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  1. Cornwall Transit

    Whoever was at the Charter on Saturday, did any of you see 0677...?
  2. Cornwall Transit

    Damn... too bad I missed it. Looking forward to the photos and videos.
  3. Cornwall Transit

    Was there a Charter tonight?!?!
  4. Cornwall Transit

    Good to know they've arrived. I assume the new buses have yet to have been decaled...?
  5. CitiBus (Watertown, NY)

    Any word on who won the bid for new buses in 2018?
  6. General Subway/RT Discussion

    Thanks. Any indication that another bus bay at Kipling will modified to accommodate articulated buses?
  7. General Subway/RT Discussion

    I noticed a new bus bay at the terminal exit at Kipling station what looks like it's for Route 46. Does anyone know if they moved it there to make room or it's a new stop at the exit for routes 45 and 46?
  8. STO bus spottings

    I saw a 2012 artic on the 53 in Aylmer at about 9:30 last night. I'm guessing they interline with the 55/59?
  9. Cornwall Transit

    I've noticed that when I got back from Ottawa... what's slowing everyone down in the afternoon? Is it still the Sunrise route running into congestion on Second Street in the afternoon?
  10. Cornwall Transit

    Does anyone know if the Brookdale Centre special is out today to keep Routes 2 and 3 running on time?
  11. Welland Transit

    Ouch... and I thought Ford was pushing it with their V6 Powerstroke engine in the Micro-bird... I don't blame them there.
  12. Welland Transit

    A V8 motor...? Would that not increase fuel costs exponentially?
  13. I believe there is a short Route 8 run to Hurdman just after 1AM that would not be able to stop at MacKenzie King.
  14. Cornwall Transit

    Yes it's their new slogan; however, 1691 isn't an Arboc. it's one of 4 Overland wheelchair lift cutaways.
  15. Found this article in the citizen: http://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/oc-transpo-confirms-fare-increases-in-lrt-launch-year New, expanded bus service begins Dec. 27, including: New Route 17, serving Wateridge Village (former CFB Rockcliffe) New Route 225 from Orléans and Chapel Hill South New Route 236 from Orléans New Route 278 from Riverside South and Barrhaven New Route 294 from Findlay Creek Routes 63/64 in Kanata (increased frequency) Route 95 (extended to Minto Rec Complex starting Dec. 24) Route 167 in Stittsville and Kanata (new midday and evening service) Route 234 extended in Orléans Route 235 (shortened to start at Gardenway) Route 252 (extended to Kanata) Route 256 (extended in Kanata) Route 277 (shortened to start at Nepean Woods Station) In addition, there are plans to buy 80 buses when LRT service begins.