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  1. MTL66

    Société de transport de Montréal

    The split of the 449 was actually a smart move IMO. the new 449 is dedicated to getting the residents of RDP home faster and a faster solution to go to the metro at rush hours. the creation of the 428 that uniquely does the Industrial Sectors of RDP/Anjou with a direct connection to the RDP train station is a plus for the area that lacks transit options for the businesses along HEnri-Bourassa. The only thing left would be to have a service for the late shift/early start. The long walks leaving work (1 Hour + in my case to get to a bus to bring me to a metro and another 45 minutes to get home) When I worked days, I had the 40 to bring me straight to my door, I was back home withing 20 mins, but late night/early start shifts it was 3+ hours on transit. I relied heavily on UBER on those nights
  2. Been sitting at Anjou since December 2017, it was put into service today, but cam back on the tow truck twice...
  3. 22-412, 414, 417, 418 all spotted on Anjou routes today. 22-420 reactivated into service today
  4. MTL66

    Société de transport de Montréal

    Stupid modification... using Des Ormeaux between Sherbrooke and Hochelaga will double the 185 which already goes to Radisson. At least with the current route, anyone ouest of Des Ormeaux and along Beaugrand could grab 1 bus to get to Place Versailles... The 26 was also used by many residents in the Faubourg to get to only major grocery chain in the area, the IGA on Hochelaga/Beaugrand...
  5. MTL66

    Today's Sightings

    Considering that Nova Bus does not have an eletric articulated bus, unless they go with BYD, we will most likly see more New Flyer at the STM
  6. We've been down this road about this before... It is not retired until we get official conformation from a valid source. A Youtuber who heard it from a mechanic is not a valid source. The bus is still tracking on Transsee, so it is not officially retired until the GPS systems and Farebox is removed!!
  7. MTL66


    Has already started apparently, according to some contacts there is at least 1 full element retired in the Beaugrand Garage.
  8. MTL66

    Société de transport de Montréal

    New numbers for SPS service. 501 = Green, 502 = Orange ect...
  9. MTL66

    STM 39-XXX Delivery Watch / Sightings

    according to a contact, 39-050 will be a pilot bus with cameras instead of mirors.
  10. MTL66

    Today's Sightings

    Not an LFSe, its a Hybrid demo for ATUQ
  11. Did you ask permission to share those photos? @SMS
  12. 22-282 on an unknown route in downtown montreal
  13. it is not a surprise. I regualarly visit STM garages when riding with driver friends, and the garages are overflowing with broken buses. just at Anjou, they have 7 dedicated rows for broken buses, which hold 4 buses each, not to mention the ones outside, which is about 100. for a garage of the capcity of 300 buses, that is a lot of buses on the hoist. It has been worse since I stopped working in the garages. Back when I was doing planibuses, we would have on average 5 or 6 runs not go out because of the lack of buses. I;ve heard that in AM rush, there are about 30-40 drivers waiting just in Anjou garage to get a bus.