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  1. Winnipeg Transit and area

    My source has told me paper passes are going to be discontinued soon with an official announcement coming in May. My source worked in the treasury dept of transit at 65 Garry street where all the fare box money goes.
  2. Winnipeg Transit and area

    well that happened today
  3. Winnipeg Transit and area

    saw today that the sign crews were putting up taxi signs on Vaughan to allow them in diamond lanes and also observed that they are also attaching taxi on the Diamond lanes on Osborne, main and portage.
  4. Southwest Transitway Rapid Transit Project

    Was at u of Manitoba yesterday afternoon with a driver friend and got to deadhead thru the stagging area. As of right now there’s two porta potties no idea when construction will begin on the actual permanent comfort station. Update on signs at the actual station no signs in yet just the housing will keep y’all updated as in back on Friday.
  5. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Power is on at u of m terminal so is heat. Now just waiting on the next stop signs to be put up.
  6. EX Calgary D40LF

    It’s not on bus text must be a fill what time u see it did it have a run number
  7. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Says 172 not 170 but that’s just paper they still have to install the permanent stop tiles.
  8. 401-499 501-504 retirement

    He just does lol. A source probably from transit
  9. Winnipeg Transit and area

    u of m terminal got signs up waiting on bus watch signs to go up next
  10. Winnipeg Transit and area

    No when they get a new front end they get a white one. It’s pretty cool to see how they rebuild a bus
  11. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Been back for awhile now
  12. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Yup 36-11 it will most of the time get an artic
  13. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Ride a 170 to new u of m last night with my buddy and driver kept us on thru the staging area. Like how there’s cut outs now for the buses
  14. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Is it fully open
  15. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Idk what ur thinking but 18 is good where it is