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  1. I drove by the Abby garage the other day, looks like 2 original Abby units of the 9700 series 1996 D40LF have retired. Both were not parked in the active tracks, and they had their bike racks removed and the doors open on both units. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the unit numbers of them...
  2. Noooo, that bus was in Abby and I wasn't able to catch it LOL. Maybe it's time for a road trip
  3. They are currently constructing, or starting construction on CNG fueling stations at the Abbotsford garage.
  4. Part of this order should be coming to Abbotsford to replace the oldest D40LF. Hence the 9700 series D40LF, not sure about the 5 Ex CMBC units that are here but I'm sure those will be gone too. The 9800 series will probably stay for another 1 or 2 years at the most, but I could be wrong.
  5. 8039 did some runs on the 555 today.
  6. Well no one said, but 9754 is also here! Surprised me on Route 3 today
  7. I'd only be excited if it had BAE Hybridrve-E in it, instead of Allison hybrid
  8. I've already added it to the wiki, it's not just that bus. 9750 got transferred as well.
  9. Done!
  10. Looks like it got rear ended...
  11. I have removed the D40LF from the Active roster on the wiki, also the lone Thomas bus has also been retired for a couple of years or so now...
  12. I saw an XDE60 parked at Cullens while heading EB on Hwy 1 today.
  13. Nevermind, I read a FB post confirming all the flyers have unfortunately retired... Kind of a sad sight, and I'm surprised none of the 01's or 02's remained in service but I guess they had more miles than the 97's or the ISC's maybes in them just wore out early. I wonder if Regina Transit will ever order from New Flyer again, that's one of my biggest questions but they seem loyal to Novabus unfortunately.
  14. Yes you will see a lot of Novas in the downtown core, but that doesn't prove anything. When I was there, that's mostly what I saw but there was still the 2 New Flyers out that I saw on the tracker. The New Flyers mostly do School Trippers, or small routes now and 590 is most likely the last surviving one. So there hasn't been solid evidence that it has been retired yet...
  15. Yep! I got a clip of it on the Bus Lounge on Facebook, it won't let me post it on here.