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  1. I spoke to a mechanic in SW, apparently 310 isn't going to be retired according to him, they are apparently awaiting parts for the bus.
  2. As a lot of you here probably know the LFS came into service on the 224 yesterday for the first time.
  3. I'd like to point out they're using the bus as a part bus so I've heard. Also.. Its hasn't been out for over a month.
  4. I have the proof to it, 228 has barricades around it and is being used at a Part bus. Here is a photo of it. Not to mention you can notice a light layer of dust on it.
  5. Here's a view of an XD40 from Southwest sporting the 800 Pan Am sign. (I apologize in advance for the low quality as it was night and I didn't have my camera) http://www.awesysnet.ca/cptdb/uploads/IMAG0134.jpg
  6. Here's one of Toronto's new novas signed to a route it doesn't exactly belong on.. This was signed while the RT shuttle was out. http://www.awesysnet.ca/cptdb/uploads/DSC02760.JPG
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