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  1. i have the day off so I'm good to go, just need to look into a carpool. Willing to do a Mississauga/Oakville/Burlington meetup.
  2. Definitely interested; just need to confirm I have the day off due to tax season. Anybody doing carpools in the GTA?
  3. As far as I am aware, they are having the A220s focus on transcontinental Canada and USA trips, with the odd short-hop (such as Montreal to Toronto).
  4. "NEW 89 Bathurst route running from Newmarket Terminal to Seneca College King every 25 minutes during rush hour - they're anticipating 655 people daily, which is on par with the 18 Bur Oak all day ridership." Looks like they're bringing back the old Route 222 from way back when YRT started. "NEW Mobility On-Request East Gwillimbury GO Station - running from East Gwillimbury GO to addresses in Sharon. No service hours given" Very likely rush-hour only, there's very little demand for the station outside weekday rush-train operations. It's going to be many years until it's the transit hub it's planning it to be.
  5. Looks like the 72xxs may have been parked with the new 19xxs delivered? - 7201 last trackable on February 11th - 7202 last trackable on February 10th - 7203 last trackable on January 31st - 7204 last trackable on December 10th - 7205 last trackable on January 31st
  6. https://www.aircanada.com/content/dam/aircanada/portal/documents/PDF/en/quarterly-result/2019/2019_MDA_q4.pdf - Page 38
  7. Fleet updates from the latest financials: - All remaining 767s will remain in the fleet for 2020 (previously, all 5 were slated to be retired this year). Now expected to be removed from service in 2021. - 4 more A330-300s will join the fleet in 2020, bringing the total A330s to 17. This is 2 more than previously reported. - Air Canada now expects to receive atleast 6 737 MAX 8s in 2020. - The A319s will continue their retirement in 2021, with 7 frames expected to be retired. - 2 Rouge 767s are slated to be retired in 2020, no currently scheduled widebody deliveries to replace them. - No new changes to the Express fleet other than the CRJ900 entries and retirements previously reported. 2021 sees the retirement of 4 Dash 8-400s.
  8. The most recent quarterly results for AC (Q3 2019) show 767-300 departure during 2020. The next fleet update should be out next week, so we'll see what happens (the original plan was for them to be retired in 2019). The remainder of the Embraer 190s are planned to leave the fleet this year as well, along with 19 (more than half) of the A320s and all of the Dash 8-100s.
  9. 787-9 C-GKKN has been delivered.
  10. WestJet Dash-8 suffered a nose-gear collapse at Terrace. http://avherald.com/h?article=4d2c3005&opt=0
  11. That should be C-GKKN, she's coming home this month.
  12. Very doubtful, the 787s, 777s and A330s provide ample long-haul service for Air Canada. The quad-jet era of Air Canada ended after the retirement of the A340s. Air Canada appears to be more into the second-hand market of A330s and A321s (for Rouge). Second-hand 747-8is likely won't be hitting the market for many years, and they'll be taken up by cargo carriers or sit in the desert for parts. The second hand A380 market is barely existent aside from leasors.
  13. Heads-up that June 7th, 2020 is the currently scheduled last day of service by Delta of McDonnell Douglas aircraft to YYZ. Service will be switching to Airbus A320 on June 8th.
  14. A310 C-GTSH has been ferried to Mirabel for scrapping on Friday. 4 A310s remain with Transat.
  15. It's been mainly sticking to the Montreal-Calgary runs, but it's adding some Montreal-Toronto flights to the mix today, @anyfong Thanks for uploading the picture of C-GROV on the wiki! I wanted to make the trip out to Montreal to try for the first flight, but work is very busy around these months.
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