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    Was in Leaside in Toronto, Now in Peterborough
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    Transit, automobiles, railways, girls, computers (hobby and soon to be networking occupation).

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  1. This 1970s Chevy Cheyenne Commercial.
  2. That company has poor quality furniture, "Wayfair you got just what I need!!!", no not really, I don't buy tasteless furniture. It is most particle board or MDF.
  3. A PC Protein Bar from Shoppers Drug Mart.
  4. I think the only reason there could be a rear window is if the TTC wanted to is if they wanted to continue to romanticize the GM Fishbowls. Other than that it really doesn't matter if there is a window or not.
  5. I just realized while driving along Eglinton yesterday between Leslie and Don Mills, that the Special Constables carry out radar traps with radar guns on operators. I saw the cruiser with a guy in a blue shirt holding up the gun and a guy holding paper and a pen.
  6. August 7 2015 TTC 134 - 8117 It had an inspector on board during a training run, it got to Centennial College where it unloaded passengers and changed off as a 102, it then loaded passengers as a 102 and left. The inspector I talked to confirmed it was training.
  7. I hope a coworker or someone pointed it out to him.
  8. I got to pay attention more on my regular travels to see who I can see on them. I have to go fanning more, school eats up my time. Looking back, I used to be so much more participant, life has caught up and 7 years have flown by. Gosh!
  9. is The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world.
  10. clean up their mess that they left.
  11. Go satisfy your mother's devious appetite.
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