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  1. After I saw ur post I saw not one but 2 low 100 buses with bike racks
  2. I wonder why there putting them back on the low 100 buses
  3. 124 also has a bike rack
  4. Big bus thing happening on Sargent and route 90 guys blocking the bus with cars
  5. My buddy has a scanner and I met him and he programmed the frequency in to it
  6. Got my self a scanner to listen to transit control pretty cool the stuff u hear
  7. That would make sense
  8. Last night I walked thru there they have all the signs up tell u what's gonna happen. Correct me if I'm wrong but the reroutes gonna last till October?
  9. Construction at the u of m has begun on the new rapid transit terminal on Defoe road I'll be going back later today to get pictures of the what's gonna happen stay tuned for that
  10. 170 in service today on the 16 at Main and Willam at 3:14 pm
  11. 170 no stripes tho
  12. 84/86 now servicing the seasons of tuxedo across from IKEA spotted the 84 there earlier
  13. Yup bus text it it showed 143 in active service
  14. 143 back in regular service on route 89
  15. He likes to play with it and it just came off had to sit at pioneer for a trade off cause they didn't want to drive it with the peddle broken