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  1. Today I went to document the Kelowna Yard. I was able to get a good Vantage Point from a Cemetery situated on a Large Hill above the yard, saw 9750 but unfortunately looked like it was heading into the garage for maintenance On the other hand, saw a few D40LF parked at one side of the yard with 8114 from the ground in Active Tracks by the looks of it. And the rest I would've saw from the hill, bunch of Novas, some 9700s & a couple Deckers.
  2. How are you certain that all of that series is in Abbotsford? 9208, and 9210 have been confirmed already, but the rest of the series? Do you have proof?
  3. 8038 the immortal! BCT's version of the immortal Translink 7115
  4. That part of the wiki has been like that for a while.... As far as I know, 8038 is still running and 8041 still running in Nanaimo. 8038 was active as of November, so I don't think it's gone anywhere quite yet. 8038 and 8041 are the only 2 1994 D40LF left in the BCT fleet.
  5. Would you be interested in a current fleet roster for Regina?


    1. AbbyTransitFan


      Sure, that would be great!

  6. When did you see this?
  7. Hmm, it might be heading to Abby since 9733 from Nanaimo is already here.
  8. Also noticed 9733 from Nanaimo, and 8104 from Victoria at the yard.
  9. 8097 is back in town.
  10. My friend spotted what he said appeared to be a old D40 in white scheme, with a black stripe earlier today. Any idea on who might own this bus??? It was Travelling WB on Lougheed towards Burnaby, from Coquitlam.
  11. I drove by the Abby garage the other day, looks like 2 original Abby units of the 9700 series 1996 D40LF have retired. Both were not parked in the active tracks, and they had their bike racks removed and the doors open on both units. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the unit numbers of them...
  12. Noooo, that bus was in Abby and I wasn't able to catch it LOL. Maybe it's time for a road trip
  13. They are currently constructing, or starting construction on CNG fueling stations at the Abbotsford garage.
  14. Part of this order should be coming to Abbotsford to replace the oldest D40LF. Hence the 9700 series D40LF, not sure about the 5 Ex CMBC units that are here but I'm sure those will be gone too. The 9800 series will probably stay for another 1 or 2 years at the most, but I could be wrong.
  15. 8039 did some runs on the 555 today.