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  1. More bus arrival alert: *8143 is now in service (on route 154 at the time of post)
  2. Fleet news *8141 in service (on route 41 when posted) *8142 in service (on route 19 when posted, so the 2008 D60LF's are pretty much going into the sunset soon) No word as to when 5279 or 5662 debuts (If I had to guess, 5279 would run from the First Transit-West facility whereas 5662 would run from the Transdev-North facility)
  3. 8131 is on roads now, it is on route 41 when posted.
  4. 8139 and 8140 are now in service.
  5. Three more XD60's have arrived (8136-8138) have arrived. Maybe the 2008 D60LF's may be setting sail soon.
  6. Transsee has listed more buses. 8134 is the newest posted. Most likely are XD60's.
  7. Does anybody know how many 2007 D40LF's are still around and which numbers those are?
  8. The buses that sold Saturday were: 6508, 6535, 6545, 6569 and 6587.
  9. Does anybody have the auction results? They have been removed when I was about to post.
  10. When I saw 5278 on 44N, realizing that bus is Transdev, this made wonder when 5279 and later would start services. If I had to guess, 5279 could either be Transdev or First Transit-West, but I'm sure 5280 would be First Transit-West.
  11. Per Proxibid, I have discovered that there are two auctions listed as "Phoenix Passenger Vehicles", the first being on Dec 12 at 8am and the latter being Dec 18 at 1pm. This made me wonder when the next wave of transit buses to be sold would be.
  12. Today's auction: *6507- $2,500 *6538, 6546- $3,000 *6552- $3,250 *6559- $2,750 *6599- $1,750 *6635- $3,000 *6639- $2,750
  13. I feel this is bizzare that a bus auction will be held this Saturday after almost two weeks, per Proxibid.
  14. I have see First Transit-Phoenix West buses with that sign format.
  15. Saw 5657 on 44N today. Interesting as I saw 6537 on 44 yesterday.
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