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      Saddened by loss of Winnipeg Transit driver   02/15/2017

      We are saddened by the loss of Winnipeg Transit driver Irvine (Jubal) Fraser who was attacked while on the job and unfortunately passed away.
      A GoFundMe page has been set up by Winnipeg Transit colleagues to help Fraser's widow and family. We wish to extend our condolences to family and friends affected by this tragic event. View CBC News Article: Man charged with murder in attack on Winnipeg Transit driver
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      Hello everyone! Please be advised that CPTDB and CPTDB Wiki will be unavailable starting the evening of February 25, 2017. We will be moving to another server. Users will be unable to view or post content during this time. We expect it to be up sometime on Feburary 26, 2017. A new announcement will take the place of this one, so you will know when the site is online and you are accessing it from the new server. Thanks! -A. Wong
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  1. 234 Orléans, 33 Portobello, 30 Millenium, 24 Beacon Hill, 228 Navan, 94 Millennium, 91 Trim, 92 St-Laurent, 293 Blossom Park, 97 Aeroport, 97x south keys. I can't wait to make a rap remix out of this.
  2. Sorry, stalled truck
  3. Accident on Nicholas
  4. No comment
  5. To avoid having my fare deducted, I now tap at the first stop or the 97, it always goes red. edit: sarcsm, i have a monthly pass.
  6. ^ Blair station includes a new underpass to keep the tracks more linear/straight. (I don't know if that means a new overpass over the 174 or not, but definitely interchange arrangements. Also, blair stn needs to be designed to handle the future Cumberland transitway and/or Brian coburn, thingy! maybe, that's the hardest part for the orleans section
  7. Bump Bump, I'm going to get banned. Time: 11am Location (changed): Chipotle Rideau Centre, located on the 2nd floor near the OC Transpo Office and/or Sports Chek and/or Starbucks and/or AEO and/or Laura Secord
  8. City council needs to realize that ridership is lowering because all the damn buses are packed like ant farms causing them to be delayed. And people are fed up of packing themselves in and then seeing a cut in service after
  9. To the above, sure! Oh, and the comments:
  10. FEBRUARY 2, 2017 Construction Update This week, crews begin concrete cable bank work in the west running tunnel, which will be followed by trackwork activities in the next months. Construction also progresses at the integrated entrances, including the Lyon Station east entrance, where crews mobilize to install structural steel by crane. West Stations Tunney’s Pasture Station: The station continues to take shape with crews installing rebar and formwork for the stairs, followed by concrete pours in cycles, and preparations begin to install grade beams for station footings. Bayview Station: Construction progresses at the station and includes the next phase of foundation grade beam installation, waterproofing activities for the ancillary building and underground mechanical and electrical work. Pimisi Station: Crews ramp up work at the east end of the station under Booth Street bridge with concrete pours for the elevator and station walls. Mechanical and electrical work and concrete pours for the track slab also occur this week. Lyon Station cavern: The station continues to progress with ongoing masonry and block wall construction on the concourse level as part of architectural work, in addition to the installation of duct banks. Final shotcrete lining advances in the west transition. Lyon Station west entrance: The integrated entrance continues to take shape with ongoing concrete work including the installation of rebar on the upper escalator and stairs area, and forming of walls over the adit. At the east vent shaft, wire saw cutting and the next phase of concrete removals occur. Lyon Station east entrance: Structural steel installation begins by crane at the entrance and concrete work, which includes the lower stairs and escalator slab areas, continues to progress. Crews mobilize to begin a breakthrough of the HVAC to the tunnel below by end of the week. Parliament Station cavern: Crews continue installing electrical conduits, pouring the final arch concrete lining, pouring the cavern deck and placing rebar as part of concrete work for the elevator walls. Parliament Station east entrance: Integrated entrance construction is ongoing and includes rock removal in anticipation of a breakthrough to the tunnel. At the east vent shaft, crews remove shotcrete. Rideau Station cavern: Crews continue pouring concrete for walls and the arch in addition to installing bulkheads. Rideau Station west entrance: This week, construction continues 24/7 with the removal of shoring and the relocation of struts, as well as waterproofing of station walls. At the HVAC shaft, crews complete final rock removals and demobilize to begin waterproofing the shaft. Rideau Station east entrance: Concrete work is ongoing at the entrance as well as waterproofing and the installation of rebar in the mechanical rooms. Crews also form elevator shaft walls and remove whaler beams in sections. Rideau Street is now open to bus traffic and taxis. uOttawa Station: The station continues to take shape with ongoing concrete work for the foundation, framing for porcelain panels, the installation of masonry in the communications room, and backfilling and excavation at the south side of the station. East Portal: Crews continue constructing the ramp; activities include installing tiebacks, waterproofing in sections, as well as rebar and formwork on walls and slabs, followed by concrete pours at the end of the week. East Stations Lees Station: Station construction advances with the installation of rebar and formwork for the foundation, and underground duct banks for the ancillary building. Hurdman Station: Crews continue working on the roof of the stations’ ancillary buildings, pouring concrete for the stairs, mechanical and electrical rough-ins and installing structural steel. Interior finishing work is ongoing on the bus operators’ building. Tremblay Station: The station continues to take shape with roofing construction, work on the elevators, painting and the installation of cable trays in the secondary rooms. St-Laurent Station: Construction progresses at the station and includes mechanical and electrical work, concrete curb and mezzanine pours and the installation of conduits and door frames. Cyrville Station: Crews begin working on the windscreen walls, including glazing activities. Work on the station soffit and elevators progresses and porcelain panel installation continues for the auxiliary building. Blair Station: Construction is ongoing at the station and includes installation of composite panels, steel work for the station’s skylight, as well as work on the soffitand station stairs. The bus operators’ building’s roof continues to take shape. Tunnel Excavation and Support Excavation of the bench is ongoing in the last section of running tunnel west of Rideau Station. Crews also install rebar and waterproof the tunnel arch and pour starter walls east of Parliament Station. Guideway Crews continue working along the guideway, weather permitting. This includes assembling crossover tracks east of Tunney’s Pasture Station, removing parapets along Bayview Bridge, and drilling dowels and starting cable bank concrete work in the west running tunnel from the West Portal moving west to Lyon Station. Train testing also occurs in phases between Cyrville and Blair stations. Upcoming Construction Activities In the coming weeks, the following construction activities are scheduled to occur: Next phase of foundation work at Tunney’s Pasture Station requiring sidewalk realignment. Hoe ramming as part of work on the western section of the guideway. Pimisi Station structural steel installation. Lyon Station west vent shaft work resumes. Activities at the Parliament Station west entrance resume with architectural work for the parapets. Ongoing overnight work at the Rideau Station west and east entrances, and at the East Portal. Structural steel installation at uOttawa Station requiring overnight lane restrictions. Demolition of the abutments at the Mann Avenue bridge requiring full closures and overnight bracket installations requiring lane restrictions. Ongoing Mann Avenue bridge reconstruction work through end of 2017. Structural steel installation at Lees Station. Fencing installation on the guideway just west of Tremblay Station. Installation of the next phase of structural steel at Tremblay Station. Overhead Catenary System energized in phases for ongoing vehicle testing from Belfast Yard and Blair Station.
  11. bump bump bump bump
  12. 6500 to 6504 have a bus wrap
  13. When is wifi coming?