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  1. 23-218 was either on a 48 or 49 dropping of passengers on Rodolph Forget, but was displaying En Transit.
  2. 40-011 191 40-020 496 40-022 495 40-065 405 40-074 425 40-081 191 40-095 495 40-106 405 40-111 SPEC
  3. As of 2 weeks ago, they have not been exoed. The drivers hated they Midis, they did not like the way they drove and handled compared to the ElDorados. I have heard first hand stories from some CIT drivers in regards to those. I wonder how they like the Vicinities.
  4. Okay, so they are using the old garage where they first installed the iBus system. Init sign is on the building in google, they are the ones that make the iBus programing.
  5. It could very possibly be. In the main photo, you can see the reflection of a Transbus Dodge Caravan. The 2 units in Sorel have not seen service in a while either. EDIT There are 4 2014 Midis and 4 2016 Midis for Sale on eBay, both ads we can see reflections of the Transbus Caravan. These are most likely the units from Transbus Vaudreuil and Sorel.
  6. They were parked in their regular spots at the garage when I drove by 2 weeks ago. Drivers were not a fan of them, might be allocated spares now.
  7. That has no bearing on weather the bus is active or not. CT St-Laurent parks buses on the Guenette side that are in need of repairs too. -- 24-277 189 after 21:30 As per a source, 22-286 is dead at CT SL with fleet numbers removed. Last active 2020-09-21
  8. Uploaded 139 Photos to Flickr! Featuring Sudbury, North Bay and Sault Ste-Marie Photos taken in August 2019.
  9. Looking through the data on transit tracker. I noticed a couple of buses that are either not tracking and have not been seen in 2020 to this day. 1603/1604 (Were these the LFS converted from Hybrid to Electric as a test?) 1805 1108 is also not tracking, but was in service today on the 222.
  10. It remains to be seen how they will invest in equipment. these are 1 year contracts. As of 2022, all buses will be owned by exo, and they will contract out the driving duties externally. Buses will be parked in 1 garage next to the REM train garage. So in the case of these contracts, exo might of accepted they use older equipment that has a smaller purchase price. There are no details in offer sheet.
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