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  1. I have the same maps. I also have a "gauche/droite" pad (1997) with all official route names and directions. The programming back in the day had an "X" version of each route. The code was the route number + 1000. Ex 1010 was 10X DELORIMIER. Also 005 was HORS-SERVICE. Let me know if you need more info!
  2. I don't think the RTL ever activated their ramps at the rear doors (on 1st and 2nd gen vehicles). With that many years without being used, the ramps must be completely rusted and unusable. A 3rd gen is therefore required. Also by requiring a bus with a front ramp, there is only one boarding procedure. At the STM, very often the rear ramps don't work when needed which is why they specify trips with front ramps in the planibus.
  3. Please move to the back!.... Or you may be charged again..and again!
  4. Last night several 21-000s outside of Stinson awaiting to be shunted to another garage. I wouldn't be surprised to see them at St-Laurent or another division where they do a lot of mileage to get the most out of them.
  5. 37-022 was in the garage this afternoon
  6. Wow! Half of me says yea... Half of our 40 ft buses will have a/c! The other half says oh no.. the 21-000s will be gone!
  7. Driver training for hybrids starts next week at Stinson. Rumour has it that we will be getting a bunch.
  8. Lasalle theoretically has 36 buses with luggage racks (16 with 3 racks, 20 with 1 rack). Unfortunately they don't give priority to booking real 747 buses (with 3 racks) on the 747. Still waiting for news of the hybrids at Stinson. Driver training has not even been scheduled yet!
  9. With the recent Azur deliveries, they should have enough rolling stock to go back to 9 car trains. One possible reason is that they don't like to couple and uncouple the MR-63s.
  10. The coach era at the STM is officially over. Last ones ran in revenue service on Wednesday. Only 2 are left in the yard with all 747 markings removed.
  11. Here are the last 2 VINs for those interested 74-708 - 2008 with Allison transmission 2M93JMHAX8W064741 74-712 - 2003 with Allison transmission 2M93JMPA83W062321
  12. I've noticed some of the latest 36-000s have regular sliding windows. Don't know why they are going back. Stinson should be getting new buses next year (I heard the same rumour) however driver training hasn't started.
  13. UPDATE: looks like 9 coaches will leave us this week-end, supposedly the most problematic ones. A mechanic was removing the farebox in 74-707 today. New hybrids have been (and will be) delivered to MR, MR has transferred some buses to Lasalle (25-000s if my observations are correct), and Lasalle has transferred 30-000s with one luggage rack to Stinson (we have at least 10 of them now).
  14. Here are some more VINs for those interested: 74-705 2005 with Allison Transmission 2M93JMPA35W062794 74-707 2003 with Allison Transmission 1M83JMPA23P062111 74-710 2008 with Allison Transmission 2M93JMFAX8W064547 74-711 2009 with Allison Transmission 2MG3JMFA79W065133 74-714 2001 with Allison Transmission 1M83JMPA81P061610 74-715 2004 with Allison Transmission 2M93JMPA04W062606 74-718 2003 with Allison Transmission 2M93JMPA63W062317 Missing: 74-708 and 74-716 (drove at beginning, didn't note VINs) 74-703 and 74-712 (never drove these buses, at least not yet!)
  15. STM will begin returning coaches starting next week. 6 will be going back on Monday. The blue one (74-701) will be one of the first to go due to its unpopularity and unreliability. 74-707 is also on the list to go, it's also very often out of service.