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  1. 26-026 86 26-069 86 26-082 187 26-083 189
  2. 26-046 was on the 86 when I left home around 23:30 to go do overtime
  3. 26-037 444 26-046 49 26-065 432 26-070 444 26-075 449 26-078 428 26-083 189
  4. It is a 1st Generation. It was a former Nova Bus Demo
  5. I could be wrong, I see so many buses throughout the day, I am 90% sure though
  6. Uploaded 182 Photos to Flickr! Photos taken between May 13th and 22nd 2021.
  7. Discussing the Concordia Shuttle with some friends and looking at the spacs of the bus, being an ex Airport Shuttle, it may be Ex Coach Canada 7022. We would have to confirm with the VIN.
  8. When I click the link to submit a VIN it brings me to a blank page. https://api.transittracker.ca/vin/
  9. I tried to access the site tonight to update my list of active buses and I get this error
  10. From what I could see on the buses, it looks like Keolis changed the numbers of certain buses. The last 2 digits of almost every LFS and a couple of Vicinity buses were in a different font and not alligned with the oriignial fleet number Example: When I try to vote for a submission, on mobile or on my computer, I get this error. Also a suggestion to have a button to return to the main API page after we submit a VIN or consult a VIN number. Once we search for the VIN and go onto it's page, there is no option to go back to the main page of the API. When we click on the Transit Tracker logo, it brings us to the main Transit Tracker Website.
  11. I am not sure if the voting system is working, but currently parked at Terminus Repentigny trying to jot down VINs as they come through. This VIN has multiple submissions, but the real bus # is 212-912, confirmed it twice.
  12. They want to push people towards transit as the Louis H Lafontaine Tunnel will be undergoing major reconstruction work with only 1 lane in each direction + 1 bus lane in each direction for the next 5 years, probably more knowing Quebec
  13. Uploaded 220 Photos to Flickr! Photos taken between May 1st and 10th 2021
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