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  1. I think the longest one in Beijing is #898, with ~128 km and only 2 stops. Route #880 is ~120 km (being truncated from ~160 km a few years ago, I believe).
  2. Skoda... For a Capacity L 5 doors seem to be fine, but 4 doors for a 12m is kinda too many... Maybe someday they will develop a bus that lifts the entire right-hand-side wall instead of using doors to ultimately boost their "vystup and nastup"...
  3. It's kinda weird to see 250 testing double deckers. Maybe they only test on 250A. I'm not a fan of luggage compartment, especially for a non-direct route. Even for 620 luggage racks sound better. For routes like 351, 555 the compartment might be left unused throughout the trip, wasting many space. I wonder if Translink will test other models, maybe a 2-door variant. I like those in Ottawa (but might be too high for 620).
  4. Pekne! Vdaka vasim fotografiam ja mozem vidiet exoticke slovenske autobusy! (please forgive my grammar and lack of a keyboard ) Always glad to see the Tatras. I also wonder why SOR put so many doors on their buses...
  5. It was on a 14 UBC when I saw it at UBC Trolley Loop this noon. It then went NIS after unloading and headed north without layover at the new (temporary) diesel loop. I missed the best chance to take a picture by maybe 30 seconds...
  6. I think those in Winnipeg rely on overhead, static pantographs.
  7. I don't think the purpose of #49 is to provide direct and fast connection between Metrotown and UBC. I'll use Expo Line-99 for that purpose.
  8. Yes if you have permission from the author.
  9. There is a good collection of bus pictures in the CPTDB wiki, e.g.
  10. Those were originally posted somewhere else and I guess an admin moved them here. I think the bus resembles NFI LFRs a lot; considering that Chinese manufactures hardly have innovations on the looks of buses, this is not news... From their website, I think this one is a 30-ft K7.
  11. Kicking Horse Way on 150 White Pine Beach
  12. ~110 km/h on Line 320 of Halifax Transit. Very pleasant trip indeed!
  13. UBC Diesel Loop will be closed on March 6th. New loop will be partially open, where 49 and 99 will take 2 bays.
  14. Can't remember the series and episode number, but I'll say Lisa's First Word and Mobile Homer...
  15. Methane is the main constituent of natural gas so XN40 has covered that. Maybe methanol?