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  1. Mini pedestrian crossing gates on a foot path near 114th st: Giant complex made of mobile offices! 114th st Ped. gates: 114th st Ped underpass: 76th ave crossing: University ave crossing gates:
  2. Mckernan Station: Near South Campus: Landscaping around Belgravia Road underpass coming along nicely: I'm going to get a few pictures of the 76th ave crossing construction and the completion of the crossing gates at University ave and 114th st tonight, so check back here at around 8.
  3. 4026, 732, 937, 907, and 770 all at West Edm Mall TC recently. 923, 917, 787, 929, 712, and 710 seen less recently (within the past 4 days)
  4. 83rd Ave crossing: 76th ave: What is going on there? Also, a weird underground access door next to Health Sciences:
  5. Hmm, I think it was 955. I saw it in the morning and forgot to write it down.
  6. Ground is finally being prepared for tracks near the Mckernan Station:
  7. I've heard that's a good game, count me in!
  8. Saw 955 at West Edm Mall this morning with a serious suspension problem. The whole bus was leaning extremely to the right (Probably due to ETS always putting the GMs on the school special routes to be packed front to back with people ) Also saw 712 dead on 87th ave near West Edm Mall.
  9. Hmm, not much happening down there..
  10. All beams installed at the Belgravia road overpass:
  11. Three crossbeams installed on the Belgravia Road Overpass: Not the best image, I'll get some better ones when the weather permits (It's really muddy outside!)
  12. University Ave crossing complete (aside from the gates/lights, that is)
  13. I don't see why not, they do have a lot of the tracks in place, and right now they're finishing up the 114th st University avenue crossing. That leaves just one more small road they need to put a crossing in.
  14. Thanks! Check back in this thread soon, as I'll be posting new pictures when developments are made. I also plan to go down to Southgate and see if anything interesting has happened. I think the bridges over the Whitemud are probably done now, but I haven't been there in a while! Edit: Also, anyone know why there are speakers in the bus terminal? Are they going to announce incoming buses? (I doubt it, but that would be kinda neat.)
  15. Rest of the images: Southbound tracks: I think the South Campus station looks great, really looking forward to it's completion. What do you guys think?
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