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  1. 22-215 is running out of Anjou. Confirmed via photos by a driver there. Rode 23-218 on the 189. After 4 years of pretty much driving everywhere, I forgot how hot it can get in a bus with these temperatures. With a mask on, even worse.
  2. Spotted 22-404 around 11:00am on the 40 service road near SADB on my way to Cornwall. Based on @West Island Transit Fan's sighting, it was on the 419.
  3. Exactly. The letter was added because the STM started purchasing cutaways that run on Gas instead of Diesel so that the person who fuels the bus knows that the bus must be fueled with gas and not diesel.
  4. A couple of corrections. The run number is determined via the dominant line (15-01, with 15 being the dominate line). A route can have 2 buses operating on a same Run number (01 for example), but is differentiated by the dominate line. So 15-01 could do a trip on the 24 at the same time as 24-01. The system will differentiate it through the dominate line. The STM tries not to have this happen, but could happen, though rarely. Most assignments that interline between routes are given higher run numbers, where are runs 01, 02, 03, 04 and 05 generally stay on their dominate route for the whole day. Run numbers are automatically set by the ibus system now, so run numbers should all be correct unless the ibus system is offline, which seems to be the case for some buses as per sightings of buses not tracking. Buses with manual run boxes are set by the driver when leaving the garage. In the case of a 3 digit run number (Example 420-108), the last 2 digits are displayed on the box.
  5. I can confirm at the request of CN that exo had to remove the ALP-45DPs in order to use Taschreau as a by-pass. The locomotives were too heavy for the tracks. The tracks on the Deux-Montagnes line and the Mont-St-Hilaire line are ok the handle the extra weight.
  6. those buses have been there for weeks, will probably enter service when the covid situation ends
  7. The final consist to operate the whole legth of the Deux Montagnes line is as follows. The same train did the last departure from Deux Montagnes (#954) and the last departure from Gare Centrale (#955). DM 446/439/428/421/487/408/433/440/427/434 GC Only MR-90s will operate the shuttle trains, the ALP45DP and Double Decker Consist was brought to Pointe St Charles yesterday according to the staff on board.
  8. I highly doubt they will convert them to non-powered cars. They have an order of Chinese Double Deckers on the way and have some spare ones already in Pointe-St-Charles just to the right of Ben's photo.
  9. The STM is lucky the union did not see that. I was doing the planibuses one night at Legendre and it was a new guy assigning buses and he was putting artics on route like the 52 and the 140 as well as the 460. The union got involved as the drivers made complaints as these routes are not official artic routes. An artic ran on the 140 for 7.5 hours on another occasion, new driver, who happens to be relieved by a Union rep, again it was not a pretty site. Lucky the 460 no longer has the old portion of the route that ran under the met. There is still a small portion, but the 100 also passes there so the artics fit, but the old portion was very narrow and buses were always hitting the curb when making turns.
  10. I checked with a friend at LaSalle and to his knowledge, there are no detours in effect and buses should be using the bus bays on Greene. He is not assigned to anything at Lionel Groulx, but said he would look into it for me and get back to me. It could simply be a visual bus as the official stop name in St-Jacques/Greene. Do the buses actually load up along St-Jacques and not in the bays?
  11. From what I understand, the only change was the exterior look. Everything should be the same otherwise. We can only confirm once they arrive
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