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  1. geogaddi

    Buses for sale

    found this on ebay 2 of them are available http://cgi.ebay.ca/New-Flyer-40-Transit-Bu...3DLVI%26ps%3D63
  2. 2 packs of mister noddle spicy chicken with a bit of ranch dressing for my odd taste buds
  3. heres one of my pics Ive recovered from a hard drive failure looks to be a former sto converted into an RV
  4. my question is...? can i obtain a license to operate a transit vehicle in (Ontario) with an AZ license or would i need to switch. im starting a course next spring to obtain my AZ and would like to know if i can combine my AZ with a bus operator license
  5. geogaddi

    Buses for sale

    came across this dealership for buses for anyone interested http://www.nwbus.com/products/product_view...er=861830076060
  6. geogaddi


    i sure felt it i live in a basement apartment i wasnt to surprise when it hit EDIT: LMAO for Ontario Earthquake 2010 Relief made my day. i can understand people out there being scared and all but this is going abit overboard
  7. or how about transit security officer.?
  8. lol il have my full G class by july so yay
  9. im sure theres people out there that would love becoming a bus driver like me my question his ? im curious to know how the process works. like job interview, training, anual income & requirement.
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