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  1. It is going to be hell in that area, more so than it already is. The city will need to adjust the traffic lights by a lot in order for this to be effective. I have personally waited 3-4 traffic lights getting out of the parking lot at radisson because the light on Du Trianon is so short and not synced with the lights when turning right on Sherbrooke. What often causes a delay in that specific spot is the light right after we turn right onto Sherbrooke at the other exit for the commuter parking lot and Provigo/Place Versailles. That light is red because both exits from the parking lot have
  2. There is not much room to put a Terminal there though with the Hydro Quebec site. They did construct a terminal just south of the current station that is being used by Route 500 for the Mascouche Shuttles, there are 4 bays in that temporary terminal set up in a portion of the Place Versailles parking lot.
  3. When the STM decides to retire it. No one has the decision besides the STM..
  4. SN is invading Anjou 37-001 86 37-007 187 37-015 189 37-028 189
  5. Legally allowed to run until 22:59 with no camera.
  6. I was driving on Notre-Dame when I saw it, could of been later, I was doing deliveries for work.
  7. 25-205 broken down on Notre-Dame/43rd Avenue around 7pm. Yet to be picked up
  8. It will also happen if the driver was switching to a another route that leave from CV North instead of going to the main terminal, it would drop off by the north entrance in order to start it's next run. It could save the driver 3-4 minutes depending on the volume of buses which could allow them to stretch their legs, go to the washroom or have a bite to eat.
  9. Saturday: OC 4805 RTL 22101 STLaval 2113. 2107, 2103, 2109, 2107, 2104, 2117, 2118, 2112, 2119 MTA NYC 2020 HEV Demo
  10. I was recently provided with a list of official active buses for the STM. If that person chooses to come forward to post the complete list, it would be up to them, From the list, these are only active 2004 buses: 24-207, 24-231, 24-242, 24-255, 24-258, 24-282, 24-291, 24-294, 24-301, 24-303, 24-304 23-218 is also still listed as active, no 2002 buses on the roster anymore.
  11. They are rumours circulating that they are looking to convert them to be pulled by Diesel trains and make them easier to sell.
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