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  1. That one you posted also has another issue with the amber warning lights. As it stands now Ontario law requires red only for the overhead flashing lights. Something else that comes up with Quebec origin buses is that all school buses plated in Ontario must be built to the CSA D250 standard. Quebec doesn’t require buses to be built to the D250 standard. Some buses brought over from Quebec may be built to the D250 standard anyway depending on how the original owner specs it, so converting those buses to English/changing lights is ok. But if the bus does NOT have D250 compliance, it shouldn’
  2. Section 175 of the Highway Traffic Act... ——————————— “school bus” means a bus that, (a) is painted chrome yellow, and (b) displays on the front and rear thereof the words “school bus” and on the rear thereof the words “do not pass when signals flashing”. (“autobus scolaire”) R.S.O. 1990, c. H.8, s. 175 (1); 2001, c. 13, s. 18 (1, 2) ....... Only school buses to be painted chrome yellow (3) No part of a bus, except a bus that at any time during its current validation period is used to transport children or to transport adults who have developmental disabiliti
  3. Interesting... this bus is actually illegal in Ontario. No bus other than a school bus can be painted "chrome yellow" (aka school bus yellow). Covering up the 'School Bus' logos is not enough to "convert" a school bus to a regular bus. It needs to be completely repainted too so that nobody in the public would confuse it. The alternating red lights should also be painted over or removed.
  4. Almost all commercial vehicle manufacturers are “conservative” when it comes to styling and design. Not just transit buses, look at transport trucks, they go decades without major styling changes. You could take the door off a 1985 Peterbilt and it will probably fit on a 2010. In my opinion there are two main reasons. 1. Trucks and buses are sold based on lifecycle. They aren’t replaced just to have a nicer look, they are replaced when their lifecycle is finished. This is the opposite of something like a passenger car, where the automaker will change the styling often so that people think
  5. Here’s a promo video from YouTube (they played the same video at the end of the livestream):
  6. These Hybrids were just at the 401 westbound on route, at Trenton ON. Delivery runs I guess. 3637 3634 3635 3630
  7. Yep... and its not like Daimler didn't have a reputation of buying companies and ruining/destroying them. They did the same thing to Sterling Trucks around the same time. They also ran Chrysler into the ground and tossed them aside.
  8. I like Montreal the most, but I can't speak French great... so I guess Toronto... But I've never been to Vancouver.
  9. Heres my car that I just bought... 1999 Buick Regal GS... 155k on it now, I should be able to get 250k at least if I take care of it properly (I have a neighbour and coworker who both have 99 and 2000 Regals with that many KM). Its horrible on gas in the city, but its got 240hp and 280ft/lb of torque from the supercharged 3.8L engine to make up for it, does 0-60 in about 6.5 seconds. It does fare pretty well on the highway with an easy 30mpg because of its gearing, but in the city you get about 17-21 mpg depending on how you drive it. Right now I'm sitting at 17.5 MPG (13.4l/100km ). It need
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