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  1. They're slowly working the busses up in use; operating longer schedules on lengthier routes at a gradual pace. You also have to consider that they only have 1 charging station available at Newmarket Terminal. The bus schedules have to be timed so they have a chance to recharge when necessary while not holding up the other electric fleet if they need charging. At 6 minutes (correct me if I'm wrong) per bus to charge, it adds up if multiple busses need charging around the same time. This is all a learning curve for YRT, to quote them: We are working towards purchasing more electric buses in the future, but this will take time, further testing and research, and budget approvals. The electric bus trial will allow us the opportunity to gain more knowledge and experience on electric bus technology, which will inform research and decisions on the purchase of additional electric buses.
  2. There are a number of factors for YRT running these buses: - This is a pilot program meant to "test the grounds" with electric busses and their capabilities across Canada (hence the name "Pan-Canadian Electric-Bus Demonstration and Integration Trial). - These buses are still "new" technology, only having been in active service around North America for less than 10 years. Transit agencies and bus manufacturers are still learning how to improve the technology (just the same as regular electric car manufacturers). - YRT originally stuck the eBusses on routes 55 and 44 (both with easy access to the rapid charging station at Newmarket Terminal), but have been expanding their use on many YRT North routes, showing progress in their comfort with running them on routes away from a charging station (especially routes 50, 96 and Aurora routes). - YRT appears to be focusing on keeping these buses out primarily during busy periods (morning and evening), notably since bus service in northern York Region is significantly cut compared to pre-pandemic service levels. The service has generally been consistent during weekdays (excerpt from October 22nd): - 1911 ran from 5:16 AM to 9:15 AM and then 2:46 PM to 8:21 PM. - 1912 ran from 6:05 AM to 8:09 AM and then 2:03 PM to 6:56 PM. - 1921 ran one route 44 routing in the morning run, then 3:05 PM to 6:30 PM. - 1922 ran from 6:02 AM to 9:36 AM and then 3:24 PM to 8:23 PM. - 2101 ran from 4:39 AM to 10:47 AM and then 2;09 PM to 8:09 PM. - 2102 ran from 6:55 AM to 12:41 PM then 4:26 PM to 8:32 PM. - 2103 ran from 5:48 AM to 8:48 AM and then 2:05 PM to 7:49 PM. That's 7 out of the 9 electric busses (in active service) running. As things continue to improve, suspended services resume, and YRT gets more comfortable with the scheduling and operation of these busses, I'm sure we'll see them out more. So, overall, seems like YRT is doing fine with them?
  3. The Region is currently doing infrastructure work on Yonge north of Davis in preparation for transit lane construction, so the expansion to EG GO is underway. Route 52 goes up toward the cut-off with Holland Landing and Bradford, there's not much in that area right now except for a hotel. There's development coming along the road leading into Bradford however.
  4. Saw YRT 2104 going down the 404 in Newmarket today. Not showing up yet on Transsee.
  5. For anybody curious about the Orion Is/New Look, here's the view from Google Street View https://goo.gl/maps/uFsN2s8WsxxBZcAY9 There's an old Mobility cutaway there too that doesn't have any visible fleet number. These buses were retired around April 2009 so they were placed at the facility shortly before this picture was taken. The facility was retrofitted around 2010 and was vacant for some years prior to the Region acquiring it. Somebody can correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I recall the garage was used for VIVA storage/maintenance alongside YRT at first.
  6. GO Transit doesn't keep a historical bus fleet but many remain in service with other bus service providers. If you check the wiki for GO Transit's retired fleets, we've tracked many which have been sent to other agencies.
  7. It's likely left-over information they didn't remove after the 2019 winter travel season. Air Transat doesn't own 737-700s but have leased some from ASL Airlines France. Before COVID, it was quite common for Air Transat to work with European airliners to temporarily lease airframes for the busier winter vacation travel season. Sunwing does the same thing. They do have 737-800s, but most have been removed from the fleet during 2020, notably with the A321s coming in.
  8. Looking over the website, looks like they specialize in auctioning vehicles written-off in accidents, so it was likely written off with that sideswipe to the right side. Nonetheless, wouldn't be surprised to see the 82**s start retiring early next year in line with the 72**s earlier this year.
  9. VIN shows the unit as 8203; they started retiring the 82** series?
  10. Air Canada released their 2020 Q2 financial figures today. Alongside the to-be-expected drop in financials, there were some interesting items in the fleet figures: https://www.aircanada.com/content/dam/aircanada/portal/documents/PDF/en/quarterly-result/2020/2020_MDA_q2.pdf - The A320 fleet as of June 30, 2020 doesn't appear to account for the few airframes which were retired in the past few months. - Air Canada is getting another A330-300 in 2020. - Confirmation that the Rouge Boeing 767-300 fleet has been retired. - The Rouge A319s are still on the roster, though 6 are indicated as retired. Air Canada indicates 29 aircraft still need to be removed in 2020, so this will likely clear this roster sometime this year along with 13 mainline airframes (A320s I presume). - All Dash 8-100s are gone. - Air Canada Express Beechcraft 1900D operations with EVAS is done.
  11. 3 E190s remain active, while the 2 763s are still kicking with Toronto-Mexico runs (though one is doing a YYZ-YUL run tomorrow). 4 Rouge A319s are ferried Windsor to Toronto today.
  12. I wouldn't trust anything in the schedule past June; flight schedules are too volatile now. Many flights that were supposed to restart in June, per their schedule earlier this month, have been postponed. You can only really work on the short-term right now.
  13. The remaining 2 767s have been running almost daily Mexico City runs only. The E190s were supposed to be retired immediately as well, but I'm still seeing a few of them operating. Air Canada also released their July schedule, with a definite service increase but still lots of destinations suspended: https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/book/travel-news-and-updates/2020/route-updates.html The schedule no longer shows suspended routes, so if the destination doesn't show in the list, it's not running in July. Based on some dummy bookings, looks like Rouge service is returning in July, so I would expect fleet movement from storage in the coming weeks. In other news, Air Canada is going to start operating all-business class Air Canada Jetz aircraft on RapidAir routes (YYZ-YOW and YYZ-YUL). Considering these aircraft are usually only used by sports teams or expensive charters, this is likely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly a Jetz aircraft. Flights are sold as Premium Economy and, based on dummy bookings, a flight to Ottawa one way is about $369 (compared to ~$475 for a regular business class seat) and Montreal $384 (regular business is around ~$500).
  14. That Wendys/Petro is great if there are landing operations coming from the east to runway 23 and it's one of the more popular options. You could also try the intersection of Airport Road/Silver Dart. If planes are landing on Runway 05, you could camp out on Dixie. Landings on 24L/24R you got a bunch of options, but Silver Dart is pretty much out of the question (no parking or sidewalks). Renforth has a sidewalk with a view of 24L, or you could find a spot in the industrial area under the 24L/24R landing area. Of course, be safe when selecting an area.
  15. i have the day off so I'm good to go, just need to look into a carpool. Willing to do a Mississauga/Oakville/Burlington meetup.
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