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  1. 22-292 & 22-403 ET h-bourassa metro 22-413 ET m-duplessis/rdp 23-215 444
  2. Would you happen to have the make and models of the buses listed above so I can add them to my Transdev roster tracker. Thanks
  3. I for one was always against this project. The project in flawed, was rushed to serve as an election platform and is going to be plagued with problems. Just look at the political train in Ottawa. They are opening the system despite not being able to operate it a full day without a major problem. The DM line was not perfect, but could of been improved with higher capcity trains instead of this stupid project, which cuts the Mascouche Line in half and takes away the no transfer option to get downtown for people like me living in the east end. Once again, a transit projects that put the residents of the eastern part of Montreal at a disadvantage. Hopefully now with Chantal Rouleau as a rep of the Transport Quebec will bring something to the east end. She is the former bourough mayor and resident of Pointe-Aux-Trembles.
  4. The statement they made about the buses was for the users. Anyone here knows what is really going on. 39-148 was ready for delivery at Nova Bus when I passed by on Sunday. Problem is, there is no room left in the garages until St-Denis reopens. Where the remainder of the 39 series is parked is a good question, because I doubt Nova would store the buses in St-Eustache for months.
  5. Nice find, I knew about most of the projects listed in there. The new garage in Longue Pointe in intriguing. Last I heard they had it narrowed down to 3 possible places. The old GE plant on Dickson/Notre-Dame, the old Johnson & Johnson on Notre-Dame near Aut 25 and an unknown plot of land on Dickson, which seems to be the chosen area. The plot of land used to be part of an industrial building, a portion of the land was purchased by Bell Canada to build an office. On a satellite view, you can see a spur leading into the plot of land, so an industry that was served by rail at one point. The site is not the most ideal place. A reconfiguration of the area would need to be don, as I doubt the STM would use the little portion of Ontario to have a mass amount of buses entering and exiting. As for the other project, those are already underway. The employee parking lots at Anjou, Legendre (Portion) and St-Laurent have been closed in preparation for the construction. A new entrance/Exit for buses will be made at St-Laurent. In all cases, a parking garage will be erected for the employees after the extension of the garage. At Anjou, it will be a 3 story garage. As for the employees, at Anjou in any case, the drivers are directed to a rented lot to park and are expected to take Public Transit to the garage, no shuttle available the last I heard. It is rumoured that most of the assignments out of Anjou, Legendre and St-Laurent will be all day assignments will most buses not returning to their garages and drivers reliving mid/end route.
  6. My guess is the trackers remain active even though they are no longer installed in a bus. Case example, 6405 is still tracking inside the STL Garage as well. https://www.transsee.ca/fleetfind?a=stl&q=6405&Go=Go
  7. Added 141 Photos to Flickr! https://www.flickr.com/photos/mtl66/sets/72157710636932382?fbclid=IwAR2zUN_2J6c7EGjM3TfkvBAh3-smgF4nPk5fKtpaUwhfJYqllcTaPX33VyQ
  8. I am surprised. Last I heard, the tests were not going well. Visibility was not that great in rain or dark conditions. I wonder if it was an error, haven't heard about training being done on the bus at Anjou. Only way I see in service would be if a Union Rep was driving as they are the only ones trained at this point.
  9. Here is an idea, how about you purchase the Street Side Guide, that many users here help build. It contains almost all active fleet rosters throughout Canada. It is published every 2 years. https://transitheritage.ca/street-side-guide/
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