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  1. Now we wait for PRESTO card to be added to Apple Wallet / Google Wallet / Samsung Wallet
  2. Wait hold on... What happened to 0831?
  3. Here's some pics my buddy sent me
  4. Early 2021 so maybe Jan-March
  5. I'm getting word that 0526 was involved in a collision today, anyone want to verify that? Also what happened to the 2001-???? 2020 XDE60s? Weren't they supposed to arrive in September? 79fbeba67c677eb8f95a392dabd43baa.mp4
  6. Does anyone have an update for the 2020 XDE60s coming for September? What will interior look like, similar for express XD40s? Will these buses replace the remaining 2008 D60LFRs?
  7. Just a thought that ran through my head, why don’t transit agencies like MiWay just unscrew the seats that they don’t want passengers to sit on instead of putting caution tape or posters telling them not to sit on those particular seats? While I took MiWay I noticed under the seat was all screwed in place by nuts & bolts, which they could easily be unscrewed then put back when social distancing is over. I’d understand the middle seat across the back doors plus the 5 back seats, but why not those individual seats? The ones attached to pole stanchions?
  8. Since route 19 has been split into 2 routes, what does the new destination signs say now? Does it still use the N/S prefix? Or does it say now 2 HURONTARIO SOUTH & 17 HURONTARIO NORTH?
  9. Same, nothing on their website or Twitter about Routes 2 & 17. Still says 19 Hurontario North & South.
  10. Where did you see that? I don't see it anywhere on the MiWay website or Twitter page.
  11. News that someone with the Coronavirus has travelled on MiWay on route 108 N meadowvale business express. He rode the whole route, anyone know what bus # he was on out of curiosity? They’ve said on their twitter that they will disinfect all MiWay buses too
  12. With all the coronavirus stuff happening, especially with the GO Bus incident, disinfecting the buses, TTC doing the same, just curious to know if MiWay has done the same as well as other GTA transit agencies, adding to that Mississauga having its first coronavirus case.
  13. Update as of today February 20, Google Street View has updated their snapshots of the Rathburn road area as well as the entire Mississauga East and west. However, they only show up to July 2019 and not the new changes to Rathburn/Shipp. Still waiting on more areas to update, shouldn't take very long since most of Mississauga is now updated.
  14. So all the other signals remain the same? The signals at Glen Erin/Battleford, Glen erin at the park, Dundas/Mississauga Road all have the black signal housing and reflective backplate. Also they changed the signals up on Mavis near Derry with same all yellow style, and at Mavis & Derry they now use the big 12x12x12x12 Fortran signals common in Toronto. Just curious if Mississauga is changing back to the black housing style signals.
  15. General inquiry, did they replace all the traffic lights on Rathburn road east where the 20 runs? I heard it looks different now
  16. When tho? also when will presto be on your phone (like you can just use the Apple/Samsung/google pay instead of bringing the physical card)?
  17. I thought the 08 artics were supposed to retire this year? I saw 0884 a week ago
  18. 1407 has the new headlights now. Are they just replacing the headlights on the Xcelsiors with the 2018 2nd gen headlights (or whatever they're called) now?
  19. 1127 has the new headlights now
  20. Today I saw 1128 have the next gen Xcelsior 2018 headlights. I will take a pic when I see it again
  21. That's also true, those buses are very loud.
  22. I wonder why it's taking them so long to retire all the 2003 D40LFs, they've been here since 2003! Longest buses in service for MiWay. I thought they'd retire in 2018... Yes I know there's other cities that keep buses for double that time but still... I've heard people complain about the noise and pollution it makes, and I can kind of side with them. They're very loud when they pass by, I could hear them from blocks away or in a building.
  23. I still don't understand why they made the flyover, wouldn't that cost more money than to just build the city centre loop as originally planned?
  24. Nice dude. About time, hopefully they work
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