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  1. In Newfoundland this week for a break, and took some time to track the buses. Great visit so far, and the painted row houses give a nice and unique background.
  2. Exactly. My SEM would be disturbed when the elevator of the building moves, let alone a skytrain passing underneath the building... So for me definitely not the Main Mall route. Perhaps the "better" route is along (or slightly outside of) the eastern perimeter of the campus. But still there are some key labs (e.g. Dentistry's FIB) along Wesbrook. Of course, a decision must be made before construction starts. I also heard some rumours about labs at UVic, e.g. some key labs (perhaps with electron microscopies) were build at certain locations that even an earthquake would not shatter the ground. Not sure if it's true though...
  3. I just got an internal email on some consultation about the route of the skytrain at UBC (I work at one of the labs there). Also the map below was attached. Light blue is the route along Wesbrook, black along East Mall (which seems officially abandoned) and green along Main Mall. Personally I think the most likely route is along Wesbrook...
  4. Personally I think it's a good idea to have the 98 back (maybe without the Airport Station) at least as a peak hour express route, and there probably should be more peak hour express routes. I don't know when they plan to expand the capacity of Canada Line (2050 seems too far away), so it's good to have alternatives. It will be similar to what STM is doing to relief the Orange Line in the downtown area (e.g. STM #427). On the other hand, Granville is almost always congested as well as Oak and the #480 already sufferred quite a bit. Maybe they can plan an express along Knight too.
  5. Based on the fonts and the characters, I think it's more likely to be a Japanese fire truck.
  6. Indeed. My lab is on East Mall and our electron microscopes can be perturbed by the movements of elevators so we have to use them mostly in the evening. Also, Main Mall north to Univ Blvd are the Physics/Astronomy and Chemistry Departments and they wouldn't like the idea either. Unless they know what they are doing and are able to minimize the effects. Meanwhile, I am not able to come up with a better location of a UBC station inside the campus. Plus I will have almost certainly left UBC by 2025...... Edit: I doubt if they will go as south as TRIUMF. Terminating at Wesbrook Village could be a good idea.
  7. Laptop and automobile batteries are made from very different materials (Li-ion polymer vs. perhaps lithium phosphate/titanate) and they have very different specs. The comparison is not justified.
  8. STM will purchase 40 electric buses of 3 types: slow-charging, fast-charging and 30ft midibuses, also 2 electric paratransit vehicles. The 4 fast-charging buses will entirely electrify 36 Monk and the 4 midibuses will be put on 212 Sainte-Anne de Bellevue. http://www.stm.info/en/press/press-releases/2017/electrification--stm-picks-up-the-pace-and-looks-to-buy-40-electric-buses (didn't quite understand French yet...)
  9. Mass Transit Mag article: http://www.masstransitmag.com/article/12353530/canada-sets-the-course-with-zero-emission-bus-demonstration-trial. Looks like we will get NFI and/or Novas with overhead pantographs as the charging method (I'll probably leave Vancouver by September 2018 though ). I've only been on 1007 once, and I think the bus itself is ok. Typical strong start-up of electric buses. Backside: other than the door issue, the interior looks kind of shabby and the exterior resembles D40LFR quite a lot. If I recall correctly, there is no stop buttons/strings on board (it's a Chinese thing). Battery: I'm not a fan of BYD mainly because of their battery technology and philosophy. They basically achieve high mileage by piling up batteries in a wardrobe in their buses, sacrificing passenger spaces. Their Lithium-iron-phosphate itself is fine, but technologies with higher energy densities are already available.
  10. I think the longest one in Beijing is #898, with ~128 km and only 2 stops. Route #880 is ~120 km (being truncated from ~160 km a few years ago, I believe).
  11. Skoda... For a Capacity L 5 doors seem to be fine, but 4 doors for a 12m is kinda too many... Maybe someday they will develop a bus that lifts the entire right-hand-side wall instead of using doors to ultimately boost their "vystup and nastup"...
  12. It's kinda weird to see 250 testing double deckers. Maybe they only test on 250A. I'm not a fan of luggage compartment, especially for a non-direct route. Even for 620 luggage racks sound better. For routes like 351, 555 the compartment might be left unused throughout the trip, wasting many space. I wonder if Translink will test other models, maybe a 2-door variant. I like those in Ottawa (but might be too high for 620).
  13. Pekne! Vdaka vasim fotografiam ja mozem vidiet exoticke slovenske autobusy! (please forgive my grammar and lack of a keyboard ) Always glad to see the Tatras. I also wonder why SOR put so many doors on their buses...
  14. It was on a 14 UBC when I saw it at UBC Trolley Loop this noon. It then went NIS after unloading and headed north without layover at the new (temporary) diesel loop. I missed the best chance to take a picture by maybe 30 seconds...
  15. I think those in Winnipeg rely on overhead, static pantographs.
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