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  1. I take it partially back. 6002, a loaner, doesn't have Victoria decals, but has had the Kelowna ones removed sometime in the last week.
  2. True, but given they've been here for ten days or so the lack of NextBus regardless of circumstances is fair. Just find it interesting that they did take the time to change decals. The other temporary units aren't changed and have obviously been here for months rather than days.
  3. I notice the 3 older Nova's got redecaled for Victoria; the other visiting Novas did not - so I assume the three L drives are sticking around?
  4. The provincial budget was tabled today and confirms the funding for ten battery buses in Victoria. Technically the budget doesn't get passed for a bit - but this is effectively confirmation.
  5. My last four trips on the 620 have been artic's, including the other vehicles I've seen on the route while riding. Are they off that route for now, or is it just inconsistent?
  6. Is that the first revenue trolley on the route?
  7. Yeah I had heard somewhere, and I wish I could remember where, that a few XN40s are going into service imminently. But I really do recall feeling like it was a good source. I'll try and clarify this weekend at work if I run into anyone from BC Transit.
  8. Hopefully we are only a few days away from the XN40s being in service. Any idea how many are on the Island right now? The state of BC Transit in Victoria is developing into the perfect example of why buying new buses and keeping fleets refreshed is important. It's really unfortunate the level of cancellations that have been noted over the last six months or so. And even with borrowed buses we are still struggling! I wonder if the 6000 series Novas from the Mainland will stay here?
  9. The plan had been to tear that down and the Empress owner was going to put up another building there, but I haven't heard anything about that for two years, nor have I seen any development updates for there (I don't watch very closely, though). Wonder what the plan is there?
  10. About 50% of that number, 591, would also presumably be trolleys. Long term, assuming the 41 stays trolley and the 9 returns to some semblance of what it is today post-Broadway SkyTrain there would be need for a bit of trolley fleet growth.
  11. "that should be two routes" seems like the story of BC Transit in the CRD. While it would be temporarily jarring I think we are at this point the whole system needs a redraw all at once - maybe look more like Vancouver in the 1990s. Relatively direct suburban routes feeding into functional exchanges with buses going to the core. Instead we still seem more indoctrinated to smaller community Transit planning, although in fairness the CRD is still sort of small.
  12. It can be, but air service there is really limited from here, so you basically have one shot, and get sunk again by transfers. Just a small airport problem, I'm sure if I flew from YVR it wouldn't be nearly as difficult. (And I'm military so the savings on free bags alone often makes flying Canadian financially beneficial)
  13. Great news on Boston, from Victoria right now flying there is a giant pain. This will shorten the trip by hours, a couple times a year trip for me
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