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  1. Dane

    Canada Line

    I hadn't thought about that, I really like inbound/outbound, but no doubt a tourist wouldn't necessarily be understanding the reference to downtown.
  2. ^ High load factors when accounting for limitations on the number of pax can be in a bus.
  3. Noticed today that a couple of the tighter space bus stops got closed downtown today. A good idea.
  4. Amazing even with service reductions by both schedule and employee unavailability due to Covid-19 restrictions at the moment... 9753, the ex TransLink D40LF that actually started it's life with GVRD BC Transit, runs on!
  5. This case is specifically for the E&N, however, that "agreement" wouldn't be likely to survive in modern Court if it hasn't already been removed? https://scc-csc.lexum.com/scc-csc/scc-csc/en/item/1132/index.do
  6. Is the 245 / 255 the only routes that will service Cap U? (130? too?)
  7. Dane

    Canada Line

    In today's edition of important observations... Or not. But the X21 set has the "British Columbia: The Best Place on Earth" decals, a slogan that was discontinued nine years ago. The other two "new" sets I saw today didn't, and only had the British Columbia wordmark and logo. That's the current standardized provincial branding. So presumably X21 set got done with old stock.
  8. I take it partially back. 6002, a loaner, doesn't have Victoria decals, but has had the Kelowna ones removed sometime in the last week.
  9. True, but given they've been here for ten days or so the lack of NextBus regardless of circumstances is fair. Just find it interesting that they did take the time to change decals. The other temporary units aren't changed and have obviously been here for months rather than days.
  10. I notice the 3 older Nova's got redecaled for Victoria; the other visiting Novas did not - so I assume the three L drives are sticking around?
  11. The provincial budget was tabled today and confirms the funding for ten battery buses in Victoria. Technically the budget doesn't get passed for a bit - but this is effectively confirmation.
  12. My last four trips on the 620 have been artic's, including the other vehicles I've seen on the route while riding. Are they off that route for now, or is it just inconsistent?
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