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  1. This 1970s Chevy Cheyenne Commercial.
  2. That company has poor quality furniture, "Wayfair you got just what I need!!!", no not really, I don't buy tasteless furniture. It is most particle board or MDF.
  3. A PC Protein Bar from Shoppers Drug Mart.
  4. I think the only reason there could be a rear window is if the TTC wanted to is if they wanted to continue to romanticize the GM Fishbowls. Other than that it really doesn't matter if there is a window or not.
  5. I just realized while driving along Eglinton yesterday between Leslie and Don Mills, that the Special Constables carry out radar traps with radar guns on operators. I saw the cruiser with a guy in a blue shirt holding up the gun and a guy holding paper and a pen.
  6. August 7 2015 TTC 134 - 8117 It had an inspector on board during a training run, it got to Centennial College where it unloaded passengers and changed off as a 102, it then loaded passengers as a 102 and left. The inspector I talked to confirmed it was training.
  7. I hope a coworker or someone pointed it out to him.
  8. I got to pay attention more on my regular travels to see who I can see on them. I have to go fanning more, school eats up my time. Looking back, I used to be so much more participant, life has caught up and 7 years have flown by. Gosh!
  9. is The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world.
  10. clean up their mess that they left.
  11. Go satisfy your mother's devious appetite.
  12. Update your graphics/video card driver.
  13. Aren't the Orion V's on 56 and 88 pretty normal occurrences, from what I have observed when I travel those lines?
  14. In my two years of working for the same retail company, I never had missed a shift and usually got it covered by someone else, until yesterday when I did forget to go on my shift. I care about the company itself outside of the franchise I work in. I think they make great products and are a great brand, and I would love to advance into the corporate setting to the point where it reflects my studies. Up until that point in my day, I was having a great time and everything was going smoothly and it just felt like things were falling into place with working out in the weight room and chilling with my co-workers. The same co-workers who alerted me to the fact I missed my shift. But the night was still great and we had a good time. I am being written up for it, but I could care less, since the manager (1 of 3 managers) I have doesn't really like her job to begin with. I just hate the fact that I had the schedule with me, but I for some reason forgot or didn't have it register in my mind. This is my first time I have been wrote up on something.
  15. He has to dress like a thug or gangsta and wear do-rags, or a fitted snap back and some baggy jeans. I think he will be find then.
  16. I would agree, but in general LED are not going to have that warm tone as Halogens or Incandescent, it has always been a problem for LEDs.
  17. I would have stayed with the food to make sure a person only took one, that is pretty bad if a kid does that. You should have gotten in between the kid with the issues and your girls, just stand in his way and stare him down, don`t attack he guy, confront him and just say ''Hey What Are You Staring At, What Do You Want''
  18. I would err on the side of caution, and try not to mention your friends and acquaintances full names so much, especially when you might have gotten into trouble with them. Even though it was totally not your fault, it may look bad on you in the future if someone comes upon it, and gets a bad impression of you or was friends with her. Someone could even get a worse impression of this girl if they saw this post, even though you seem to not like her, it may not be cool to cause more problems for a person when you put their name on the internet. I am just saying. You're young, and you wouldn't want this to come back and haunt you. I know you might not fully understand, but nothing is ever fully private on the internet. But hey man, it is up to you and what you are comfortable with. It isn't any of my business to tell you what to do.
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