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  1. 1907 arrived sometime today, here are some interior pics my friend took: The middle back seat is driving me CRAZY ALREADY. I don't know why they did that????? Someone please tell me why!!!! People will complain bet!!!!
  2. Must have been for a charter or event.
  3. Anyone have an update on the 19xx series buses?
  4. Yes, I heard they will look very similar to the TTC. Just with the typical MiWay double headlights and full rear side window.
  5. Don’t know if it was already mentioned but... all the 08 and 09 LFRs have a new seating layout. Single seat on left sides now with 4 wheelchair seats, a wall by the right wheelchair area, new handle grab things and “SHOW YOU CARE...” decals on the bus windows
  6. MiWay was awarded the LFS HEV contract in like October. They are being built right now and will be delivered in September. Yes, I was there and there were lots of people leaving in cars and packed buses. Burnhamthorpe and Living arts along with City Centre Drive were closed in some parts.
  7. According to “Abubakkar” he showed me emails from 2018 from someone named Darren who is apparently a manager at Transit maintenance. According to the email it says Nova is still investigating the incidents. It could have changed since then the email was sent a long time ago.
  8. The 2019 LFS HEV will be entering service in September according to a member that previously posted in the discussion. I assume they are keeping the rest of the 08 Artics until 2020 because of the 1796 and 1738 incidents... But anyway what ever happened to 1738? I didn't hear the full story. Just heard it exploded and got destroyed.
  9. MiWay has done some things, by just adding articulated buses on routes 9, 28, etc. What I’d like to see would be extra trips like GO Transit did for their trains especially if games are on weekends.
  10. Agreed. I went to the game at Celebration Square on a Sunday night and getting home by transit was a pain. I only had one option of taking GO plus a cab because the bus was late. In other news what is the status of 1738 and 1796?
  11. With the new Yukon Striker ride, plus many users going to Canada's Wonderland would MiWay ever reconsider bringing back the 88 Wonderland bus? In 2015 it was discontinued due to high operating costs and low weekday demand during the fall season. Maybe a split deal between the park and MiWay would work no? Maybe it would be better than the special fare they had before.
  12. Not good. Any video out there of that? Could end up on 6ixbuzz.
  13. It is possible for the mall to add a water park and maybe a Ferris wheel in the future, as there is space behind the old theatre. We’ll see how Time plays. As far as the Mississauga separation from peel, if it happens I’m assuming transit as a whole between sauga and Brampton won’t be affected much. We already have MiWay and TTC buses going into Mississauga and Toronto, and the same with Oakville. Only thing impacted if that were to be visually would be no more Peel Regional Police & paramedic services instead will be Mississauga Police & paramedic. Obviously there will be more changes but that I can just point out there for a minimum.
  14. Wow, guess April fools day is service change day. Lol what if some ppl think they're being fooled by the changes??? In other news, will there be a new bus terminal at Square one replacing the current one when the LRT comes? I've heard people say they were going to demo the Playdium and the terminal, expand the mall to the current bus terminal location and put the new terminal where Playdium is right now. They say it will integrate GO, MiWay and the new LRT and will (or may) add a Nordstrom or some big box store. I've also seen some college students proposing a new design for the CCTT.
  15. So judging from the comments in the board there is not enough demand for a transit terminal at the CF Sherway gardens. Other large malls in the GTA have bus terminals/subway stops like Yorkdale and square one. How do they benefit from all that transit???? i mean if demand was high maybe we can extend the 501 streetcar to Sherway or make a new streetcar line from long branch/Kipling or make more miway routes serve Sherway
  16. Weren’t they supposed to start actually build the LRT by 2018? It’s 2019 and only a few utilities have been moved
  17. Why couldn’t the TTC extend the subway to Sherway gardens mall? Lots of people go there by car and only like idk a few TTC buses and 1 miway route go there? The area would have lots of potential for a subway
  18. Adding to my question, when are the 2019 LFS HEVs entering service? I haven’t seen any confirmation lately.
  19. At winston churchill station, why didn't they install a ramp from where the loop is to highway 407/403? it saves time for westbound GO buses going out of the station, and could possibly allow some service to integrate/move to WC instead of the busy Erin mills station, that can get crowded sometimes with the lots of buses/people
  20. You make a left turn when going into that bay. He probably turned the wheel back too much that it made a right turn, and when he accelerated he plowed into the stair
  21. I'm assuming he accidentally turned the wheel and accelerated, he turned to the right and crashed into the guardrail cause you know how they move up to pick up passengers
  22. Big L for the bus driver. Are roads inside the bus bay that slippery or what
  23. Fleet numbers have been rumored to be 1901 - 1910 for the LFS HEVs and may look similar to the TTC's. Anyone willing to verify this information?
  24. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/bus-crash-westboro-station-ottawa-1.4975385
  25. Bus crash at Westboro station, 3 dead, i think 23 injured. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/bus-crash-westboro-station-ottawa-1.4975385 driver got arrested but for questioning unit involved was 8155 a brand new ish ADL Enviro 500
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