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  1. Yeah. I'm figuring that 9308 answer above had got to be it. Forgot the route number now, but did have a number displayed cruising down Yates.
  2. Yesterday an older generation Nova passed me on Yates. I'm bad with Nova generations, but one with the half back window unlike every other Nova in Victoria. I didn't catch a fleet number, unfortunately. It wasn't a Cowichan Valley unit. I knew for a while we had 3 (?) Of these older Novas but I hadn't seen one in months. Has this unit been here all this time, or is it a recent arrival?
  3. Just had a chance to look. So I think it's the Alberta - RMR - Vancouver Olympic Committee joint venture launch, where Alberta had a sponsorship and advertising thing going on with RMR. Tried to Google my suspicions and couldn't find the launch date of that. But it is my semi-educated if not exhausted memory guess. Shortly after a couple of their bilevel dome cars got Alberta wraps.
  4. Is there a way to change the site theme on mobile view? Really struggling to see things right now. (Edit - figured it out, bottom of page drop down menu) Thanks for the hard work updating though, no doubt a mostly thankless!
  5. To the second question maybe training, but definitely group sales and meetings. For the first - do you have a link? I have a suspicion it's Olympic related, and a local train that didn't really go anywhere.
  6. Looks like 9001 has been retro'd, photo on Facebook today at Langford's garage. Apparently was booked out this afternoon. I enjoyed that three months with everything in one scheme! Although 9001 can't be long for the world.
  7. The first Canadian left Vancouver tonight in ten months, which I think is good? I however forgot that the coaches got a quasi-Renaissance theme that's totally off the new(ish) branding and throws back 20 years or so. But in any event at least it's fresh. But - is this going to the rest of the consist? I really dislike the prestige Grey stripe. Now we've got three paint schemes on the trains Budd equipment. Four with the single level dome. The Canadian has definitely had some falls from branding consistency in past. Hopefully this new scheme will be on everything for t
  8. I'm admittedly pretty rusty on details, you know it's been a bit, but I seek to recall all connecting services by rail were exclusively via Rocky Mountaineer. The use of the Skeena as apart of package was through RM as a reseller if that's the right term? That's why other rail services didn't appear though - only direct connections with a paid itinerary through BC Rail or RM.
  9. I personally hate that. But I get it is cool and I'm just grumpy. Was so excited that this year we finally got the fleet into essentially one paint scheme here.
  10. I worked one day on the Northwind (as a host) in my very, very brief time at BC Rail; I was just old enough to be hired when the whole thing was essentially starting to get shut down. It wasn't my job pool, but, they had a pretty full load so I got moved. Movement of onboard staff became really common in the last months of passenger services as everyone was leaving for more stable employment. The trains concept & execution was great. It started out very well supported as a plan to make BC Rail more profitable, however, roughly at the start of the second season the cuts we made interna
  11. In the Via thread you talked about the 12 year old Nova lifespan versus the longer lifespan of some D40LF's. I didn't want to derail that discussion that seems back on track (train talk) - but wanted to add some insight to the perception of bus lifespan. The New Flyer fleet received rebuilds at some point. A decision was made before Nova was selected for what became the 9300-series buses that no more rebuilds would occur midlife, and vehicles would retire around 12 years. The idea was / is that the cost was essentially the same taking into account ongoing maintenance and future technology savi
  12. Here's the News Release, no return of the Canadian or Ocean. https://media.viarail.ca/en/press-releases/2020/rail-postpones-service-resumption-canadian-and-ocean I suppose it makes sense, particularly with the regulations in several provinces about travel. I'm really starting to get nervous about what the future of long distance rail in Canada looks like. Taking the Canadian service level down 50% to two trains weekly was a big blow already. Between scheduling issues, aging equipment, ridership, and no foreseeable plan for major changes it's feeling pretty grim.
  13. I'm not too sure the status of that RFP? But I believe it's the best thread here for Skytrain procurement.
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