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  1. Enzo Aquarius

    Air Canada

    Every Air Georgian B1900 I've been on had a lavatory (though they're nothing to write home about, even the MAX 8 ones are better). It may be the EVAS ones that don't.
  2. Enzo Aquarius


    WestJet's 787-9 service is expected to commence on February 20, 2019 from Toronto-Calgary. Flights can already be booked via WestJet, but beware that the current prices seem pretty hefty. Business class is available, along with the standard economy and premium fares.
  3. Enzo Aquarius

    NHL Discussion

    Just announced - 6 years @ 6.9 mil.
  4. Add Allegiant Air - MD-88 (according to flight history of the frame I flew, potentially the retirement flight too) and MD-83.
  5. Enzo Aquarius

    Air Canada

    Yes, that frame has been repainted. 7 of Air Canada's 19 777-300ER fleet have been repainted into the new livery. At present, it looks like Air Canada is focusing painting efforts on the Express aircraft.
  6. Enzo Aquarius

    How to create / modify a route infobox

    Templates are under their own template pages, such as Template:Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission route infobox. The page itself provides instructions, but the coding is visible when you go to edit. The coding is between the includeonly notes. Make an infobox under a new template page (such as Template:Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission Frequent route infobox), and replace the old template reference on the page you want with the new one. For consistency, you should only change the colour coding, then you won't need to change anything on the individual pages except the template name.
  7. Enzo Aquarius

    Air Canada

    As uncomfortable as they were, and the lack of amenities, they were a very unique flying experience by a major operator. Although they're still operating out west, and by EVAS in the east.
  8. Enzo Aquarius

    GO Transit

    Oh damn, that album even has pictures of the leased 1600 Prevost fleet and the CNG demos. Very nice.
  9. Enzo Aquarius

    Unusual United incident

    Dispatch probably goofed and assigned the E175 to a destination which United's ground crew doesn't have training on.
  10. Enzo Aquarius

    Air Canada

    As far as I know, Georgian's Toronto operations only ran 1900s to SYR/ROC/MDT in the US and Sarnia/Kingston in Canada. I think they used to run 1900s to a New England-based airport, but I think that was replaced with a larger aircraft. There's also 1900s operating out in Alberta and out east in Newfoundland (the EVAS 1900s are remaining in service).
  11. Enzo Aquarius

    Air Canada

    As far as I know Air Canada wanted to back off on association with the 1900Ds. For all we know, we may see seasonal, less-frequent, service back on the chopped routes once the busier spring/summer season rolls back around. As few amenities as the Beechcraft's have, they made for a very unique flight experience on a major carrier.
  12. Enzo Aquarius

    Air Canada

    Air Canada Express (operated by Air Georgian) service appears to be ending for Toronto-Syracuse/Rochester/Harrisburg flights as of November 1st. These flights were operated by Air Georgian's 1900D Beechcraft, so perhaps this is a move to phase them out? Interesting to see the Harrisburg flights axed as Air Canada heavily advertised connections to Toronto and even added a 4th flight this year. Looks like I'll have to switch my usual flights to Baltimore.
  13. Enzo Aquarius

    Today's Special Sightings

    What appeared to be YRT 547 going northbound on Yonge on Thursday in Richmond Hill for training.
  14. Love your rainbow dash avatar

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      I'm a fan too

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      I love Twilight Sparkle

  15. Enzo Aquarius

    YYZ Spottings

    Plus Ultra is leasing A340s to Azore Airlines, servicing Pearson. Caught one at the Infield Terminal on Wednesday.