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  1. I am beginning to think it was a printing error, it happens from time to time. No plans to modify the 469 at the moment, nothing was announced to that regard.
  2. Yes they do take parts off buses waiting for repairs, I see it all the time at Anjou.
  3. Maybe a new route for the 460 to avoid some traffic along the metropolitain.
  4. except the post I saw, you see the bus on the tow truck...
  5. 22-309 ended by going back to the garage on the tow truck according to Facebook
  6. 22-215 was tracking on the 179 today according to Felix's App.
  7. 39-050 was testing on the 44 on July 10th. It was following another 44 and departed with that same bus going back north. Spotted it again yesterday, the destination sign was set to 189 and it was stopped at a service stop. No idea if it was in service or not, I was driving the opposite direction.
  8. Why did it only start appearing today on the map though. This "bus" wasn't there before this morning.
  9. What ever bus it is, it's been sitting in the same place since 8:00am, so probably a bug.
  10. 39-083, 087, 094, 095, 098, 101, 104, 105, 106 were all spotted at Anjou today. None have plates from what I could see.
  11. 22-409 is retired at Anjou. Its sitting on the south side of the garage with 2 flat tires, no drivers seat or steering wheel and no destination sign.
  12. The framing for the doors is identical, but I was told by Nova Bus when I was at the plant for an event that buses 38-090 and above reverted back to vapour doors. I don't ride the bus often enough anymore since getting a car, so I cannot be sure. I know there was a fix issued for the Massat doors, a correction to internal motor that controls the rear doors, as the problems were from there according to a mechanic friend at Anjou.
  13. 22-275 and 423 were on the 187 on 2019-06-26
  14. Some changes up in Mont Tremblant... again. While doing roster check ups for the Street Side Guide, I got a response from Autobus Brunet. Autibus Brunet has informed me that they have sold the contract for the service in Mont Tremblant to... Autobus Galland... Still waiting to hear back as if the buses Brunet purchased were included in the sale, as Galland had transferred the buses previously used on the shuttle to the parking shuttle service. No idea on more details, no press release that I could find and no idea when Galland officially takes over the contract.
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