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  1. NICE!!! I been looking all over for some KCATA buses! Do you have any KC MAX buses? Or any KCATA Gillig Phantoms?
  2. I wonder if you could drive to other parts of manhattan like washington heights, or the bronx, or maybe even yonkers! Bee-Line buses anyone?!
  3. I didnt care too much for the car handling myself either, but I got used to it. I hit some cops with the bus and that eas hilarious! I will post pics when I find them.
  4. Lol Seems like that fugly thing has a new nickname already!
  5. I can't wait to get my hands on that! The streets and graphics remind me of True Crime New York City. Speaking of True Crime NYC, I hope this bus game has Orion Vs in it as well as the New Flyer D60HF.
  6. I doubt that the Xcelsior is a DE40LFR when the DE40LFR is already in production, but I dont have time to argue. I will see what New Flyer says. If they say it's an Xcelsior, then it's an Xcelsior. If they say it's a DE40LFR, then it's a DE40LFR.
  7. Oh god, those things are spreading like some sort of virus. I hope never too see such uglyness like that so-called "bus" here in New York.
  8. There is a small scale LFX, but not a large scale to my knowledge. I wouldnt mind a large scale LFX.
  9. It is imposible to use a phone and drive at the same time. I avoid it at all costs. Not too ago, I was checking my calls for a split second and next thing you know, I was in a bush. Good thing I was on a bicycle and not a car, nobody was hurt. I learned my lesson.
  10. Thats One Sexy Bus!! Nice job indeed!
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