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  1. Transcollines C7 has been sold to Transdev to operate on CITVR. The bus is currently sitting at the CITVR garage still in Transcollines Livery.
  2. To my knowlodge, this is it's third major accident.
  3. 22-236 got into another accident this morning on the 460.
  4. They only got 3, the others were replaced by LFS
  5. The buses at the STM can change garages daily sometimes 2 times a day. I used to be able to get a full list from a friend, but by the time I am able to update my excel sheet, the buses are in the different division.
  6. RTCR acquired another ORion V; 29113 bringing their total to 3. They have also acquired some former URBIS cutaways. URBIS now has MiDi's 29701 to 29706 and 29709 to 29724 (22) and LFS they recently added 29271 to 29278 (8).
  7. URBIS has officially retired their remaining Orion Vs, no clue if any more will end up in the Repentigny Fleet. URBIS also officially no longer has anymore Cutaways in their Fleet, they have been replaced Nova LFS and New Flyer MD30s according to official roster I received for the Street Side Guide.
  8. BYE BYE TO ROUTE 935, ELECTRIC BUSES ON THE 495.... 11.1 Planning, Finance and Control Modifying the routes taken by the 36 – Monk and 495 – Express Lachine-Lasalle bus lines (City Mobility Project – 100% electric buses) (DEV2017-04) 11.2 Planning, Finance and Control Adding service to the 80 – Avenue du Parc bus line and abolishing the 935 – Trainbus (DEV2017-05)
  9. RTCR has acquired another Orion V from URBIS bringing their total to 2. 29102 was added to the fleet this week. All RTS are officially retired.
  10. When did Nova start using the letter J in their VINs for the LFS According to the VIN decoder on the WIKI, J would be for the 6V92TA Engine, whcih I highly doubt they would put in a 2015 LFS.
  11. MRC L'Assomption has acquired a "new" bus.
  12. The problem would be getting back to garage. The quick chargers installed at both termini are not able to provide sufficient charge to the battery for it to complete 1 half trip, imagine putting it on a route like the 767 or 777 where the garage that serves it is a good length away. If the bus breaks, it can only be transported by flatbed as not to damage the electric traction engines. The same is currently being seen with the hybrids, the buses are constantly breaking or failing mid route. In order for them to being it back to garage, they must tow it backwards and have to take off something from under the bus as to not damage the electric portion of the hybrid system.
  13. I had already a plan to do a road trip through the maratimes in the fall, so I will have a car during the trip (providing I get the vacation time). My other plan was to fly to New Brunswick, rent a car there and do my maratime road trip wih the car then fly back to monreal. nothing is planned yet
  14. The bus was stored at FR Garage. Note it was also plugged in for 2 days straight inside the Palais de Congres.