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  1. Is there any reason the "C" series renumbering is so slow? Is it just to minimize costs? Or at least spread them out? I'm so happy that C series misadventure is almost over. The hyper-branding of Translink services in the first few years was out of control.
  2. Yeah there were three. I’m stretching my memor a lot but in the peak of the “good old BC Rail days” the Royal Hudson had two routes, one to Lonsdale Quay and one to Downtown. For or a couple years in the late-90d the Cariboo Prospector also had a B.C. Transit route. Cannot remember if it went downtown or to the Quay, though?!
  3. Transit in Vancouver: Questions and Answers

    I know nothing about Surrey, but little about bus routes - however - Scott Road was the end of the SkyTrain line for four years or so. No doubt that more buses were serving the loop?
  4. 222, what an odd connection? 28 to 232 is already quite direct albeit not a one seat ride.
  5. Brandon Transit

    Is that Courtney B?!?
  6. Amtrak

    It’s also part of a larger 25 minute savings that hasn’t been fully realized yet for a few reasons. PTC for June 2018 to answer what someone was asking above.
  7. 2017 Alexander Dennis Enviro 500 trial

    I imagine what would happen is the same as in Victoria, they'd just struggle like everything else. As for today, what I think is Translink didn't want to crash buses they don't own.
  8. 2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    While I agree there was a long-time anti-high floor sentiment, I dl not think it is relevant here. The retirement cycle for these current HF buses in pretty much exactly in line with what could be reasonably expected for any forty footer.
  9. 2019 Double-Decker bus Procurement

    One-for-one replacement of the Orion's doesn't actually mean one-for-one replacement in terms of daily use, though. Like I said earlier the 620 is a perfect example of where I could see Deckers being used, but not replacing an Orion obviously.
  10. Not tomsplit hairs but "injured, assessed on scene, and released" is media talk for not really injured 😂 They hit a pole. No doubt it hurt a bit!! But they were fine.
  11. Turns out the electric part of the drive didn't disconnect so the bus was rolling without the accelerator down. Rather frightening! The operator was pretty unhappy with the hybrid buses - sounds like they're really touchy to drive No injuries.
  12. 9101 somehow ended up crossing a sidewalk via a tree at Uptown. At first glance doesn't seem significant damage to anything other than the tree. Not sure about injuries but there wasn't a ton of Ambulances there which is always good.