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  1. Utah Transit Authority has gotten an order of 23 2021 Gillig Low Floor 40’ Numbers are 21001-21023 and they have the Cummins L9 With Allison B500R and They have TwinVision Luminator and American Insight Prime seats Per this article that UTA has an Order of 11 Gillig Low Floor Plus 40’ Battery electric buses for the Ogden Bus Rapid Transit line which will run from Ogden FrontRunner Station, through downtown Ogden, And Park city Utah has an order of 13 Gillig Low Floor Plus. 40’ battery Electric buses Here’s the Information https://www.gillig.com/post/gillig-scores-a-44-e-bus-contract-in-utah-and-up-to-139
  2. I also Have Pics of our new Gilligs to add to the roster you have my permission to add
  3. Community Connector information on our 2021 Gillig Low floor buses 35’ 2101-2105 has Have the American Seating Insight Prime seats 32 destination sign Twin-vision Smart series III Amber 29’ 2106 Has the American Seating Insight Prime seats 26 destination sign Twin-vision Smart series III Amber Both buses have the Twinvision Smart Series III Amber destination signs I have the Vin Numbers to share here for they see which are 2101 - 2102 has vin # and 15GGB2710M3194402 2103 has vin # -15GGB2712M3194403 2104- 2105 has Vin #-15GGB2716M3194405 2106 has VIN #-15GGE2711M3094106
  4. Per my Contacts at the LRTA That The Lowell Regional Transit Authority in Lowell MA has 2 2022 Gillig BRT 35’ Hybrids on Order the numbers will be 2201-2202 and these 2 New BRT hybrids will Be replacing 2 2010 Gillig Standard Low Floor Hybrid Electric buses 1001-1002 as they will reach their 12 Years in service in 2022 And also to note Is that the LRTA has 4 2022 Arboc Spirit of mobility 28’ low Floor Cutaways on order and the numbers are 2203-2206 these will be replacing the 4 Remaining 15 series coach and Equpment Phoenix high Floor Cutaways numbers 1507 1510 1511 1512 as they have reached there 6 years in service In 2022
  5. 2109 has Vin# 1HA6GUB79MN000932 and plate# LRT 560 2110 has Vin# 1HA6GUB76MN001102 and Plate# LRT 508 The Arboc Units have the Vortex 6.6L Gas with 6-Speed Automatic (MYD) transmission
  6. Source Metro magazine “The Utah Transit Authority (UTA) and Park City Transit have awarded GILLIG a $44.2 million contract for 44 battery-electric buses, with an option of 95 additional buses over five years. The contract includes 16 plug-in charging systems and four high-power on-route chargers” Cording to the article that UTAH Transit Authority in Salt Lake City will be getting 11 Gillig Low Floor Plus 40’ zero Emissions Electric buses which will be for the Odgen Bus Rapid Transit Line Park City UTAH will be getting 13 Gillig Low Floor Plus 40’ Zero Emissions Battery Electric buses https://www.metro-magazine.com/10143208/uta-park-city-transit-to-add-44-gillig-electric-buses?fbclid=IwAR2iIKx2zRCTKwvIZNc0Xh--gXpTtuDvauL7inbr-csSiMyjv1B2sOyEzts
  7. I have Photos that I would like to add to the roster with my permission here’s MBTa bus 2020 2051 2079 3137 3148
  8. Lrta Lowell Ma 2021 Gillig BRT 29’ buses 2101-2108 Plate numbers and vins Bus 2101 vin# 15GGE2718M3093972 Plate # LRT 500 entered revenue service 4-23-2021 Bus 2102 Vin# 15GGE271XM3093973 Plate# LRT 501 entered revenue service 4-23-2021 Bus 2103 Vin# 15GGE2711M3093974 Plate# LRT 502 Entered revenue Service 4-23-2021 Bus 2104 Vin# 15GGE2713M3093975 Plate # LRT 503 Entered revenue Service 4-23-2021 Bus 2105 Vin# 15GGE2717M3093977 Plate# LRT 504 Bus 2106 Vin# 15GGE2719M3093978 Plate # LRT 505 Bus 2107 Vin # 15GGE2715M3093976 Plate# LRT 506 Bus 2108 Vin# 15GGE2710M3093979 Plate# LRT 507 Seats 26 4one Angel Destination Twinvision Smart series III
  9. Per my manager friend of the community connector Bangor Maine  will be getting 7 new Gillig Diesel buses Comming this fall 
    As we are getting 4 35’ And 3 29’ buses 

    The 4 35’ Gillig Low floor buses willl replacing all 4 Ex Cap Metro Austin D35LF 
    And our 2004 Gillig Phantom will be replaced by one of 3 29’ Low Floor Gilligs 

    As to what model she has chosen is still a question


    if you would not mind editing Bangor community connector roster 

  10. Per My Contacts at the Community Connector That we are Getting 7 New Gillig Buses Due in Fall of 2021 the order consists of 4 2021 Gillig 35’ Diesel Buses and 3 2021 Gillig Low Floor 29’ Diesel buses The buses that are Retiring in Fall of 2021 are our 4 2003 New Flyer D35LF And Our 2004 Gillig Phantom 30’ Bus 0445
  11. Per my Contacts at the LRTA that 2021 Gillig BRT 29’ Buses 2101-2108 are on LRTA property waiting to be prepped for service And Buses 0807 0808 0809 0812 have retired NOTE 2021 Gillig BRT 29’ Bus 2101 Replaced 2008 Gillig Low Floor 35’ Bus 0807
  12. Note LRTA Bus 2101 Gotten delivered to the LRTA on 3-11-2021
  13. Hello I have some photos of Mbta buses that I would like to contribute to the roster wit my permission
  14. Greetings I have Some photos that I would like to have added with my permission to the thumbnail to the roster Bus # 902 904 917
  15. The Utah Transit Authority Recently gotten in new order of gilligs They got 10 2020 Gillig Standard Low Floor 40’ Clean diesel Fleet #’s are 20001-20010 all 2020 Gilligs are in service ( and Note all 10 2020 Gillig Standard Low floor 40’ buses Replaced all 10 2008 Vanhool A300L diesel buses 08101-08110) Buses 20001-20010 have the Cummins L9 Engine with Allison B400R transmission buses 20001-20004 has the American Seating Insight Prime plastic seating and buses 20005-20010 has the American Seating Insight Vynal seating They also got 7 2020 Gillig Standard Low Floor 35’ Clean Diesel Buses Fleet#’s are 20051-20059 note the units are Fleet expansion buses for Ski Bus service Buses 20051-20059 have the Cummins L9 Engine with Allison B400R
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