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  1. Yes, all Skytrain cars are electric. Powered by 3rd rail along the sides of the guidway.
  2. Saw S18173 getting towed from Scott Road Station this morning. Not sure what the issue was.
  3. As of around my 3pm break, it appears they have straightened out 317/318, with mechanics still working on it.
  4. I was able to take this shot on my way to work. It's not the best shot, but here's the culprit train(s) the left hand pair 318/317 has their mid section all out of wack.
  5. I'm wondering what the plan will be for the area around 190st STN. Currently there's a whole lot of nothing in the immediate area, then beyond is a lot of housing. I'm wondering if the whole immediate area is going to be re developed the same time as the new station, or if it's just going to turn in to park land with connections to nearby neighborhoods.
  6. While I'm happy to see this investment, I'm really not liking the planned loading and unloading locations. I thought I heard the plan was going to be using central parkway as the on street exchange a few months ago. However now if you have to transfer from one route to another you'll have to walk over 200 meters to get to your transfer. Maybe I'm over reacting, but that sounds miserable, especially when you factor in bad weather, or a physical disability.
  7. Walking out of Scott Road Stn, and had R19417 roll in to the exchange, no route number, drop off a few people, then roll on out. Possibly due to a MVA resulting in massive delays, and requiring a reroute for the 555.
  8. Tidom

    BYD "E-Bus"

    No, what you've been saying amounts to Xenophobia, with a good dose of fear mongering. This thread and forum as a whole are here to discuss specific type of services and very specific products, and companies. If you want to talk about CCCP and your fears take that elsewhere, we're here to have a discussion about BYD and their electric busses. Personally I'm not a fan of their vehicles as their demo unit we had with Translink didn't really meet spec. It had build quality/reliability issues, and range issues. If BYD fixed the issues we had with our test, then I would have no problem with them operating on our streets.
  9. Probably because no one at STC cares or has time to do it. I guarantee they have more important things to do.
  10. Spotted V18337 on Pattullo Pl. By scott road.
  11. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I haven't seen this question or an answer to it. Is there a reason that some of our new DD's are over in Victoria? Is it for training, or does BC Transit just want to take a look to see the differences between theirs and ours?
  12. The problem with that would be the logistical. As in you would need to have enough spares parts for all the different fleets of vehicles, not to mention different training to operate, and maintain the various different vehicles.
  13. I won't deny that they would work better here due to the terrain, and that the general populace don't care. I just wanted to get that off my chest. Having C40LFRs here wouldn't be the end of the world, and I'm sure it would work out well with parts commonality between them and our D40LFRs, and hey it would mean STC (mostly) would have the same livery for all vehicles. Would if I could. But i can't so i won't.
  14. As someone transits in Surrey almost every day, I don't want ANY more LFR model busses operating here. The seats are awful, they rattle more than a tool box, and the windows with their pinhole openings are gross and have mold growing in them.
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