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  1. List of active 2006/2007 Buses as of 2022-09-06 26025 FRO 26026 ANJ 26028 FRO 26029 FRO 26031 FRO 26033 FRO 26035 FRO 26040 ANJ 26041 ANJ 26043 FRO 26045 ANJ 26046 ANJ 26048 FRO 26052 ANJ 26053 ANJ 26057 FRO 26058 FRO 26061 ANJ 26066 ANJ 26067 ANJ 26068 ANJ 26072 FRO 26073 FRO 26074 ANJ 26075 ANJ 26077 ANJ 26078 ANJ 26080 ANJ 26081 ANJ 26082 ANJ 26083 ANJ 26086 ANJ 27001 ANJ 27002 ANJ 27003 ANJ 27004 ANJ 27005 ANJ 27006 ANJ 27007 ANJ 27009 ANJ 27010 ANJ 27011 ANJ 27012 ANJ 27013 ANJ 27014 ANJ 27016 ANJ 27017 ANJ 27018 ANJ 27019 ANJ 27020 ANJ 27021 ANJ 27022 ANJ 27023 ANJ 27024 ANJ 27025 ANJ 27026 ANJ 27027 ANJ 27028 ANJ 27029 ANJ 27030 ANJ
  2. 27-509, 28-701, 28708 RETIRED according to latest STM Roster
  3. Route 35 is now run by Autobus Campeau. I believe it is run through the MRC Montcalm now, as it matches their numbering scheme and the local service in St-Lin is run by them. Chartrand 125 and 8065 have different livery positions and 125 has an ad for recuruting drivers on the windows in the back
  4. Keolis no longer operates the route from St-Lin to St-Jerome so 29374 is gone. The 295XX coaches are all sitting in Repentigny. They have not moved in over 1 year from what I can tell when I take the exit to go to the office. Chartrand has been picking up some departures of the 50 because Keolis is having a staffing issue ATM. This is the roster I submitted for the 2022 Street Side Guide. I was unable to get a full confirmation, as Keolis and Groupe Gaudreault refused to provide me with rosters.
  5. Uploaded 142 Photos to Flickr! Taken between October 1st and December 31st, 2021 Last photos of 2021
  6. What makes you think the driver will lose his job, the union is there to protect him/her. Accidents happen to everyone, you do not know the story of why the driver fell asleep. Could of been a result of a medical issue, maybe the driver is not used to working nights and was forced onto a night shift because that was all that was left to book. There have been far worse accidents that have happened that did not get media attention and those drivers are still employed, so don't assume before the investigation is over.
  7. The bus does not belong to exo, but to Transdev and if the repair to the bus is greater than the value of the bus, why do the repair. Especially that Transdev is losing that contract in Laurentides in 4 months time.
  8. Get the media involved and watch how fast things change.
  9. This is one of the reason I opt for my car now. I can get to my destination 4-5x times faster than relying on transit.
  10. Uploaded 117 Photos to Flickr! Photos from the September 2021 YUL Bus Charters Weekend
  11. Keolis has a staff shortage, reason why they subcontracted it out
  12. Upcoming changes to exo L'Assomption services. Routes 100 L'Assomption and 200 Express Repentigny will be operated using coach buses as on Monday August 22, 2022. The operator will be La Quebecoise. I believe this is the first time we see a change in operators in on on-going contract. Service is also cut to be operated Rush Hour only now, departures outside of Rush and in the evening (Route 200) are no longer appearing in Chrono.
  13. 29255 was the last 200 to be operated by Keolis 29268 was the last 100 to be operated by Keolis
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