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  1. The advantage of 363 is it can be used on PI service since their is no livery. He did not mention 380, but he mainly does the 99 and the 40, rarely does the 11.
  2. Speaking with a STSV driver, I got some information on how they operate and how many buses they use. The service has 3 buses assigned to the service. 363, 368 and 387. When a spare is needed, they use a whitewashed minibus that Transbus keeps as a spare (333, 343, 370), they have used 361/362 on the service as a last resort as well as 1233. 363 is only used on the morning portion of the 99 when they are more students. It is used between 7am and 1pm, then is switched off for 368 for the remaining trips. Reason why the Vicinity is not used on the evening portion is simply because not as many students use the service, most courses are in morning/early afternoon and few courses are offered in late afternoon/evening to justify a bigger bus. 387 is assigned to route 11, it cannot be used on the other STSV services as its destination sign is decaled on and not an electronic sign as the other units.
  3. It was always an internal thing the leading number. It was a way to identify the contractor on the GFI Farebox. The farebox prevents someone from using a ticket from the same bus #, so at the time because Paquette and Transcobec had the same fleet numbering scheme (owned by the same family) they had added a 2 to the Transcobec number and 3 to the Paquette number. Internally the 1 was Transdev and 4 was Autobus Deux-Montagnes. I don't think it was planned for the prefix to ever appear on the buses, but when they were sent for lettering the fleet list had them listed. Some of the units mentioned by @Seashore_518203 did have the prefix at 1 point or another when they got their exo colors, but I guess they eventually got removed. Going forward on the tracker, I believe we should still put the prefix to identify the buses, unless Transcobec and Paquette decide to go to a whole new numbering scheme with the new contract. Internally the REM shuttle is known as Division 5.
  4. Uploaded 120 Photos to Flickr! Part 3 of my Alberta Trip and last day in the Edmonton Area All Photos taken on August 24th, 2021.
  5. Spotted at Prevost today 38-021, 063, 077, 083 39-023, 053 41-059, 063, 064, 065, 066, 067, 068, 069, 070, 072, 074, 083 31-237 was no where to be seen, so either it's back at the STM or was sent elsewhere.
  6. Only 4 VINs left to add to the tracker for Terrebonne-Mascouche
  7. Yes 630 got into an accident before the VINs started appearing on the tracker. Technically speaking their brought in 639 (Ex-Brunet Mont-Tremblent, owned by the same owners), it was supposed to return to Nova Bus after they sold the contract to Galland, but they needed a new bus. They took one of the older LFS assigned to the 9 onto the local service and put 639 on the 9. Eventually we would have to clean up the wiki, I get a roster from a contact at exo every once and a while, and I compare the data from the tracker to see if anything is different. I mentioned it to my contact about the erroneous VINs but he does not have the power to change it, but he was going to send it up the chain.
  8. TM is the last exo property I have to work on confirming VINs
  9. No idea. From the pictures that were posted in the group convo, bus looked in tip top shape. Every bus that is retired by the STM goes to Galland. Galland then determines if they plan on keeping it or sending it off to scrap. They kept a bunch of 2005/2006 buses to replace the 2002s on the parking shuttle in Mont Tremblent. I posted a list earlier in this topic.
  10. That is the big problem we were having with the VINs from Keolis Terrebonne. There were so many errors, people making assumptions on the VINs. We ended up taking those VINs from the wiki and using it to identify the trackers on the website. That is why I asked @FelixINX to clear all the VINs from TM and slowly I have been putting in the correct information as I got confirmation on the sightings. The correct VIN for 29271 is 2NVYL82J8G3750331, I confirmed that sighting myself in person. Further more 3-629 is far from being MTA speced. The page was created by @Articulated, maybe he could shed some light onto where the info came from. As for the New Flyer Midi, it is in fact a Transcobec unit. It was involved in a serious accident as the pictures show and was written off. It happened during the pandemic, so they had buses to spare, reason why it was nver replaced. Matter of fact all the Midis will be retired by the end of the year and replaced with Vicinity buses for the new contract.
  11. 28-703 is now officially retired. Sent to Galland last week. The next will probabbly be 706, currently sitting armt LaSalle missing lots of parts and sitting with the dead buses.
  12. @GerbilI guess we can ad 27-XXX to this topic. 27-008 is the first 2007 to be retired. Already left the property and is at Galland being stripped of it's STM identity.
  13. So 82107 finally made it into service. That bus has a long and complicated history. Last I heard it was still in court. The dealership said the bus was delivered and signed for, but no one at either Dufresne garage had ever seen the bus. It was a fight back and forth, Dufresne saying they never signed for that bus, and the dealership saying they have a signature. I can confirm 81607 is indeed an X3-45 (Ex-Indian Trails), I had a friend working there last year and spent almost every weekend riding his bus and was at the garage very often. I can tell you for sure, neither Dufresne contract for exo has a 2016 MCI on their roster. The only 2016 MCI that Dufresne owns is a charter bus in Gold livery numbered 3161 if memory serves. If a bus is tracking with that VIN, then the wrong VIN was entered into the chrono system. 81607
  14. They finally fixed 901 after all these months. It had been sitting at MCI waiting for repairs
  15. I have yet to figure out their way of numbering buses. But history shows the 1st digit represents the year, so 2 would make it either a 2012 or 2022 bus
  16. The tracker from 6101 is now on different unit. They have not updated the ID of the unit. 6101 was retired in September. The unit is 63XX, I for get off the top of my head which unit, but until they change the VIN we can't put it up. I will update 29718 accordingly.
  17. 31-166 got the front end from 30-188
  18. Haven't been posting much in the last couple of months, but working behind the scenes trying to get the tracker up to date the exo side on the Montreal area. As of right now, we only need to confirm 10 more units, to make it even easier, they are all units from exo Terrebonne-Mascouche. My goal in the next couple of weeks is to spend some more time in areas served by exo TM. exo TM was rifled with errors from erroneous VINs associated to the wrong bus. At 1 point there were 4 buses tracking as 29278... Those erros have been fixed over the last couple of months, most of the VINs left to confirm are local buses (297xx series), as the VINs posted on the wiki pages were wrong.
  19. Uploaded 158 Photos to Flickr! Part 2 of my Alberta Trip All Photos taken on August 23rd, 2021
  20. Au terme d’un rigoureux processus d’appel d’offres, c’est l’entreprise Nova Bus, filiale du Groupe Volvo basée au Québec, qui a été sélectionnée afin de fournir les trois autobus 100 % électriques qui seront loués pour la réalisation d’un projet d’essai d’une durée de trois ans.
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