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  1. Adding to the confusion, I've just been told on Twitter that it's the 22nd:
  2. I don't have full details, but it seems like some debris caught underneath a train got dragged through several stations and damaged some of the track-level equipment at Lougheed and Sapperton. They repaired everything overnight.
  3. 701 (and 791) use a few short sections of bus lanes heading westbound: From Dewdney Trunk Rd across Lougheed Hwy onto 200th Street there is a bus lane that allow buses to stay in the rightmost lane of Dewdney without being forced to turn into Lougheed. Turning from Harris Rd onto Lougheed Hwy there's a lane that permits regular traffic to go straight through but allows buses to turn. This might permit HOV users to turn as well, many of them do in any case. Along Lougheed Hwy between Harris and the Pitt River Bridge the buses use the HOV lane. Just before the intersection at Kennedy/Old Dewdney Trunk there's a short section of bus lane to queue jump the intersection there.
  4. That picked up some construction junk that had blown into the guideway and was taken out of service because it was dragging debris and setting off the intrusion sensors at all the stations. The flashing red lights mean that the emergency brakes are down.
  5. Was it a problem train? Twitter was saying it was due to someone walking on the tracks between the two stations EDIT: Ahh, apparently it was both.
  6. There's a problem with one of the communication loops on the Expo Line outbound around Stadium and Main Street. These loops are how the trains communicate their positions to the central computer and receive instructions to proceed. If the loop is down, any trains entering that area will emergency stop for safety reasons. To get around this, they are having staff drive the trains in manual between Granville outbound and Nanaimo outbound.
  7. The flying junction as originally designed would not have made any difference to train operations at Lougheed. The only difference would be not having the switches at Burquitlam.
  8. They've been having issues getting the platform numbers right on the alerts because none of the staff ever use the platform numbers and they aren't properly labelled on any of the charts or maps. It said 2 & 3 earlier, now it says 1 & 2, when it's really 1 & 3: Platform 1 - Lougheed Outbound - Expo Line to Waterfront, Millennium Line to Lafarge Platform 2 - Lougheed Inbound - Expo Line to Production Way Platform 3 - Lougheed Side Track - Millennium Line to VCC-Clark
  9. It sounds great, but in practice it's not good for crowding: You have the side track full of people heading towards Commercial, the inbound platform essentially empty, and huge crowds on the outbound platform trying to go to both Columbia and Lafarge.
  10. That happens sometimes at Commercial too, if the train has been diverted to Clark inbound instead of going into the tail to turn around. I suspect it's just a quick re-verifying of the train route and destination. Probably happens at Lincoln inbound all the time, since pretty much every train crosses over from the outbound to Lafarge inbound.
  11. I've noticed they've started doing them on the Expo Line in Surrey again. Often the span of track they drive will include some switches, which is why Renfrew<->Rupert and Production<->Lougheed are popular.
  12. Train 424 timed out pulling in the King George inbound after turning around. They were able to drive it back into the tail track and get it picked up, but it did briefly result in shuffling some trains around between Surrey Central and King George to make room for driving it.
  13. I think tomorrow will be the real test when SFU starts winter classes
  14. From what I heard, he "bounced off a train" and was knocked unconscious.
  15. SkyTrain lost switch control for one of the Burquitlam switches, they're currently single-tracking between Lougheed and Burquitlam (and I guess single-tracking through the tunnel as well...)