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  1. I am told by my Contacts at the LRTA and they told me this information that buses 1901-1903 3 units are 2018 Gillig BRT 35’ Diesel Buses these units built in 2018 Which these are on LRTA property these will replace there 2005 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Bus 0511 there 2012 Star craft #1201 and there 2013 Elkhart cutaway #1301 1904-1910 7 units are 2019 Gillig BRT 35’ Diesel these are due in March of 2019 These will replace 7 2007 Gillig 35’ Low Floor 1911-1915 5 units are 2019 Gillig BRT 35’ Diesel Buses are due in October of 2019 these will replace 5 2007 Gillig 35’ Low floor Buses Note All Gillig BRT Buses Have the BRT Front Standard Rear And these have the Cummins L9 Engine Allison B4003X Transmission
  2. From NE transit MBTA vehicle inventory 2018 New Flyer XDE60 bus 1294 is a prototype test bus for routes SL1 SL2 SL3 the bus has the extended battery option and will be in testing for awhile but If the test is successful then the mbta will order 45 New Flyer 60’ xcelsior Buses And those will replace the 1100 series Neoplan dualmodes So That’s why Bus 1294 will be tested extensively before a decision is made to exercise this option Which bus 1294 has the Cummins ISL diesel/BAE Hybrid with extended battery option Which bus 1294 is on mbta property And also The Fleet Numbers to there new 2019 New Flyer Xcelsior Charge XE60 Buses will be 1295-1299 which they will arrive in 2019 these will be in there silver livery for the silverline routes
  3. Here’s some Updates for the roster On January 29, 2018, the transit agency's board of directors voted to rebrand FWTA/The T as Trinity Metro, and revealed a new logo, that depicts three triangles forming the letter "M" in its negative spaces. The name change officially took place on March 23, 2018 on its website and social media presence Trinity metro also Got 10 2018 Gillig Low Floor 40’ CNG Buses fleet numbers are 1801-1810 has the Trinity metro Logo Trinity metro also got in 6 2018 New Flyer XN60 Fleet Numbers are 1861-1866 which there in service via Next bus transit tracker the XN60 unity has the Trinity Metro Logo
  4. Here is some updates to add to the Metro Greater Portland Transit District Roster They added new routes This Is a new route #3 Westbrook Crosstown that started on 8/26/18 https://me-gptransit.civicplus.com/203/Route-3---Portland---Westbrook---South-P This is a New Route called Route H Husky Line that started on 8/27/18 This is there current Route called BRZ The Metro Breezehttps://me-gptransit.civicplus.com/313/METRO-BREEZ-Effective-08262018 Note of what Portland metro told me that 5 2018 New Flyer XN40 Buses 1810-1814 will be used For the new Husky Line service as the Buses are wrapped for the new route 6 2018 New Flyer XD40 Buses 1815-1820 will be used for regular routes And all 11 2018 New Flyer Buses are in service per the southern Maine transit tracker
  5. Brockton received 12 new 2018 Gillig BRT Diesel Series Numbers 1801 1802 1803 1804 1805 1806 1809 1810 1811 1812 are Diesels and some are mix 35 and 40’ but don’t know which fleet numbers are 40’ and 35’ But all I know is 1807 1808 are 2018 Gillig BRT 35’ Hybrid
  6. Gilligman2010

    Lowell Regional Transit Authority Fleet Update

    Revised roster I was told by my sources at the LRTA that they skip a year of numbering there buses 1901-1903 are 2018 Gillig BRT 37’ Diesel there currently being delivered 1904-1910 Are 2019 Gillig BRT 37’ Diesel there due in March of 19 1911-1915 Are 2019 Gillig BRT 37’ Diesel there due in October of 19 There not 35’ Gillig BRT models there 37’ buses and here’s why there 37’ the head mechanic at the LRTA told another operator that when the bike rack is down that adds a foot and half to your length he said There 15 new brt gilligs will have the Cummins L9 Engine Allison B4003X Note 1301 is retired 1302 retired from revenue service and was sold to the Lowell senior center
  7. Here’s some updates from My contact person from the LRTA that The LRTA Has 10 New Gillig BRT Buses on order as the lrta has on order are 3 2018 Gillig BRT 35’ Diesel Buses fleet Numbers will be 1801-1803 that are Due in Late August of 2018 and the LRTA has on order are 7 2019 Gillig BRT 35’ Diesel Buses fleet Numbers will be 1901-1907 that are due in spring 2019 ‘the new order of buses will replace some 2007 Gillig Advantage 35’ Diesel Buses and some Buses that has ended there useful life in service 0511 There last 2005 Gillig Advantage 29’ has retired from service 1302 there cutaway has also retired from service
  8. Here’s a couple of updates for the roster of Votrans 2016 and 2018 Gillig’s 2401-2404 2016 Gillig Advantage 35’ Diesel 2501-2505 2018 Gillig Advantage 35’ Diesel
  9. 7/20/18 Update: My friend walt received an email from the head of fleet operations & maintenance at PSTA the other day He has outlined the following: > The 18 Gilligs that are on order will arrive as a split batch. Originally, the plan was for 9 buses this year and 9 buses for 2019. While the PSTA board approved the order as one combined order for cost savings, the delivery schedule will remain as originally intended. So 9 buses will arrive at the end of 2018, while the other 9 will arrive by April, 2019. > The 4 BYDs will also arrive as a split batch, as the orders were placed separately. The 2 initial buses will arrive sometime in August, while the 2 additional buses (purchased with FTA Lo-No funds) will arrive by October, 2019. The fleet numbers for the new buses on order 2018 Gillig 18101-18109 2018(35-foot hybrid - on order, expected delivery Fall, 2018),unkown model 2019 Gillig 19101-19109 (35-foot hybrid - on order, expected delivery Spring, 2019) unknown model 2018 BYD K9 18110-18111 (on order, expected delivery August, 2018), 2019 BYD K9 19110-19111 (on order, expected delivery Fall, 2019) 2018 Champion Freightliner Defender fleet Numbers 1801-1808 note there Currently being delivered as of July, 2018 - to replace the aging 2002 and 2005 vehicles for the North County Connector There last 2003 MCI D4500 bus 2309 retired in late 2017 If anyone doesn’t mind updating the roster
  10. If anyone doesn’t mind Adding the 2017 Gillig BRT 40’ Diesel Buses into the Utah Transit Authority roster Utah Transit Authority 2017 Gillig BRT 40’ Diesel Buses fleet Numbers are 17001-17057 And the ski buses for Utah Transit Authority are: 2017 Gillig BRT 40’ Diesel Buses Fleet Numbers are 17071-17079
  11. An Update for the roster It’s been brought to my attention that last 2 remaining metro Greater Portland Transit District 1996 Gillig Phantom 40’ Buses 9645 and 9659 have now been retired from service and both buses are up for sale on Government Deals site Bus 9645 https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=6&acctid=9542 Bus 9659 https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=7&acctid=9542
  12. Update to add to the Martha’s Vinyard VTA Roster I contacted the staff at Martha’s Vinyard VTA via social media about there new 5 byd buses and i got a reply back from Martha’s Vinyard VTA Via Social media on the new Fleet Numbers for there 5 BYD Buses as They received 2 BYD K7 30’ Buses Fleet Numbers are are 98&99 They received 4 BYD K9S 35’ Buses fleet Numbers are 100,101,102,103 all 5 are on property as all 6 gotten delivered on 6/27/18
  13. Gilligman2010

    Community connector Roster update

    Another roster update if anyone doesn’t mind updating it I was told by my contact person at the community connector that 0207 our other 2002 Orion v 30’ bus has retired as of May 2018 make note that both 0202 and 0207 are going to be used as parts buses for the few active 2002 Orion v 30’ buses that the community connector has in service
  14. From my contact person at the community connector has updated me with the fleet update Here’s our new fleet numbers to our 2 new 2018 Gillig 29’ Diesel Buses the Numbers are 1858-1859 are due in October of 2018 and Bus 0202 our 2002 Orion V 30’ Bus is now retired As of April of 2018 if anyone don’t mind updating the roster here in bangor our numbering system on how we number our buses is an oddball Numbers that some go in order by odd ball numbers
  15. Hello I just talked to someone from Portland metro and there 2018 new Flyer xcelsiors fleet numbers are 2018 New Flyer XN40 fleet numbers are 1810-1814 =5 XN40 2018 New Flyer XD40 fleet numbers are 1815-1820=6 XD40 note cording to metro they have 4 XN40 that have been delivered to metro the numbers are 1810-1811-1812-1813 and 1814 is on the way