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  1. cprail

    The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    I don’t think there’s going to be fare gates there, just a door they might unlock at night. I hope I’m wrong but I just don’t see where they would put them considering the whole entrance looks nothing like the rendering.
  2. It's a little late for that... financing is secured, contracts should be signed later this month or at the beginning of November. With full backing from the current government and little opposition, the REM is basically a done deal.
  3. cprail

    AMT Commuter Train Sightings

    www.journalmetro.com/...deraillement-de-train-a-la-gare-centrale Ouch... unless they can proof the rails are in cause (and not the locomotive), this won't help make their launch on the Deux Montagne line any faster.
  4. cprail

    Société de transport de Montréal

    I must say I actually prefer STMMobile. It took 3 years for the STM to come up with an iOS app, Ian Cloutier's app was there at the launch of the app store. STM's doesn't seem to use native controls very well (no elastic tableviews, absent transitions, etc.), it's ugly as sh** (seriously, colorwise), doesn't even have retina display (@2x) graphics (more than a year after Apple asked developers to update their apps for what now represents the majority of devices [iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4th gen]), has a very confusing interface, etc. Seriously, not impressed. When is the STM gonna finally launch a public API so developers can come up with quality apps!?!
  5. cprail

    Société de transport de Montréal

    Preferential treatment? You are forced to pay for it even if you decided to pay more to be at a walkable distance from the University... Social equity? maybe. Preferential treatment? No way.
  6. Sounds more like "we just dont have enough money to build two new bridges".
  7. The transition to the new operation center is a fiasco, see other threads/other forum. Since all stations will soon be equipped with Metrovision, those led based signs are of little interest and the STM is looking for what to do with them (potentially discarding them).
  8. cprail

    Visiting Toronto

    Thanks everyone, I ended up paying 6$ (double fare).
  9. cprail

    Visiting Toronto

    Now I have another question. Basically, I'm doing the same route (but the opposite way) monday morning. So I will board the 102D from Markham. Can I get a transfer for the 38/133 even boarding in the York region?
  10. I'm sick and tired of medias renaming STM to MTC and and AMT to MTA (!?). Really, would it hurt that much to just use the french acronym everyone knows and use...
  11. cprail

    Visiting Toronto

  12. cprail

    Visiting Toronto

    Hi, I'm trying to avoid creating a new thread since this is also a "I'm visiting Toronto soon, please help me out" subjet. So yeah, basically I'm going to Toronto this week, and I mostly need your help to guide me with fares. Here is my trip: I arrive Thursday on a Megabus from Montreal in Scarborough. From there, I need to go all the way to Markham Go Train station (Main St. and Gleason to be precise). Google tells me to take bus 95 East to Markham Road, then the 102D to Ramona Blvd (in Markham). Is this possible? If so, what will be the fare exactly? I still have tokens from my last time in Toronto, can I use them or even should I use them? Thanks!
  13. cprail


    It's a metro. Most of the time, the 72 km/h speed is just reached for a couple of seconds, between the very frequent accelerations and decelerations. Even with a 200 km/h speed limit, the trains would probably take roughly the same time to travel from a station to another. What else do you want!? What kind of magical innovation would you like to see? The new MPM-10 will add about 20% capacity to the network, will be way cheaper to maintain, will cost less electricity and be much cooler, isn't that enough?
  14. Sports is the refuge of nationalism and a classic way to popularize an ideology. A strong francophone sport team in Quebec City will be a nightmare for anyone who still have a brain...
  15. cprail

    Société de transport de Montréal

    It was just infrastructure work. The work will be finished next year after the summer probably. http://qimtl.qc.ca/fr/info-chantiers/250/r...-de-maisonneuve and http://qimtl.qc.ca/fr/info-chantiers/249/f...-septembre-2010