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  1. https://www.citynews.ca/2015/11/02/greyhound-passengers-stranded-overnight-as-buses-oversold/ This article is what exposed them back in 2015. The fleet manager at the time was fired over this although the company knew exactly why this happened. Shortly before this, the company slashed driver deadheads and they didn't hire new drivers until 2017, the last class was in summer of 2014. Put the puzzle together and this is the outcome.
  2. Working out east, the excuse was always "We aren't making enough money." When I started in 2011, we used to have yearly safety meetings and by 2015 they were already planning on cutting service west of Winnipeg. They said new buses would be a possibility once that happened, with the addition of securing government subsidies. I can't speak much on the maintenance department but, I know GLI forced them to only order parts when necessary and 1998 MCI parts were increasingly getting further out of reach with nothing being stored. We all had that same repetitive experience where we'd come in f
  3. Night and day. The 88's had a 12 speed ZFast transmission and Detroit Diesel 60 engine combination, it was an absolute nightmare. For some odd reason, it didn't mesh well together, they were always breaking down. They were supposed to be sent out west after installing the trailer hitches but, those garages didn't have the proper software nor the training to do the scheduled maintenance. The 86000's and 0600's with the 6 speed Allison transmission and Detroit series was still a terrible combination. The 86000's were very sluggish while accelerating while the 0600's was more tamed. 86
  4. Bye bye Toronto Coach Terminal https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.thestar.com/amp/news/gta/2021/06/09/torontos-bay-street-bus-terminal-reaches-the-end-of-the-line.html
  5. Having worked there for a number of years, let me give you guys a bit of insight. TOR to Niagara Falls was a much busier route during the warmer months, the earliest 6am bus all the way to 11:15 always doubled or tripled. Even with the new schedules they added in-between the thru-schedules to/from NYC. St. Catherines was almost always left out of the picture along with Grimsby in the early 2010's, but it seemed like ever since they implemented the Scarborough-YYZ-Buffalo route, St. Catherines started appearing on more TOR-NIA-BUFF schedules. This route was also notorious for bri
  6. With all the route chopping and selling off assets, I think GLI's days are numbered.
  7. Here's a source. SEVERANCE TERMINATION 03.2021 ATU 1415.docx
  8. They permanently layed-off all of their staff with packages. There's no way they're coming back to Canada.
  9. On July 1st, 2021, Greyhound Canada routes will be automatically relinquished. From what I hear, they don't seem too worried. They had a meeting with Ontario Northland and Coach Canada and agreed to not run over each others lines. Funny how they're still cocky, when they allowed GLI and First Group to intentionally killed their business.
  10. If it's already sold, why is First still aggressively selling off Greyhounds assets? If they've been appraised for just over $300 Million, I'm sure the selling of prime real-estate would alter current negotiations.
  11. Correct, speaking only on the Canadian operations. Not sure what's happening with GLI in the states, seems like first group is cashing out.
  12. The current workforce has been severely slashed. All managers and dispatchers have been packaged out, only 70 drivers are employed while the rest took their commutive value and severance. So, that along with ending the lease to Ottawa Station and selling the garage, makes it more attractive to the buyer. Furthermore, Greyhound is federally regulated. Regardless of what is written in their union handbook, If the currently laid-off employees reach the 1 Year mark without receiving a call back, they'll be permanently laid-off. So, when Greyhound opens up after one year, all of thos
  13. Apollo Investment Corp is what most are speculating. Though it hasn't been confirmed, they do claim that they're still in talks with an interested buyer. We'll never know for sure because It's illegal for First to disclose who's buying, they could be charged with inside trading since they're a public entity on the stock market.
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