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    Transit Vehicles from best loved to least favorite.<br />CLRV, ALRV, Fishbowl, Classic, Classic Articulated, RTS, D40HF, D60HF, Orion 5, Invero, Orion 6, Invero Articulated (if only).

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  1. I'll go with the 70xx-71xx even though I don't know what they are. LRT or Subway?
  2. I have it too. Boy that cool to see them ruined a fishie even tho it was a fishie!!!! But it was still cool.
  3. Yes it is that one. Yay 4 people!!! (5 including me)
  4. Funny as this comes at a time when OC also plans to retire our LFS. Wait was I not susposted to say that? Well anyway yeah there getting retired before our fishies and we know that because OC has no plans to put GPS in the LFSs while they plan to put GPS in the Fishies. We all know that our fishies are going to go soon. So HSR is getting rid of there C40LFs eh? So does this mark the start of the end of CNG in HSR?
  5. Woah the 30 ft VII has a rear door? Well I guess that means MT can buy them as "someone" keeps saying they need to get a minibus with a rear door.
  6. So that's two people who have seen it. (3 people including me) Okay I guess it does play out of Ottawa.
  7. Another major change is the windows. I showed this to someone and they kept complaining about the windows. But hey atlest the Orion IIIs were fun to drive (according to senior drivers) and the only problem I can think of them having was the rusting problem.
  8. And I see you did. Well yep Ottawas Paramedic LFS had a wide rear door. See your thread as Kevin L posted pictures. Here I'll create a hot link for those who are lazy to go and check it out. Credit goes to Kevin L But on the other note about this bus, I saw it one day while walking to catch my usual 4. For a second I thought it was the 4 untill I saw it wasn't in the OC Livery.
  9. All I can say is the front is fugly... very fugly... I'll take the 2nd prototype over this prototype anyday... Heck I think I'll perfer a crowded '95 LFS over this too... (I think LFSs were around in 95, if not than a '96 LFS)
  10. They said that in the news article and they said it would be just as expensive as raising the roof. They could solve this by making it a No-CNG/Hybrid Station just like TTC has. Just out of ceriousity has TTC taken down those No CNG signs at the stations yet? As they have "NO CNGs" now...
  11. No problem! I see why it happened because the O key is right beside the I key on the keyboard. So it could of happened to anyone. It happens to me all the time.
  12. TYPO ALERT!!! Should insode be inside? It's on the last page of the 1993 Classic section.
  13. M. Wright

    Falling Novas

    Well the engine is in the same place like the Orion VIs so I would think yes.
  14. I take the 41 or the 4 (mostly the 41 as it runs old buses ) to school in the morning. Than at lunch (I go home for lunch most days) I take the 4. Now for going home I got 3 ways to go. Shortest way (I usually never take because my friend doesn't take it) Just simply take the 4 (about 5-10 minutes depending if it does lots of stops inbetween) Short way (This again is rarely taken but I do take it some days) Take the 6 to Bank Street than catch a 7 (about 15 minutes) Now the Long way home! Take the 6 to Bank Street than catch a 1 and get off at Billings Bridge and catch a 4 home (about 20 minutes) Now that is my commute. Only reason I use the 4 is because I like buses! Otherwise I could walk if I wanted to.
  15. Well I just saw it and I desided to ask if it is playing in Toronto on my MSN list and no one in Toronto has seen it so where has people seen it? It's sort of pointless if it only plays in Ottawa as it takes place in Ottawa. It's a Discover Ontario Commercial. It's started playing on TV around late November.
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