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  1. Lots of pictures on Facebook of D40LFs going off with Totem Towing to be dropped off at bus after-life. That combined with more XN40 on the road, I thought 9753 might be done for. Personally I hadn't seen it for about 2 weeks. But today, I saw it in service! It keeps going and going and going.
  2. They get what they pay for... poaching it is not.
  3. How long ago was that?
  4. Agree, I doubt that the "vessel share" with the Langdale route will continue, at least until "normal" returns. From time to time I need to book "corporate travel" (which is actually Government) and the lack of capacity on Route 1 is very problematic. No doubt a small number of people are making unneeded trips, but, these recent times show just how much BC Ferries moves people & goods that are of the utmost importance for our day-to-day lives.
  5. I was loitering outside HandyDart's yard about two minutes ago and it arrived for training. Display does look good albeit needless, today was "TRAINING BUS / NO PASSENGERS". It looks really old. Time to update the styling on these things.
  6. The cancellation of the cancellations is great, and arguably the least surprising news in a while. I am really hoping to see details very quickly here; as others are asking, are we going to see a return to the usual summer schedule? With public schools looking at a partial opening, and a large number of employees looking at coming back to "new normal" between Monday and June 1, there has got to be a big service ramp up here.
  7. They could take the host RR to court, that would be a lot less heavy handed. I'm always so curious what actually does happen behind the scenes - if anything? - to try and maintain schedule stability for the Canadian, other than just padding the schedule.
  8. Fun with stats! That's an eye opening post, obviously the Canadian remains extraordinarily challenged, however. Radical early, late, its all not ideal. I've forgotten - when did the schedule get elongated? RMR just anecdotally does actually have delays pretty regularly. Mostly getting out of, and into, Vancouver - and rarely more than an hour or two.
  9. Nice source material there. What a sad time that was for Via... Now I'm getting nervous about the future of the current iteration of the Canadian. What a hard year it has been for that service, massive cancellations on top of two or three years of incredibly poor reliability from a schedule perspective. And that equipment isn't getting any younger.
  10. "Via chose to abandon" would, in their defense, be an inaccurate description. 1989 - 1994 was a period of massive cuts to Via, the Rocky Mountaineer was conceptualized in 1987 (commencing the next year) to create revenue, and was actually directed to be cut / sold / chose your word in January 1990 before the service actually started in its modern form. In 1990 the service briefly operated by Via, and then over to the current company. Via was very much ordered to divest itself of the service.
  11. What's the other half of the 4 made up of? I always had assumed that it was baggage for throughout.
  12. Sorry to hear of layoffs. Not pleasant for anyone ever, and particularly not right now. I did have a feeling funding would appear, and it seems to have in part to allow the system to stand back to when it's the right time. Challenging times. I'm curious what time will hold for the rest of the Province.
  13. Nanaimo has introduced temporary service to Duke Point Ferry Terminal; at this time of writing there's no Departure Bay/Route 2 ferry service as a result of Covid-19. Here's the FB/Tweet Post: Due to BC Ferries reducing their services and closing Departure Bay ferry terminal, RDN Transit we will be offering temporary transit service to the Duke Point Ferry Terminal beginning Wednesday, April 15. Full details and schedule here: https://bit.ly/2xkGWqQ
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