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  1. Does anyone have access to a system map / schedule for 1973? Specifically December if I am able to get that specific
  2. On Thursday night there was a battery 40ft Nova cruising around downtown with several people in it, presumably from BC Transit. Sorry meant to post earlier but it was very late and was exhausted!
  3. Because in that specific case, from where I quoted originally for clarity, involved a suggestion of using infrastructure in a manner for which it isn't currently utilized. Trolley buses are unique enough an RFI would absolutely need to state "trolley".
  4. The RapidBus plan, which is actually ten years old (if not more?) was refreshed today. I haven't had a chance for a deep dive, but nothing too exciting. The West Shore route continues the get-off-the-Highway and into Colwood diversion which, IMO, will continue to stunt growth from the main developing areas in Langford. But I'll take slow progress over none! Edit: forgot the link! https://www.bctransit.com/documents/1529712854568
  5. Got privatized quick, think it was an inside leak. Same as the official account post @Oc4526kindly posted - just up a few hours earlier!
  6. I can't take any credit for finding this: https://www.instagram.com/test111114332/ VIA's first Charger! I like the look. Hopefully we will see a more unified look to the fleet in the coming years - it's getting pretty rainbow-era-esque and the poor Canadian consist is a victim to too many ideas.
  7. Same for me; I was a sporadic rider, maybe four round trips a month before Covid-19. Since I've taken one trip where I couldn't figure out an alternative (that was reasonably priced), to the ferry terminal for my one trip to Vancouver in the last 14 months. Until and including March 10, 2020, I went to Vancouver about three times a month. Can't say I care much for these durastic albeit necessary changes in life.
  8. 9753 is now owned by the Transit Museum Society.
  9. My train nerd circle seems to be buzzing that the new WCE locomotive was purchased in January, but no idea what it was? Any random F59-varients hanging around Vancouver?
  10. It'll be presumably used and protect the fleet while rebuilds are happening. Almost asssuredly similar in cost to leasing for a long period, particularly right now with a high availability in the locomotive supply market. That was the plan from late 2019 anyways, which I stumbled earlier today upon Googling from a couple posts up where my memory erred. Even with six units from time to time they still needed Via to get them power. If I were WCE/TransLink I would be worried about the sustainability of Via as a back up, and WCE needs hear end power so can't rely on freight units (or need a generator car).
  11. I swear that refurb is a rehashed announcement, in fact, didn't it already go to RFP? Edit - my memory failed me. The previous contract was to define work need, which was done. But the refurb is a natural consequence of that.
  12. Dane


    Please, join me in foaming hard: https://youtu.be/TOZdzbDpftI
  13. I have no idea on unit number - maybe it's the one photographed above - but there's been a new decker there for a couple weeks. Hopefully they're on the road soon!
  14. Not that I've traveled in a while, for work or any purpose really... But, those check in terminals were my frequent flyer pro-timesaver to avoid lines in the airport! Rest in peace, mild convenience.
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