour of the all Tramway plan in spite of the construction chaos that this project will cause. Short term pain = long term gain. While I was there, off topic I asked when the fall schedules are due to be released. I was told by mid-July they should be up on the STO's Travel Planner (plani-bus).
  13. Are some of the local routes in Gatineau interlined with Route 400 on weekends? I saw LFSA's on routes 71, 75, 97 last evening.
  14. Limoges is now served by Route 556 and St. Albert is now served by Route 516.
  15. Saw an ex-GO MCI yesterday going westbound on Highway 417 just before Casselman. It still had a GO livery and the destination sign was lit up saying CHARTER.
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