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  1. Very contradicting. It sucks that the government opts to waste everyone's time when their mind was already made up. No respect for the carrier's that basically helped built this province with the most affordable transportation method. I believe that the quality of bus service will spiral downhill once this new law is utilized. Just take a look at the current situation with our trucking industry........let's just leave it at that.
  2. I 100% agree with this statement. Canadian Greyhound is stuck in the 1950's. How do you run a brand name company without advertising? Their idea of advertising is just running the bus along the highway lol. If me and all my friends knew that we could have easily taken a Greyhound from Toronto to Canada's Wonderland, Wasaga Beach and Blue Mountain, when we were younger, we would have went EVERY WEEKEND. But, at the end of the day, Greyhound Canada has no say on how to run their California size operation. Dallas, Texas calls the shots and Canadian management tucks their tales between their
  3. 21 to be exact. 0634 to 0654 were all sent to Prevost in Mississauga for wheelchair lift installation. A buddy of mine that works in the parts department says that those were the nastiest buses that ever came through the shop, clunks of sand stuck in every crevice, inside and out
  4. I have a feeling Greyhound is accepting the loss. When they restart service, they'll only be operating with 50 drivers. 20 Toronto, 15 Ottawa, 10 London and 5 Montreal. They gave the opportunity to operators to voluntarily resign with severance and commuted value from their pension. From what I hear, 90% of the employees has jumped off the sinking ship. Greyhound's future in Canada doesn't look so bright.
  5. Well from what I'm hearing, Ontario Northland has already gotten permission from the Quebec government to run the Ottawa-Montreal corridor. They were also planning to run Ottawa- Toronto but out of respect for Greyhound, they're waiting to see what their next move is. The video i posted paints Ontario Northland in a different light, the CEO of Kasper Transportation feels betrayed by them.
  6. I agree, unless a Canadian driver runs it through to Syracuse.... but then Greyhound Canada drivers would have to log their hours electronically, which they currently don't.
  7. They were instructed by Dallas to cut costs as much as possible before reinstating service. From what I hear, Montreal bus terminal is on the chopping block, the yearly cost to operate from there is very expensive. They're considering a road side pick up/drop off just like Megabus. Their eye's are on the Toronto coach terminal also. If im not mistaken, their lease payments to the TTC costs $2 Million a year and in turn, Coach Canada and Ontario Northland is leasing some of the platforms from Greyhound. It seems like Dallas is doing the same around the US. Buffalo Station is no longer
  8. We'll know in about two weeks. They'll now have to vote on a negotiated 10% cut in wages instead of 15% for the next 2 years. Sadly, their defined benefit pension plan will be frozen indefinitely. The fate of the company now lay in the hands of the union members.
  9. I guess 1292 is just scrap for extra parts.
  10. Greyhound is selling "9" X3-45 buses back to First Transit in Fort McMurray. Not sure which unit numbers. Hopefully it's the lower 600's.
  11. Greyhound has absolutely no plans to relocate to the new union station, due to the lack of bus bays and stipulations implemented on the loading and departing process. Instead, they're in talks with UP Express in establishing an interline ticket agreement. Greyhound passengers destined for downtown would get off at Pearson airport and continue on a UP Express train to downtown Toronto and vice versa using a greyhound ticket. So, that means greyhound would make Pearson Airport their main hub if they decide to pull out of the Toronto Coach Terminal. Not sure where their head office woul
  12. Like I told you guys before, Greyhound has officially ended their lease with the Peterborough bus station. https://www.thepeterboroughexaminer.com/news/peterborough-region/2020/08/16/end-of-the-line-for-peterboroughs-greyhound-bus-station.html
  13. From what I understand, greyhound has no plans on renewing the Peterborough terminal lease and ended their parking and maintenance contract with Liftlock Fuels.I wonder how they would operate Peterborough to Pembroke, maybe depart the trip from Toronto? Maybe they'll treat Peterborough as an e-ticket stop and pick up on the street outside of the Peterborough terminal just like Go Transit?
  14. Spoke to a buddy of mine and it seems like Greyhound is here to stay. The union has pushed back and asked Greyhound for their financial statements, not sure if they were successful but after hiring lawyers and financial advisers, Greyhound quickly changed their tune. The vice president allegedly wants to return the Canadian arm to what it once was pre-covid, and they're still fighting to get subsidies from the federal government. Also Badder bus and Great Canadian are closely watching Greyhounds next move. They're heavily interested in taking over Greyhounds licences in Ontario, since the
  15. Front line staff aren't that stupid to accept the proposed cuts. They're all sticking up their middle finger to Greyhound right now and there has been alot of push back. Haha, feeding frenzy for sure Understood Check these out: ATU Canada calling out Greyhounds bluff. https://watsonlabourlaw.com/greyhound-attempts-to-profit-from-covid-19-pandemic/ ATU Canada bashing the federal Transportation minister https://www.atucanada.ca/press-releases/transit-union-slams-marc-garneau-allowing-greyhound-canada-threaten
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