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  1. For many years, New Flyer was an OTR builder before it focused only on the transit bus industry. Someone mentioned New Flyer earlier...it was actually the low bidder in an order for 1,375 buses in 2000, but MCI gave kickbacks that got it the award (an NJT exec, Maureen Milan, ended up serving 3 years behind bars). This may be a way back in for New Flyer...especially since that 1,375-bus order will need replacement soon, which could also put New Flyer in line to replace the other 138 buses. to give NJT essentially two fleets all made by New Flyer or a subsidiary (except for the 84 MCI CNG buses coming in).
  2. Not sure if pictures have been posted already, but here are some pictures of this model testing in NYC. Was this that bus?
  3. In terms of DesignLine's assets, the company will be auctioned off at month's end. New Flyer does not currently have an OTR bus in its lineup. Might this be what New Flyer needs to compete against MCI and Prevost in the transit OTR market?
  4. A bit of older news...but the MV-1 is going to be available again, Its contract manufacturer, AM General, acquired VPG's assets back in September. http://www.autonews.com/article/20130905/OEM01/130909918/am-general-to-acquire-vehicle-production-group#axzz2hXGA9ahe
  5. The MTA has converted an MTA Bus Orion 7 hybrid to a straight diesel configuration (Cummins ISL to Allison B500R - the same powertrain that is in the Orion VII 3G buses (the 7000s). It re-entered service today for the first time post-conversion.
  6. One of two current banner images of the YRT main page: http://yrt.ca/en/resourcesGeneral/yrt-Generic-home-banner3.jpg The sign is blurred out, but that is not a YRT sign, but an NYC Transit sign...and that's Columbus Circle in New York City.
  7. New Flyer Xcelsior articulated bus (XD60) in the Bronx, New York City, being taken for a brief drive near its garage Curious: are there any Xcelsior artics anywhere else in the United States (aside from Omnitrans)? This one was delivered in early July initially, then sent back for modifications.
  8. The MTA is taking delivery of Xcelsior articulated buses (they already have 90 Xcelsior rigids) as part of the New Bus Qualification Program. Here is the first bus of the order (and the only one in thus far)---4710, originally numbered 1000 (click thumb for full picture): Curious: is this the first Xcelsior artic in the United States?
  9. Not too surprised that Orion ended up going under - they are often at the higher end of bids. In the USA, there are still at least 5 providers of heavy-duty transit buses (New Flyer, Nova Bus, Gillig, NABI, and ElDorado). But in Canada, is it now only two suppliers? As for the TTC, which has been getting Orions for years, I wonder if they will turn to New Flyer, which provided the 7300s, or to Nova Bus (which TTC has never operated in terms of the LFS, but of which they have the 7200s RTS buses). One of the remaining orders for Orion is for MTA Bus...but they lost a 385-CNG bus order to New Flyer back in 2010. I wonder if that ended up being the last straw.
  10. The MTA is taking delivery of 90 New Flyer Xcelsior diesel buses at this time. A picture of the pilot bus of the order is an attachment.
  11. The MTA has changed its scheme again---adding the front stripe back (but with no stripe on the doors). Here are examples of the revised scheme:
  12. Actually, try now in service. Here it is pulling out to head to Manhattan for its PM trip. The signs are AESYS VerbaBus.
  13. These doors do flip out, unlike the doors on the LFS fleet.
  14. The C40LF in service today...shots are my own. Also attached is bus 824 as a door-side comparison. I'm still a bit in shock that the MTA went for the old style front, given that I thought for one that it was discontinued. As for the rear doors,
  15. The MTA is set to receive Xcelsior diesels...and C40LF old-style fronts. Odd to say the least. A lot of agencies are going to be PO'ed. However, at the same time, one of the garages receiving this model, Gleason in Brooklyn, will not need to conduct any driver training on these buses if they have Allison transmissions---only if they have ZFs. That's been on the back of MTA buses for about a month now.
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