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  1. 24-306 has reemerged inside FR Garage. It was being worked on by a mechanic, who was reinstalling the missing flashers. He has no idea the STM plans with the bus, he was just told to fix it. COVID sheild is still in place.
  2. 30-078 and 31-227 also have the Tellement Montreal wrap. There seems to be multiple versions of the wrap featuring different colors and attractions. FR 39-017 was on the 14 FR 39-023 was on the 51
  3. For anyone interested, the bus does a loop between the various sleeping locations for the homeless in Montreal. Going as far as the the one at the Centre Pierre Charbonneau on Viau. The bus sounds like it's about to dir any minute, so it's time is nearing, get photos while you can.
  4. According to an internal memo I was privy to, this is the exact reason why for the change, so people can see from far the bus is actually Out of Service with the destination sign having an orange background. They should of made the En Transit a bit bolder in my opinion. The small thin letters being used makes it hard to see in sunlight. In other news, the STM has hoped onto the Playoff Fever with a Habs themed bus running out of Frontenac. Will be assigned to Downtown Routes. Today it was assigned to the 75, 168, 178 and will end up on the 24 for the remaining part of the evening. 39-037
  5. exo L'Assomption finally has a bus in exo colors. 29231 400 in the Green exo livery
  6. I keep seeing more and more buses with the inverted En Transit sign. Very hard to read in the sunlight, I hope this is not the plan going foward and that it is a programming error
  7. 25-210 ET 25-235 448 25-238 26 25-240 189
  8. Spotted at Nova Bus DRT Pulse: 7106/7112/7113/7114/7115/7116
  9. Had a delivery to make in St-Eustache, passed by Nova Bus to scope out what was sitting outside. STM: 41006/41-007/41-008/41-024 RTC: 2180/2182/2187 DRT Pulse: 7106/7112/7113/7114/7115/7116 STO: 2108/2110/2111/2112/2119 STTR: 2102 St-Catharines: 2112
  10. 41-031 spotted today on a road test passing the former Deux-Montagnes Station 41-006/007/008 and 024 spotted at Nova Bus
  11. Really, when did that happen. Shows that I don't keep track of much at the STM anymore since the retirment of the Classics.
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