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  1. New equipment on the way: https://news.ontario.ca/en/release/1002600/ontario-taking-next-steps-to-bring-back-northeastern-passenger-rail
  2. The building was completed for BC Rail. They were actually initially purchased by Florida Fun Train, and not completed. I just bring this up because an interesting side story of the Whistler Northwind was how in insanely cheaply BC Rail got the equipment put together. A series of very good deals bolstered by some good luck. Worked half a season on the train, was a pretty good time!
  3. I'm thinking, perhaps outside of good judgement, of taking BC Transit from Victoria to the Oceanside area. Partially out of necessity, although I could get someone to drive me at least part way, I feel like this also checks off a transit nerd credential. Anyways a question as I gather most here are better traveled than I. At the exchange in Duncan and Nanaimo (the one where the 70X ends) is there access to: washrooms / snacks / under-cover area? I appreciate I can probably dig this up myself but any experiences shared would be appreciated. Edit to add: it's a shame the connection between the Nanaimo Exchange and Woodgrove is so tragic. Cool it's the same vehicle, but covering that ten minute drive in 45 or so minutes is crazy.
  4. Huh. A face only a mother could love. Hopefully the decals and bike rack make it look a little better. How's Edmonton's fleet been doing? Initially it seemed like the reliability rate was under 50%.
  5. Do those cars being added back take the trains back to pre-Covid length? Sure seems like ridership on WCE was struggling to recover.
  6. I didn't realize more Deckers were coming, how many in this batch?
  7. Having an "express" bus from the core of Langford run into Colwood makes the route so indirect that getting people onboard from cars is unrealistic. There needs to be two West Shore express routes in RapidBus format, IMO, one to each Colwood and Langford.
  8. When does this start? I am a pretty frequent bike commuter on the ferry and had not heard of this!
  9. Has the dispatch and in service rates on these buses improved any in the last year? Was announced we are getting them in Victoria, and I'm a bit surprised given Edmonton's experience with these units - but my opinion is also based on now year-old information.
  10. Yeah that's a really weird naming convention for the 209/210. Wonder what they're trying to describe?
  11. Thanks for posting that. I'd been so curious what they bought. They sure went old, but you get what you can get! I was surprised when I was in Vancouver a couple weeks ago how short the WCE consists were, and that's even with still-cancelled trips. Wonder when we will see WCE return to normal? Makes me wonder if it hasn't had the same decent rebound as the rest of TransLink if it'll be a few years+.
  12. Interesting, 226 is a recycled number, which makes sense as it fits the current numbering scheme quite well. It had been the 226 St Patrick's which was always a pretty low frequency route I think. Captured the Western side of the City of North Van from Lonsdale Quay, Lions Gate Hospital and Pemberton I think? Always thought it was a funny route name as it went like two blocks on St Patrick's!
  13. Stuck in Nanaimo. It's still sitting there!
  14. If you download the CHEK+ app you can watch the whole series now It was posted to CHEK, who paid for the production, roughly two months ahead of the Downie Live channel. I actually didn't love the cross Canada series, felt too forced and insufficiency train centric, at least until the last episode. But still did enjoy watching it!
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