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  1. Cornwall Transit

    A odd sighting tonight... A 2015 Arboc showed up at Pitt & Second to start the final Route 2 Sunrise run of the night. Whatever bus was on the Sunrise run changed over at Pitt & Second to the Brookdale route.
  2. Réseau de transport de Longueuil

    I've edited my post. You're right, I believe it is STL and URBIS that's governed to 70, and RTL 90. My mistake...
  3. Réseau de transport de Longueuil

    I think RTL buses are governed to 70 km/h anyway...
  4. Cornwall Transit

    That is correct. Though I suspect route 3 may also see a reasonable amount of ridership considering the routing. **In other news, Greyhound has installed a bus stop sign on the shelter at Pitt & Tollgate.
  5. Cornwall Transit

    I'm a bit surprised that South Glengarry is looking to collaborate with Cornwall Transit. I kind of figured it would have been South Stormont looking into transit possibilities being as the village of Long Sault is expanding significantly...
  6. Kingston Transit

    Are they expected to still be equipped with Voith transmissions? I recall chatter saying they were having issues with acceleration and were considering have them come with a 6-speed transmission.
  7. Cornwall Transit

    Adding to this, I'm surprised that they're proposing the increased frequency so soon. According to the master plan, a 15 minute frequency was only considered in the long term. I guess having that extra bus during the afternoon rush has made a bit of an impact...?
  8. Cornwall Transit

    Looks like Sunday service is being put on the back burner until 2020. (I hope it doesn't turn into an election issue...) On a brighter note, if council approves the budget, we could likely see the first round of changes in June . They're also proposing to have the two busiest routes run every 15 minutes from every 30 minutes on weekdays to improve reliability.
  9. Cornwall Transit

    I noticed 1793 made its debut yesterday. Unless I missed it, I've not yet seen 1794. I also noticed that they've not place the "Way to go" logo on the novas... Long shot question but has anyone heard any chatter as to when management would like to implement the first phase of route changes for 2018?
  10. Cornwall Transit

    1792 has made it debut on Route 3. 3 Novas, 3 Eldorado's, and Orion VI 9887 in service today.
  11. Has anyone confirmed whether the LFS Artics will have Allison transmission or Voith?
  12. Cornwall Transit

    Yes, they've been assigning Eldorado's to the Riverdale route. The odd time they'll assign 9881 or 9882 but it's rare. However, if they're short on "true transit buses" as you say, an Arboc would be assigned to route 4.
  13. Cornwall Transit

    It seems I've answered my own question... 0677 (2006 International LC) is now (finally) retired. R.I.P. Bubba. It's parked along side the retired Orion VI's.
  14. Cornwall Transit

    I can't be certain but I think Bubba (0677) has resurrected from the dead this morning. Can anyone confirm...?
  15. Cornwall Transit

    Whoever was at the Charter on Saturday, did any of you see 0677...?