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  1. No idea what's actually up but Canada Line seems to be stood still at the moment. I've been on a train at Bridgeport waiting to go South for about ten minutes. Oh here we go!
  2. The old, and very long lived Vancouver / Downtown / Burrard St essentially meaning the same thing was always an odd Vancouver transit thing from the BC Transit era. I suppose with all the changes to routes into Vancouver with Canada Line / M Line and the forthcoming RapidBus replacement of the 95 the North Shore routes were the last vestage of 'Vancouver'! Will the 21X and 25X change as well I wonder? Does West Van control its own route naming convention?
  3. Agreed, hopefully we don't see too much brand dilution for RapidBus! I think the last decade wasn't kind to the B Line, although I think public perception was still generally positive, everything after the 99/98 wasn't near the true express frequent service of those two routes, which was a shame.
  4. Saw 9750 on a flat bed, Northbound Highway 97 @ Kelowna on Monday morning.
  5. That's fair. But. To the average rider, Vancouver is confusing... First world problem to be sure, though.
  6. Cool. Another new standard in the fleet ๐Ÿ˜
  7. This announcement was kinda cool... But, this change is actually legislated, so it was sort of akin to BC Transit making an announcement that they'll have buses in the future. There is, certainly, some room for what specific technology will be used. But alas, TransLink will need to follow in pretty close lockstep.
  8. About every ninety days there is someone that grossly over dramatically says TransLink is trying to get rid of the trolley system. To make this past as per CPTDB traditions it should be made concurrently to a multi-million dollar announcement about investing in the trolley system. Then someone, often me, will say there's a good chance technology will allow serious consideration to removal of the trolley system in a decade or so, but that it isn't a done deal. Then someone needs to talk about how change is bad. And repeat. There, we are done for the summer ๐Ÿ˜‚
  9. Deckers are perfect for this route. Generally there isn't a lot of luggage upstairs. If you gotta take it up, then whatever. It doesn't seem to phase people - myself included much. The attics are better for serving high capacity frequent on off ridership types. The Deckers offer a much higher likelihood of a single seated ride on the highway - and 99% of 620 ridership starts at the beginning and gets off at the end. They'd be matching BC Transit because what BCT did made sense; albeit, they got to that conclusion of Deckers for different reasons. To me the Swartz Bay routes would be better artic candidates between the two sides because of the high ridership and frequent stops even on the "express".
  10. This makes sense only administratively... (As an aside thanks for the explanation). For a bunch of people in an office that makes some sense. The traveling public will view some differentiation in services, but not much. Bus go fast. Bus go slow. This will create essentially five levels of bus service in Vancouver. It's pretty easy to get behind express vs not express, but express plus RapidBus dilutes brand, significantly. The 99 goes fast. The 99 will have RapidBus buses, no doubt. Make it RapidBus.
  11. Wait so the 99 isn't RapidBus? So will a future fleet of conventional livery 60 footers be maintained? And it'll be just an Express? Which is different from RapidBus, how?
  12. Seems logical enough. Definitely not worth being LIVID over ๐Ÿ˜
  13. Ah yes the bustling of people that will never actually take the 1040pm sailing ๐Ÿ˜‚ Perfect world should there be a bus, yeah sure. But foot passenger counts on route 2 for BC Ferries outside of peak travel periods are minimal. Realistic decision.
  14. 9838, bad fire in Central Saanich. Definitely a decommission type event.
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