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  1. You're picking out small insignificant things that are out of the purview of senior management, observing a change, attributing to the incorrect person, and using it to justify a decision you do not understand. Please stop. IT infastructure for the Province is now centrally managed. Fleet management is being amalgamated across platforms. You not knowing this is a bad reason to suggest someone be terminated.
  2. Remember when we explained to you in great detail why you cannot just say fire people because you don't like something? Time to reflect on that again. If you truly think that the CEO resigning has any connection to institutional software management in an agency with blended IT then you're so unqualified to discuss that you're wasting your own time.
  3. Haha for sure. Seems a bit crazy. My previous post was in part in correct, the shop vehicles could be remembered, but it wouldn't allow re-use of the same numbers. The BC Transit numbering scheme already has no logical rhyme or reason to it. I think a system wide renumber would be appropriate.
  4. BC Transit I recently confirmed cannot duplicate vehicle numbers due to software limitations. So, the shop vehicles couldn't be renumbered.
  5. So 4005, the incorrectly numbered newly arrived bus, was to be changed to 4060. Just walked by it and half the job was done - the rear side numbers and front windshield are 4060. The front sides and rear window are 4005. Woops lol
  6. I am pretty confident BC Ferries is trying to roll out Compass acceptance in FY 18/19. So, later next calendar year (ish)
  7. Been there for a few weeks. It appears to come with free WiFi!
  8. Apparently Via has a train stranded up there now, too? If that is the case that's an awkward position. Wonder what the solution will be - barge out of Churchill maybe?
  9. Bizarre. Interested to see what pans out. Of all the routes to supply 40fts from the Shore the 214 sure seems arbitrary
  10. Is it confirmed that ALL 214s are going to WVTC? Seems hard to believe that they'd include the conventional bus runs of the 214.
  11. When I was working for Transportation in North Vancouver, which was disturbingly over a decade ago (feeling really old here), I was around for the failed purchase of BC Rail lands for a replacement NVTC, the attempt to amalgamate WVTC and NVTC, and the decision that NVTC would be sustained until HTC opened followed by moving to BTC for North Shore services. Anyways as minor as moving Shuttles to West Van may sound that's a huge move philosophically. West Van was really, really opposed to CMBC being in their shops for a myriad of reasons, some logical and some not quite so. There was space concerns - of course DNV was willing to expropriate the adjacent lands so that was a false issue - mixing of contracts amongst others. Anyways glad to see this baby step towards sanity.
  12. Saving $15 million in stations would irrelevant in what would quite literally be a project over three billion dollars. The stations aren't in the grand scheme what costs money. It's real estate, right of way and equipment that are the big ticket items.
  13. So, no. LOL. Honestly that area needs way better transit. Anything rapid on rails is likely excessive though. Just from a cost to use perspective. The Canada Line barely can sustain YVR service levels with its ridership for that branch, let alone a bunch of farmers fields and at-best hourly ferry service.
  14. Hey me too! Lol funny coincidence that.