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  1. Saw bus 4068 at Southgate today, doing the 53. But 4068's destination sign curtain (glass) is screwy. It's got black coming in further than others, so 53 South Campus read as 3 South Campu
  2. This was posted on Twitter today: An artic bending way too far while exiting Northgate TC. It looks like the bus almost broke in half.
  3. They were having problems with the switches at Century Park again this morning, one of them wouldn't work properly. So an inspector was down there cranking switches. All trains were delayed 15+ minutes. I THINK it was switch 400.
  4. But it is the noggin bumping... Before they adjusted the radios to fit sideways, several of them had a strip of orange reflective tape on the bottom front to warn drivers
  5. There's a reason for installing them sideways, honest. They first installed them facing the driver, but quite a few drivers have been bumping their noggins on the radios when they reach up to change the destination sign.
  6. This morning at about 8:15, bus 4901 on the route 9 was on 109 St SB at approx University Ave. His low coolant buzzer/light came on, then the bus quit. And that was it for 4901. They had to bring him a changeover.
  7. And though 4444 is a Westwood bus, Ferrier brought out 4568, just to see it get rear-ended at 15:37 at 66 St/120 Ave SB *ACK*
  8. 4444 on the route 80 today, 9:45, frozen rear brakes at 86 St/58 Ave WB, as the bus was pulling away from the curb
  9. Ah thanks.. Control said it was major... car 1 was dispatched.
  10. Whatever a 10-9 is... there's one right now at 100A St and 102 Ave :\
  11. I did see it being test-driven the next morning, then it was back in service on Friday... though I forget where I saw it on Friday (Capilano maybe)
  12. 4046 was being towed towards Ferrier at 86 st/58 ave this morning around 0930.
  13. They could use spareboard drivers, but they don't have enough drivers as it is. And the ones who signed it for September wouldn't be put on spareboard, rather their shifts would be changed. As all the shifts on the C-Line would be split shifts, Shift Design would've given those operators spareboard shifts in place of whichever half of their shift was on the C-Line. (I hope that makes sense). A quick example: (numbers drawn out of a hat) Shift 3266 C-Line run 1 - 0536 Garage - 0901 Garage Run 6608 - 1356 Millgate - 1735 Garage could've been changed to something like: Run 70802 - 0632 Garage - 0836 Garage Run 6608 - 1356 Millgate - 1735 Millgate
  14. In today's news, the province has approved the C-Line... now to wait for it to start running. My guess would be the first Monday of the new signup, Nov 29
  15. I drove out to Devon today, and noticed a St Albert articulated bus in a farmers yard next to Hwy 60 south of Garden Valley Rd, I think it was unit 805.
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