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  1. So, is there going to be a live stream?
  2. Wow, the only weekend I'm busy
  3. Today 5:06pm
  4. Additional
  5. Yes, but the situation has changed over time. Stage 2 trillium line detours showed up, and changed the numbers. It's very hard to predict staffing demand with all these factors in the long term.
  6. Assuming if they are writing tweets manually like this: I can probably assume you can throw out the whole sample, as the script probably counted it twice or not at all. Point 2 1% sounds about right, small amount! Enough to affect 0.7% of the trips I take, or maybe 5 times a year standing there for 40+ mins with no clue if a bus is coming.
  7. delete
  8. Werid, I see two double deckers in the back of St. Laurent North. I smell fumes on the 6300s (or whatever those buses with the stickers). But yeah, no buses out of service.
  9. uPasses are now a smart card, qr codes print now, new paper is slowly being placed in the fleet.
  10. As before mentioned, the uPasses are now smart cards. And, are now being renewed with STO-looking tap machines. By a simple tap, to change the expiration date to August 31 2017.
  11. This is all I spotted today, sorry! will do better tomorrow
  12. Spring changes brochure: 94 double deckers are out; And for those are interested in hearing the new exterior stop announcements: