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  1. I haven’t heard of our xcelsiors catching fire at all...
  2. The bus hvac just needs to be replaced, nothing too bad. As from what I see in the video the bus should return to service after a while. Not 100% guaranteed these are my assumptions.
  3. What unit is that it seems hard to see
  4. There's been a bus fire at square one today... Anyone have more information?
  5. The meadowvale garage might be located here b/c its the only land in this area that seems vacant
  6. It is evident that the 1796 fire caused burn damage on the roof in the bay it burned on. These photos were taken just today (Dec 1/18)
  7. According to Transit55 all the XD60s except for 1360 is at Malton with the rest of the 08 D60LFRs. 1359 was a central bus up until like a few weeks ago
  8. When is Malton going to get their share of Centrals LFSAs? They have all the XD60s except for 1360 and the remaining 08 60LFRs. if it does happen, will we get our share of the older artics back at central? Personally I miss both units but I really like the LFSA. I’m from west side so I always see the LFSA. It’s a rare to see 1360 at Square one.
  9. I've always wondered, how do I charter a MiWay bus? Can I pick which bus I want? I looked at the charter rate for miway and it said $175 per hour for 40-foots and $200 for 60-foot artics. They charge by 2 hour minimum.
  10. Finally some progress on electric buses!
  11. 0917 kneel indicator was broken. It kept beeping and wouldn't turn off even when the bus was moving.
  12. I know, 1020 has a different engine sound, it sounded more like an LFR. But when I rode it that evening it sounded really weird
  13. Rode 1020 this evening and it sounded really different
  14. In 2013 New Flyer gave them 10 XD60s so it could probably be New Flyer has so many cities to build buses for so they might not have seen the tender, or they chose not to submit a bid because of the payment. Could probably be anything else...
  15. Could the buses be MIA simply because they don't use them? Or is it something else?
  16. Quick question: How did MiWay get their next stop announcements? Did they use a voice synthesizer or a person? Sounds like a voice synth but my friend told me it was a person
  17. The tender is out for the 10 40 foot hybrids. New flyer will definitely win this contract (my guess) https://www.biddingo.com/*.main?toPage=landingpage/StSupplierTenderDetail.jsp&bidOrgId=11003030&tndrId=31109028
  18. Hey just wanna know if any orders are in to replace the 03 D40LFs that will be retiring next year?
  19. It has been confirmed by a friend who was a student ambassador that we awarded Nova bus the contract for the 10 hybrids! nice to see 10 more LFS Hybrids!
  20. Anyone know what HEV buses we're getting
  21. It was a map my friend sent me. He told me one of the MiWay employees told him this was a concept that hasn't been reviewed yet. Can someone also explain to me how beneficial this route would be if it were to be in service? I don't really see the benefits of the route passing on Central since there are plenty of routes that go near or on Central Parkway.
  22. My friend told me that we are planning to get a route that will replace 53 Kennedy. The route is the 17 Central-Kennedy which will go from Square one to Derry road, while serving the Central Depot and the park at Bloor & Central. Can someone please verify these sources?
  23. My friend told me that the 08 and 0900 series LFRs are being retired this year. He got the information from a supervisor in MiWay. Is he real or lyin
  24. My friend told me there might be an 18 Central Parkway. Is that true?
  25. We got our own Fetty Wap bus
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