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  2. Last meetup July 17 was a success. Now, we've decided to make a new event (me and braydon), we're hoping to connect the community on the forum together and ride some STO/OC buses. Date and Time: February 4th 2016, 11h00 Location: Old OC Transpo Ticket and Sales Centre in Rideau (and/or current Nordstorm E-Bar, fancy) All is invited, I have a facebook if you need to message me. Thanks!!!!! Subnotes: Bring a valid OC Transpo/STO pass for the day!
  3. ^ i'll take you up on that idea. That'll be when OC Transpo is not cutting down rush hour service due to the lack of buses.
  4. The TTC is phasing out Paper Schedules to save money. Article Link: Is this next for us, when they optimize service again in the coming years? Will the mass population write tweets like this: OR will they be like this: Who knows? Yeah, Ottawa is probably keeping those paper schedules.
  5. Or cost savings with Carleton students gone
  6. Destination signs and systems are now updated with new routes. And, preloaded stop announcements go off at certain stops of each route to announce the new route change and fare changes apparently at Mackenzie King.
  7. No one knows, and will not know until they post one up
  8. Seperate teams change the schedules and the Stop signs respectively. Don't ask why.
  9. Tallwood is the proposed area for the new yard in Phase 2
  10. They closed all Waller in the southbound direction, and kept one lane open on northbound for sewage replacement. #ottawa2017
  11. Yes
  12. Yep :))))) Yep edit: to add more meaning, oc transpo service around blair/st l for the 128/129/124 during morning pm: - watching expresses pass with no pick up - approx 8 min wait for the 91/94/95, surprisely my commute is 18 mins bus driving time, 1/3 is waiting
  13. To keep #ontrack2018; they felt they needed some room in case of a contingency so it will be open when hurdman LRT station is done, probably June 2017. - i am not OC transpo or RTG, post reflects my knowledge and my opinion.
  14. Ouch, Fallowfield is abit excessive, how about Baseline ? - so it magically fits in with Phase 2, with little adjustments