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  1. Here's the News Release, no return of the Canadian or Ocean. https://media.viarail.ca/en/press-releases/2020/rail-postpones-service-resumption-canadian-and-ocean I suppose it makes sense, particularly with the regulations in several provinces about travel. I'm really starting to get nervous about what the future of long distance rail in Canada looks like. Taking the Canadian service level down 50% to two trains weekly was a big blow already. Between scheduling issues, aging equipment, ridership, and no foreseeable plan for major changes it's feeling pretty grim.
  2. I'm not too sure the status of that RFP? But I believe it's the best thread here for Skytrain procurement.
  3. I hope that's true, from just a general public perspective those Grande West CNG buses are awful. I find them quite loud (I live next to a bus stop) & can hear them quite clearly. The display sign angles are cut off as well - it just doesn't seem refined.
  4. lol i have obviously crossed some wires in my mind 😅
  5. Are 871 and 762 the same bus? I have no functional understanding of BC Transit fleet numbering myself. Bunch of photos on Facebook today of 871 cruising the West Shore / Sooke.
  6. If this is the stop I'm thinking, it's just moving. There's three or four in the Quadra/Johnson area that don't allow pedestrian flow because of there rather archaic placement. The one at Ming's is supposed to move to the other end of the block in the Fall. I am surprised it was a real trial too! Also in this week's surprises, hadn't seen the 9753 for a week or so, but saw it yesterday in service going on!
  7. I just realized I haven't seen the Nova with the white destination display. Is it still equipped with the white sign?
  8. Random digital imprint story... Air Canada must have misplaced one, I'm sure it happens from time to time. In December 2018 I was on a really stressful course. On the last day I did the exam, passed, and then had to boot it to YVR to fly to Edmonton for a different job. I ordered what was probably the best beer I've ever had on that flight, so relieved to be done the course. It was mid-December. In February the charge appeared on my credit card 😂
  9. Anyone know if you can buy the BC Transit face mask anywhere in town? Was just about to order a TransLink one, but they're sold out!
  10. Tactical changes has got to be the silliest transit term of the year. Excuse me as I bear crawl to my bus stop.
  11. Gotcha, interesting even in this one purchase there's inter-year model differences. Ive been avoiding Transit since March, but look forward to eventually riding one.
  12. I admit I don't pay that close attention to individual buses, but I think 1186 has been running for a while??
  13. Lots of pictures on Facebook of D40LFs going off with Totem Towing to be dropped off at bus after-life. That combined with more XN40 on the road, I thought 9753 might be done for. Personally I hadn't seen it for about 2 weeks. But today, I saw it in service! It keeps going and going and going.
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