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  1. Shelter is maintained by Carleton university!!
  2. No, keep driving the bus. But, i'm surprised they didn't include the late night detours for Rideau St, 94/95 early morning via Industrial or 95 via saint joseph. They put the 97 via Uplands (werid).
  3. Well, that didn't last long
  4. I don't think anyone posted this but: For future Alta Vista Parkway expansion towards Lees Ave
  5. New hurdman is open, nice shelters, but no shelter at platform D (sorry, rte 9 users)
  6. Please just make one classic thread, and keep it all there
  7. I guess our future is double deckers and light rail.
  8. Oui, je l'ai vu.
  9. The one that doesn't ruin my clothes with diesel fumes.
  10. 5084 has a diamond and diamond lawyer bus wrap. (place poll here: who's your favourite injury attorney found on the back of a bus)
  11. Hey, why did service to the 129 triple?!? i like this 2018
  12. Man, just remove the first paragraph, you'd just directly attacked someone
  13. Ill miss the old Hurdman, the one with actual bus shelters and working countdown clocks (old). But at least we will get a large loop with rideau St style shelters and an LRT station eventually
  14. 10:38pm sunday Laurier stn
  15. So, is there going to be a live stream?