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  1. Im pretty sure it's a PA day for all students except High School students
  2. Operator of TTC 8159 yesterday was chatting to me about how he thought he was wanted by the police because he saw all these people with cameras taking pictures of his bus.
  3. Could an admin add a space between the 51 and Leslie in my name? Thanks in advance!!
  4. I guessing it's still the ISL9 as the wiki has it listed as that.
  5. For the time being. The Novas will be painted into the new livery when they are going through the refurb process or if they get into a collision that requires a repaint. Edit: All the future buses (8620-8716 etc.) will also be in the new livery when they enter service
  6. I saw 8159 like 3 times today. Here are two of my shots.
  7. All 3 people I saw are Asian males on January 10. 1st person got off 8159 at Steeles, when he got off he said "Thank you sir" to the operator, than took pictures of 8159 today. Has an Eos Dslr canon camera. was also wearing a bag with a ttc ride guide in the back. 2nd person was taking pictures of 8159 at Freshmeadow Dr and Don Mills, I think it was a Dslr, and he took right-side shots and left-side shots. 3rd person was taking pictures of 8159 with what i think was a phone at Eglinton Stn, at about 5 40 pm to 5 55 pm.
  8. My home route! I'll post it here if I see it.
  9. TTC 7513 broken down on Finch Ave E east of Cherokee Blvd. (1 intersection west of Vic Park)
  10. Rode 7705 on the 68B today. Not sure how long it's been back though.
  11. Barrie Transit 1203 - Diamond and Diamond Personal Injury Lawyers York Region Transit 1107 - Healthy Planet
  12. TJ Transportation 14 (Ex. First Student Canada 945179)
  13. TTC 181 Leslie Express to Steeles Ave from Eglinton Station
  14. Awesome meeting you today!

    1. H4 5600

      H4 5600

      Yea you too man! I actually just got home now lol

  15. A male wearing a TTC tuque at Finch and Leslie waiting for the 199 westbound at about 3:50 pm today, saw me taking photos of broken-down 1717. When I asked him if he worked for the TTC, you replied with "no, I'm an enthusiast" Wanted to ask more questions, but he boarded the next 199 bus which was 1736 on the 199B.