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  1. As of right now all secondhand Gilligs 134, 141-143 are still in service including weekends and some night service. Bus 602 has been repainted Orange. That's all I have for now.
  2. These buses were all retired several months ago. They are just now going up for auction this Saturday. This leaves only 432, 435, 437, 440, and 441 from the 2003 order. SporTran is also slated to receive five no emissions electric buses from Proterra. http://www.wdrb.com/story/32550486/8-fta-low-no-grant-winners-to-purchase-35-proterra-electric-transit-buses#.V6Jj2kj6O-M.gmail
  3. Nothing at this time. I'm not sure what happened to 411. It may be off somewhere being converted. I do remember seeing 422 parked behind the Caddo Sheriff's Substation on N. Market a few months back. I haven't had the time to drive up there lately. I did see 506 with a new Raising Cane's wrap as well.
  4. 133 is the new Mobile Command Center for SPD. They just keep the old Grumman Flxible Metro parked outside now. Not sure if they're gonna sell it or have it scrapped since it's over 30 years old. I saw 438 parked at the corner of Marshall St and Creswell Ave. Someone's apparently turning it into some type of storage.
  5. I didn't like those Gilligs when they first came in. They grew on me after a while. I've never been on one. I got my first car the same month they arrived in April 2003. I miss our Orions dearly though. I got to ride a majority of those. I wasn't sure if they were gonna get more XN40s, Gillig CNGs, or more diesels to balance the fleet out. The general manager expressed some regret in a interview awhile back about fully switching to CNG because of the maintenence costs.
  6. I figured that. I wouldn't be too surprised if they let some of the '05 Gilligs (501-506) go as well. They are letting those just about fall apart now. 433 was in an accident sometime in the last month. It suffered front end damage, so it's probably safe to say that it's done. They have buses 431,433,434, and 442 parked to the side at the garage. Some have already been completely parted out. Any idea of what's replacing the Gilligs? I love the profile pic by the way.
  7. The only update I have at the moment is that bus 135 (green secondhand Gillig) was retired and given to the Airport Authority. Buses 431 & 434 have been parked at the garage for weeks now most likely being parted out and pending retirement. No freshly painted buses have been rolled out since 607 was painted green. 601 is also still out of action due to the wreck in August. I'm still unsure whether or not the next order will be CNG or diesel. I will say this though, something needs to happen because the 2003 and 2005 Gilligs that havent' been repainted look as if they're falling apart, i.e missing pieces of the bumpers, accident damage, non-working destination signs etc.
  8. Hello again. Very nice pictures. Bus 504 is plum; 143 is plum; 607 is now green; and 433 is plum. I last saw bus 604 about a week ago with it's original SporTran logo removed so it's either about to be repainted or fully wrapped. 601 was in an accident last month. I also saw bus 103 back in service a few weeks ago. The director of the system did state in a recent interview that the system may look into a having a balance between CNG and clean diesel engines. It costs around $40,000 to replace a CNG engine and $20,000 to replace clean diesel. Not only that, the diesel engines last longer before having to be rebuilt or replaced. I guess you could say it's up in the air right now. I love the Gilligs but some of them are starting to look really bad. Personally, if the next order is diesel I'm hoping for XD40's and Gilligs if they go CNG. As of right now almost half the fleet is CNG so diesel seems a little more likely now than it did six years ago when the move to CNG was announced.
  9. Just a quick update. The only one of the 13x series Gilligs still running is 134. The rest have been retired. 133 is parked at the police department most likely awaiting conversion into the new mobile command center. There is also a green XN40 that was running early this morning bringing the total to four so far. From what I can tell they still haven't been numbered.
  10. Buses 131-133 are 40ft Gilligs, all painted white. 134-135 are 35ft and painted orange and green respectively. 134 is still running weekday service and sometimes night service as well. I haven't seen 135 in a while. I have no way of confirming where they came from or when the XN40s will enter service. Sorry I can't be of more help. The only thing I may be able to do is contact one of my classmates who at one time was a mechanic for SporTran. I'm not sure if he still works there. I drive by the garage every other day to see if the XN40s are still there. When I see one running, I'll definitely let you know. I'm active duty military so time to really fan the system the way I want to is limited.
  11. My apologies on that mistake. I can't confirm where those secondhand 35ft Gilligs came from. I've heard PalmTran and I've heard St. Cloud, MN. They are numbered 141-143. They are blue, green, and plum from what I could tell. 506 now has full Raising Cane's wrap just like 603 but it wasn't numbered for some reason. The only way I figured it out was I've seen both 501 & 502 neither of which have been painted. The latter hasn't had a working destination sign for quite some time now. 438 has been parked in the spot usually reserved for parted-out/retired buses which wouldn't be a far stretch since they went into service in April of 2003. I did manage to get pictures of the three XN40s. They have yet to be numbered. They'll either be 151-153 or they may start the 200s again. Sorry for the horrible quality. I've also attached pics of a 1980 GMC RTS and 1983 Flxible Metro A from April 1989. My profile pic is the same bus from October 1990. If you look closely, you'll see it still had a Grumman nameplate. My guess is that Grumman still owned the company when these were ordered. Credit for these goes to mbernero on Flickr. I used to live on the Queensboro bus route which always had Flxibles and I can tell you they were loud and very fast. I miss them dearly.
  12. There's a blue one there as well. I'll try to get pictures tomorrow if they haven't moved them.
  13. There's two XN40s at the garage now. One orange and one either plum or lavender colored. Couldn't really tell in the dark. It may be the same one in the photo above.
  14. I just saw an orange one parked at the garage. Never thought I'd see the day when SporTran would have New Flyers in the fleet. Any idea how many are being made? I would imagine enough to replace that first batch of secondhand Gilligs.
  15. Awesome pics. All but one of the C40LFRs have been repainted. 441 is actually a 2003 model. It was the only one to get repainted. 503, 504, and 505 have been repainted as well. I've also come across pictures of the 1980 GMC RTS and 1983 Flxible Metros with the original blue stripe from 1989. They were repainted to the blue and green livery in 1990.
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