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  1. 39-147 was on the 187 yesterday (Saturday). I spotted it a couple of times throughout the evening on the road.
  2. 22-400 is not a camera violation. It is equipped with the old camera system, so technically allowed. Though the rule says they are supposed to run buses that have Night Vision Cameras installed in the 2006 and up.
  3. June is probably not the best time, since bigger events out of the country usually happen (BHA for example).
  4. 9882 was on the 2 and 9887 on the 71 today.
  5. The driver probably had the lights set to remain on. There is a switch, to allow the lights to remain on if the bus is loading at a metro station. Drivers usually leave light on, and close the door in the winter so people can see.
  6. The 747 which was transferred over to St-Laurent will remain there for the time being, as an agreement was already signed by the union and the STM. The 919 and 968 will run out of Stinson in exchange as Stinson is the only garage with big enough doors to accommodate coach buses.
  7. Looks like 23.218 might be making a comeback with 228. Both were spotted out FR. 228 is confirmed coming back from a source there and 218 was being looked at by a mechanic and is now parked next to 228
  8. 23-228 was outside CT FR with the engine running.
  9. Nova Bus contracts a private company of mostly retired transit drivers to deliver the buses. Depending on availability, I have seen 5 buses delivered at once, and have seen convois heading to Toronto with upwards of 10 buses. Buses are driven for 95% of the deliveries unless customer asks for them to be shipped via train or boat (Porto Rico). -- I wonder why SL is getting the last of the 39s. They were supposed to go to Anjou, but I know a lack of space was a problem because of the expansion of the garage.
  10. 39.901 has arrived at LaSalle. Same specs as 40-001.
  11. I can confirm the electric buses have diesel heaters. They can be powered by clear or colored diesel, most likely be clear as that is what is available in the garages. The heaters are located near the rear doors on the passenger side.
  12. The only reason the chargers are under the seats is because New Flyer does not have a USB charger model for the poles as of yet. The remaining buses of the series will have them on the poles and the drivers area will be modified with a shorter personal space window as drivers were complaining that it blocked their view on the right side.
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