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  1. Uploaded 182 Photos to Flickr! Photos taken between April2nd and 19th 2021.
  2. RTL BYDS 32091 and 32093 were on the 294 today
  3. Do you happen to have the VIN for 383 so I can update my exo roster please.
  4. This was an awesome charter and worth the trip from Montreal. The event went off without a hitch and everything was planned out perfectly. This was my first trip out to Alberta and it did not disappoint. Thanks to everyone involved in organizing this event!
  5. How often do the U2s run ATM and was line is the best to find them and where? I was all around Calgary today and could not spot 1. Any pointers are welcome.
  6. Stinson Garage. I am surprised they were able to find English Speaking Drivers
  7. I did do some research, I created a topic here on the forums and practically no one responded. We were not able to find a single Proterra today. Every time we spotted 1 on the tracker, it would disappear before we could make it to the terminal. No worries, I am pretty sure they will still be in service when I do my planned Western Canada trip with friends on VIA Rail in 2 years.
  8. The Beaumont buses are now parked inside the PWT Garage near Millgate Terminal. 6950 and 6951 were in service and 6952 was parked inside the garage.
  9. It would be a great help if someone could say the best terminal in the North and NorthEast of the city. Where is my best chance to find them the easiest. Is t55, Transit55, the same app used in Calgary and Vancouver?
  10. Thanks, My last day in Edmonton tomorrow, so I want to maximize the most photos I can. We did everything on the outskirts of Edmonton today so we can spend the full day in Edmonton tomorrow
  11. Are there still any white Proterras running around? Only saw some in ETS Standard Livery today. Also what is the best route to find them on. We gappened on them by pure luck today
  12. I sent you an email with the current roster. exo Roussillon/Autobus Dufresne will have a 3rd LFS is service soon. Purchased used from auction, the VIN indicates it is Ex-Minnesota Valley Transit Authority 4253. A 2012 Nova Bus LFX that was retired in 2019 after Metro Transit assumed control over the METRO Red Line BRT service
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