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  1. Got the new run cards for next change lots of changes to the runs lots of work out of north to next change on routes like 19,55 ect
  2. Had 3 guys go at it threatening to kill everyone on the bus and the driver really scared the crap out of me. Transit really has to step it up this happened today on 45-2 in front of the place we're are city council meets the very people who could do something to keep our transit drivers safe
  3. for u bus folks there's a badge shuffle happening the on April 9th start of service on the spring change
  4. Really short on short buses 95 has 147 today
  5. this is what my bus driver friend this ok the Calgary buses
  6. Hey we're u driving 974 on 59 this eveningĀ 

  7. True let's hope we don't have a repeat of the two buses hitting each other
  8. Winter storm expected Monday expect some buses to be running late
  9. It was mts utility work just saw the mts trucks in the middle southbound lane under jubilee
  10. Hey thanks for this I'll let my friend know to avoid polo park routes this summer can u find out if it's the 11/12 terminal my buddy likes 11,77 and 66 and this could change his sign up for summer
  11. This bus was really testing my friends patience we ended up with a 500 that worked great
  12. This 400 you don't want spongy brakes and going over 40km it didn't like stopping
  13. 471 on 45-2 very rare for this run to get a 400 usually gets a 7,1,6 or an 800
  14. 657 on route 24 24-2
  15. The ones I saw were buses that came out of the garage till afternoon so driver might not of signed up P/R 521 when he left the garage