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  1. I think more likely will seen them numbered in 600s
  2. Very true we will have to wait and see I guess
  3. I wanna say 900s that’s where transit sticks the odd balls wanna say 370 or 371-397 will stay open for future 40 foot deliveries
  4. Saw on twitter and it is official Winnipeg transit will be receiving 28 60 foot bendy buses
  5. My buddy said if they want to schedule these runs to come off other stuff or start as this before doing something else it’s good with him. Saves buses and saves buses only being out few hours. One of the 53/56 becomes a 55 then late night work bus out of north so if that saves having to pull a little bus out and keeping one bus out all night good with me
  6. This one is out of frg lol. Still more cost affective to only operate one garage on weekends
  7. Probably easier that way if a bus pulls out of bg early am it doesn’t need to be replaced by a frg bus that way u can run a bus from early am to next day and Brandon really doesn’t need dispatch at late night at night it’s wash rack helping with the parking of the bus. Plus makes sense if a 162 is a bg but ends at 2 am but at 630 is replaced by a frg bus why not just keep the bg bus out all night. If u look this change a lot more runs are all day and night there’s a lot less buses pulling out at 3 pm as all night buses but that’s just me
  8. Dam 700 series buses are falling apart bus 785 turn signal peg came off and and now I have some bus parts of my own
  9. It’s back to FRG my buddy called it in useless piece of crap he said lol
  10. 300 is at north I’ll talk to my two buddies there about getting pics
  11. Probably will see phase 2 Done first msg ur city counciler and say u Want it finished call 311 day ur elderly grandma or grandpa can’t tell when bus is coming
  12. Worst we had was an engine ran fault light or a check transmission light then had a transmission stall and got a tow back
  13. My buddy doesn’t care bout squeaky brakes as he said I don’t call it in unless a warning light comes on. Other wise he don’t care
  14. It will costs billions to do the rail yard thing plus u have to cp agree. BRT wise if she did get voted in and did that we would have a half finished BRT to no where. Makes no sense plus she is only one vote so if she can’t get everyone else on board then no use
  15. A Winnipeg mayoral candidate says she can’t rule out halting construction on Phase 2 of the Southwest Transitway, if elected. Business consultant Jenny Motkaluk said it’s too soon to commit her stance on the project, for which construction began in 2016. “Is that going to make the transit more reliable and easier and faster for the people that need it right now? That’s the question I’m going to ask when I have to answer that,” said Motkaluk, during a press conference on Monday. i think it’s dumb to stop a project under construction would be a total waste of money
  16. Can u someone please confirm is it 39 or 70 buses we are getting cause I heard it’s 70 but then I see on the wiki it’s 300-339 not 300-369 so some clarification would be great!!!
  17. Could be tmr could be 5 weeks when it’s ready when it’s ready as bus1965 said
  18. It’s how they are parked on the tracks the night before is what determines how buses are dispatched the next day
  19. I saw a 400 a while ago being towed to scrap it had rear sign missing I’ll look thru my texts to u and Jason to find it
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