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  1. 9838, bad fire in Central Saanich. Definitely a decommission type event.
  2. The minutes posted above suggest that the Burrard Chinook has arrived in Vancouver?? I haven't seen anything online, I'm assuming that's incorrect or I misinterpreted it? Also really curious to see what WCE gets for power? Are they for protection as the F59s get rebuilt?
  3. Essentially first generation technology, 14 year service life. Not that bad, although I appreciate that the usual BC Transit conventional diesel bus lasts longer than it probably should!
  4. Cruise Victoria is apart of CVS now, I think?! In any event the deckers in Victoria are like you say PNW which exists just to serve the Harbour Authority with cruise passengers. Not the same as Cruise Victoria.
  5. Victoria also already has unusually low cost recovery from fareboxes. I was reading an article today that suggested it would be $40 million a year to cut all fares. I don't know where you find $40 mill, but it's a really interesting idea.
  6. Big news for you, BC Transit already gets most of their money from sources other than farebox revenue... They publish an annual report that Google can get you too. Worth a read.
  7. Why is this stupid? Seems like a potentially good idea to me. Relatively speaking low cost.
  8. Hypothetically, yes. A municipality has enough authority to stop a vehicle type on their roads.
  9. Are the 900-series routes placeholders, or, is this an upcoming change with RapidBus?
  10. Those tags are actually for first responders. That really should get fixed; it changes how an emergency is dealt with. Your average first responder probably cannot differentiate a hybrid from a CNG at relatively quick look. 😲
  11. I have a totally unsubstantiated suspicion that this will be an election promise project.
  12. CPTDB Metro Vancouver sub, where we always think trolleys are about to die contrary to any available information 😋
  13. This was all posted in the other artic delivery thread on December 27th, 2018. It isn't a surprise. Furthermore, if you're going to criticize people's post titles, a topic which I find tiring and ridiculous, this should be titled 2018 shouldn't it? I appreciate you're avoiding duplication in name, but, please chill out.
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