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  1. Now that’s a crappy trade! (for GASH at least)
  2. novalfs26001


    Train 53 was delivered unfinished on purpose for testing. Crates with bags of gravel line both sides ofthe train inside to simulate passenger loads. The train is also wired so that the tech wizards can monitor and modify parameters with the train control. I had the opportunity to drive this train in testing a month ago. There is personnel from the STM, Alstom, Bombardier and Ansaldo on-board. At the time they were testing for the train tomake smoother stops at Plamondon and Cote saint Catherine and more precise stops at other stations. On another note, train 54 is assembled and is at You
  3. That bus is part of a series with hidden cameras. The access panel is to acces the hard drive.
  4. Selkirk transit has a new unknown bus

  5. Drivers and COs as well as people who drive in that area have wanted that stop removed for years. Apparently pressure from the Maxi across the street has convinced the STM to keep it. In my opinion it should be moved on St-Jean to the traffic light facing the Maxi (across the street from the inbound stop)
  6. June 18 is when the summer schedules start so less trains are needed. This week will be the last week of regular MR-63 service.
  7. I got to drive 81-501 this evening. It had a defect and had to be driven manually. There were at least 3 MR-63 trains out this evening.
  8. novalfs26001


    Montreal’s signalling system has been upgraded over the years. It is actually quite modern when you compare it to other subway systems. Although it still uses fixed block, signals (speed, spacing, door opening, stops etc...) are already transmitted directly from the tracks to the train. The software that operates the system is also very recent. I don’t see the advantage our Metro would gain with CBTC, especially given the high conversion costs.
  9. The MR-63s are almost always out. Most trains that are parked midday are at Angrignon, so PM rush pullout is almost all there.
  10. I agree. Passengers are going to get royally ripped off by this non-competition clause. People who used express lines like the 470 and 485 which allowed west-island residents to travel to the city or downtown on a “STM” fare will now have to transfer to the REM and pay their fare which will be at least a zone 2 or 3 fare, depending on where you’re starting. Those travelling between the south shore and downtown on an “RTL” fare, and who have a 1 seat ride at rush hour face the same problem.
  11. They are really trying to squeeze every last drop out of those trains.
  12. Not sure. I would guess Sherbrooke based on the fleet number
  13. I had heard they were working on a prototype for a new driver window that would eliminate the pillar between the 2 driver windows, thus eliminating a nasty blind spot.
  14. 33-000s and newer are limited to 90 older vehicles are limited to 100-105
  15. I assume the 4 left are the 206XX units. I guess with the 90 converted to 40 foot vehicles, the RTL has an excess of artics. The surely won't keep them around longer than they have to being the only non-Nova rolling stock.
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