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  1. 2018 SkyTrain Procurement

    Well, they just said nine years today so your ten year estimate is probably good lol Great SkyTrain news today though - happy to see this acceleration of capital procurements. Particularly for Canada Line - such a shame so many corners were cut on that project.
  2. Streetcar News

    Right that makes sense. But not delivery with incorrect gauge. That's entirely different.
  3. Streetcar News

    Someone posted on the Vancouver-side that some trolleys were delivered with the wrong gauge wheels "because they used the wrongness templates." This seemed exceedingly hard to believe. Did it ever actually happen?
  4. Vancouver Special Sightings

    There was C40 assigned to North Van routes (from PTC) for a week or two basically as soon as those buses came online. Then there was also the "testing the power of the future fleet" which did North Shore routes too. Dont get me wrong that's awesome that XN40 went over and in many ways it actually is a first!
  5. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    Source? That seems basically impossible. It's not like there's a big bucket with multi width wheel sets.
  6. Vancouver Special Sightings

    I beat ya by a couple decades lol. But that is neat to see!
  7. Vancouver general sightings and notes

    Perhaps you could explain.....
  8. 2018 Standard 40' Bus Procurement

    How in the world would an operator be able to assess polution from a bus? That's a figurative question of course. Because they cannot.
  9. I agree - it would be back to the future though because West Van's three D60s had luggage racks which were well utilized.
  10. ... you realize these same riders get onto a Decker in Victoria without issue, right?
  11. The Compass Project

    I cannot think of any reason that non-personalized fare media couldn't be transferred. And what can be transferred can be sold. And there's, for the most part, no laws on pricing things for sale in Canada (notwithstanding frauds, price fixing and such). It's a free market
  12. You're picking out small insignificant things that are out of the purview of senior management, observing a change, attributing to the incorrect person, and using it to justify a decision you do not understand. Please stop. IT infastructure for the Province is now centrally managed. Fleet management is being amalgamated across platforms. You not knowing this is a bad reason to suggest someone be terminated.
  13. Remember when we explained to you in great detail why you cannot just say fire people because you don't like something? Time to reflect on that again. If you truly think that the CEO resigning has any connection to institutional software management in an agency with blended IT then you're so unqualified to discuss that you're wasting your own time.
  14. Haha for sure. Seems a bit crazy. My previous post was in part in correct, the shop vehicles could be remembered, but it wouldn't allow re-use of the same numbers. The BC Transit numbering scheme already has no logical rhyme or reason to it. I think a system wide renumber would be appropriate.
  15. BC Transit I recently confirmed cannot duplicate vehicle numbers due to software limitations. So, the shop vehicles couldn't be renumbered.