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  1. Is this Kanata South? If so I agree
  2. Stops along Woodroffe between Baseline and Hunt Club have been changed 168 does not go near Legget
  3. Here's a good story, Driver Ken McLeod (#4 senior man) and his 600th game doing the 400's series buses. Though I mostly see him on 404 nowadays https://www.facebook.com/ottawasenators/videos/10155033059654477/
  4. Route 16 in my opinion is such a confusing route with all the different school trip, and destinations points. I try to avoid to look at the schedule on the routes and maps of octranspo.com for route 16. Better example is 118. The 118 during rush hours is a mix of Invero and 60. If there were enough 60's the 118 would be all 60 foot buses during rush hour. But because of the frequency there's not enough. During the day there are enough resources to have 60 foot's on 118. Evening after 1900, it's Invero's because... That's where the office people excuse comes in. The 111 is the same story really. back in the day maybe about 10+ years ago, OC would assign routes bus types. So the 118 was FULL 100% 60 foot. the 96 was FULL Invero buses. Times have changed.
  5. I rather see it go as a pilot project instead. Reason's why are because we all know how reliably the NSAS are. And the way Stephen Blais is talking, it sounds like the software will be run through Clever Device. Second of all if a driver is doing a time point at Mackenzie King or somewhere, that announcement will be playing every 10 to 20 seconds. Playing at every stop it will get annoying, but on the other side, that's what i said when OC got interior announcements. Now, I am not blind or visually impaired, but I find drivers ask the person who is waiting at the bus stop what bus they want, or tell the person what route they are. If it is not rush hour, you often hear Code 50's being put out for the next Bus along Bank street or something to look for a person who is visually impaired waiting somewhere. And finally, after playing around with half the buses, these external speakers do not even work. I'd say about 40% of buses do not have a working external speaker.
  6. Where does it say anything about these changes? Using the drop down tab on the routes and maps, it says the 61 and 62 only go Stittsville to Tunney's.
  7. (Friday Feb. 17) 6397 on a 162 at Tanger at 23:12 6397 on a 168 at Terry Fox at 23:30. The is a Merivale run (118-24) and the time it leaves the garage it's really an anything run. Havn't seen a para on it yet though
  8. 806X on a 118 Hurdman at 11:09 Leaving Terry Fox. Run 118-7. Should be out later on 118, 85, and 94 until 18:00 ish.
  9. Saw this exact bus at Hurdman layup on Tuesday. The Wabasto Heater was on with black smoke. Which is normal. last week or so my bus was evacuated because the Wabasto heater turned on and driver thought the bus was on fire. Now I can't say this is what happened, but I have a good idea of that is what happened. Here's a video of a Wasbasto Heater on a boat.
  10. Oh sorry about that. Though the photo is still up on my end, just with an updated photo. Anyways will do for next time. Had to go watch football.
  11. A bus has just hit the shelter at Lincoln Fields minutes ago
  12. I'm thinking the new (old) Transport Thom buses will be running on this. As Campeau owns both now.
  13. Here's an Idea of been thinking of late... What if Ottawa were to get Express buses (limited stop buses) on Baseline, Carling, and Merivale. So for example. 118E. For the 118, I don't think it would make much sense have a limited stop in Kanata, so maybe from Queensway Carleton to Hurdman? With stops at Greenbank, Centrepoint/Cobden, Baseline, Algonquin College, Navaho, Clyde, Laurentian Place, Merivale, Fisher, Prince of Wales, Confederation, Heron, Billings, Hurdman. Now, this would also be a good test to see what the demand is like as a start to the Baseline BRT without construction. Finding the resources may be an issue, and if this were to be done I don't think turning scheduled trips into Express trips is the best idea. Rather adding trips. For Carling I think the 101 could be the fix. Making the 101 Limited stops would take less resources and not having to add extra service. The schedule already has the 85, and 101 run on the same times anyways. (Stops at Kirkwood, Merivale, Fisher/Holland, Civic, Carling, Preston, Booth) For Merivale. Merivale Rd need a service increase during rush hour badly. It's scheduled 10-12 minutes during rush hour, but should be cut down to almost 6 or 7 minute headway's. Anyways. These express trips should only be going to Merivale and Slack (Or even Hunt Club). With stops at Holland and Wellington, Holland and Carling, Merivale and Carling, Kirkwood, Baseline, stops between Medowlands and Viewmont, Hunt Club, and Slack.
  14. That bus on that route is special... Maybe the driver is too lol
  15. Indy is open on New Years Eve for Extra's only. Possibility for Double Deckers to be coming out