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  1. 201 & 202 are in service today. 201 on the 14 and 202 on the 9. Both are sporting the new High Visibility Package with the 2/3 1/3 front doors and new driver window. Both are missing the grey under the blue stripes and both the stripe and the grey on the back, similar to 164. They also have an external camera above the front top corner of the driver windows, but no other that i could see. Was able to get a picture while driving beside 202 on Exmouth.
  2. I can try to yes! i think they'll probably keep 164 around like they did with 791 the fishbowl and use it for event shuttles and the college express. it'll probably come back to the roads when service goes back up to full service. As for 121, I haven't seen it in a while and there are 3 EZ’s sitting out back with parts starting to be stripped from them so safe to assume 121 is one of them.
  3. 191 & 204 have been spotted at Macfarlane Chevy. Both are Glaval Overland Custom. im not sure if that makes 203 a nova or a cutaway, more than likely a cutaway looking at the budget for last year.
  4. 204 has been spotted at Macfarlane Chevy. It is a Glaval Overland Custom. im not sure if that makes 203 a nova or a cutaway
  5. 202, a 2020 Nova LFS was spotted at MRT. Blue stripe is on, but no grey under the stripe. Looked like it was just doing initial testing, sign had 17B School Special. Same specs but with new vents above taillights.
  6. Route 16 is the College Express and Route 17A/B/C are the School Specials
  7. Well the day has finally arrived that they make upgrades to the routing system.... http://thesarniajournal.ca/record-high-ridership-fuels-overhaul-of-city-bus-system/
  8. 092 had a full body wrap for H&M when it was opening up in out mall. This was a few years back.
  9. 161 has a full body wrap for Exit Realty
  10. 164 has been active a lot lately. It was on the 9 almost all of last week and now that the college isnt on strike anymore, it has been doing the College Express everyday this week so far.
  11. 171 entered service today on the 9 and 172 entered service on the 14. I really hope that is where they are gonna put a bigger bus because that route needs it!
  12. Omg i know right! They retired them because the ridership was "too low" and then 10 years later they turn around and buy 5 40footers
  13. But the paint job on those ones is the old paint job...we have a new paint job
  15. Hey look what I found out driving today. Looked like it was going to start the College Express.
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