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  1. I was down in Raleigh a couple of weeks ago, right as the COVID-19 stuff hit the fan. I didn't get a chance to ride, but from my observations the 2016 diesel Gilligs and the 2018-19 CNG Gilligs held the lion's share of the service. This might be an interesting system to see in the coming years as Wake County is in the midst of an ambitious transit expansion plan that will also heavily expand GoTriangle and GoCary service within the county. In the meantime, enjoy the best shots from this trip: 1905 on the 15 at the near end of its route.
  2. I think part of the deal might be Ballston has more Metrobus connections and routes where it is the sole rail connection than EFC. All of the routes at EFC either connect onward to the Silver Line or connect back at Ballston (or if you're the 3A/B ART 55, all the way back at Rosslyn). The one that might save Forest Glen, for now, is Holy Cross Hospital but even then that elevator ride PLUS having to make it to Georgia Ave THEN crossing Georgia THEN walking onward is a bit of a trek when the Y buses and Ride On can do the trick.
  3. Three for CHT, unknown for GoDurham. I think that coalacing around a common electric model would allow for the blurring of lines between agencies given the fleet commonalities though having CHT and the Go agencies (Cary's ElDorado's and cutaways and the remaining ex-PART O7's at Triangle aside) go fully Gillig hasn't done much on that front. I honestly think Nova might be the one to underbid more, especially if it's for hybrid artics. The huge problem with Nova on the artic front going forward is the lack of CNG/electric options.
  4. Some of these choices seem a bit mystifying. I can think of at least two - West Hyattsville and Forest Glen - that should've been closed and a couple others that could've been swapped. Hasn't West Falls Church become a ghost town since the Silver Line came in, why spare them over East Falls Church?
  5. Something else in the comments: They are awaiting arrival of three battery electric Gilligs to test and GoDurham is doing similar. An interesting choice given how everyone else in the Triangle is going with Proterra given their Carolina home. I wonder about the fate of the 60-BRT's. They reach 12 years next year and the east coast - at least WMATA and the Massport shuttles in Boston - have not been kind to that model. Do you go for LSFA/LFXA hybrids or for XDE60's as a replacement?
  6. Some observations from Hartford Division from my trip yesterday. I decided to punt New Haven for another day and a side trip that would've gotten me on a New Britain division route had to be cut due to a Greyhound delay getting in. Began on a 62 from Hartford to Bishop's Corner. West Hartford comes off as an interesting balance and reminded me a lot of Montgomery County, MD. Also, the older D40LF's are still workhorses and the soft seats downstairs are a plus. Took the 153 for a ride on their Gilligs. Great little buses but those routes could use a little more service outside of being hourly around the clock. My ride over almost the entire 153 route got only 5 people including those who got on at Charter Oak Marketplace. The overall execution of CTfastrak is amazing. Between the number of services using the busway and the speeds that they can get between stations, everything was top notch and probably had a better outcome than had it been built as light rail. This trip was also my first ever ride on an LFSA/LFXA. I cut my transit riding teeth on LFS's but these buses are flat out amazing. Why the X?60 has gotten so many more orders is a tragedy and is an implication that Novabus really, really needs to branch out more. There are top notch vehicles and I'd gladly go back to Connecticut to ride some more! Even the XDE40's that CTfastrak runs (I got a 102 run from New Britain as my only other option was a repainted older D40LF on the 101) are nice. Granted that I may be worn out on the so much more sparse MBTA models, but if CT Transit does anything well it's vehicle specs. I didn't see any regular LFSA's in service. Might they be weekday-only in Hartford or are they just not near Union Station at those times. Minus the 101 it was a parade of New Flyers. Due to some events over at the Convention Center, the dash shuttle was running...with regular CT Transit buses rather than the XDE40's in their own scheme. Might this be a consequence of the typically weekday-only nature of that line? Verdict: A underrated gem of New England agencies. It'll be interesting to see how things shake out after this New Flyer mega order wraps up, would they dare replace the LFXA's with XD(E)60's when that time comes towards the end of this decade?
  7. From one of the Facebook groups I lurk on, I know the remaining field trip TMC RTS's (if not also the Nova) will be done after this May's commencement. Your fixed route service is a grab bag of Gilligs and Xcelsiors (XD35/40 and XDE40), with XD60's out of UMass and Proterras out of Springfield. What I wonder is what's next for the PVTA, they haven't bought anything since the Proterras in 2016 and their original order of Gilligs is at retirement age.
  8. On which route or routes? I'd like to get a ride on one if I have the time to do so.
  9. I may be doing a day trip out to Connecticut from Boston in mid January. Currently, my plan is BoltBus from Boston to New Haven, fan in New Haven, CTRail to Hartford, CTFastrack at minimum, then inevitably the Amtrak shuttle to Springfield for a little PVTA action (their loop between Union Station and MGM can use some love) before getting Greyhound back to Boston since neither Greyhound or Peter Pan has an early evening Boston departure. I haven't ridden CTTransit since the days when the D40LF's were relatively new and Classics still roamed, so I have some questions. Will a day pass bought in New Haven work in Hartford? Which New Haven routes are my best bet for an LFSA? Which Hartford routes? Which routes in New Haven and Hartford divisions have good fanning value? I know some of the routes utilizing the CTFastrack busway use baby Gilligs. Would these be running on a weekend? Thanks in advance!
  10. I can think of at least two times in the past I've seen an artic on the X3: Once in 2005 (Ikarus 436) and once in 2011 (NABI 60BRT) Actually rode the latter case, was a bit bizarre to be on given how this was on the NW portion of the route far from their regular home on the X2. Conversely, the last time I was in DC (this past September) I saw a 30' Orion VII CNG on the X3. Total grabbag route.
  11. Piedmont Area Regional Transit in the Triad of North Carolina.
  12. Correct. They lasted a bit on the 60 BRT's as Maryland let it slide when they were on the C8 but they were off by the time they were doing 5A/B30 holiday trippers and were a regular sight on the R2. I only think 6300 had them for LFA's and that was before it went into revenue service. The wheel covers weren't the only "only legal in DC" thing John Catoe lept on. The infamous "Knight Rider" pedestrian warning lights that some O5's out of Northern/Western and C40LF's out of Bladensburg had were illegal in MD/VA too.
  13. The issue is the Expedia package my partner bought included UP Express fare. If it's paid for why not ride it?
  14. I'm bumping this on the request of my spouse. We're staying downtown near the CN Tower and they're wondering if the Shoppers at Eaton Centre (which I've always wanted to go to) is really the closest place to get a Presto card. We may be doing more riding than originally intended, they really want to go to the Zoo even given how much of a pain it is to get there via transit. This is a no-go as our flights are into YYZ heading there, out of YTZ on the way home. That said, is Porter still running a free shuttle from downtown? I know they were before the pedestrian tunnel to YTZ was opened but is this still the case?
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