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  1. Looks like the Scottsdale Trolley got the new annunciator program, as found on 4516.
  2. By observation of 2018 XD60's *8102-8116 are First Transit-West *8117 and later are Transdev-South
  3. Looks like the 2011 C40LFR's are installing the new annunciator system. The past few times I was on a 2011 or 2012 C40LFR, those buses had Xerox for the annunciator. Found on 6677.
  4. Here are my predictions on which buses I believe will show up at next week's auction: *6502 *6517 *8048 *Unknown 2008 C40LFR buses *Unknown 03 & 04 NABI 45C-LFW buses I will be checking the auction site next week in case any of these buses do show up.
  5. 5624 found on 29E today.
  6. I'm posting this here, but for all you Harkins Theatres customers, how do you feel about Arrowhead Fountains 18 and Chandler Fashion 20 getting a bar, reserved/reclining seating and a Cine 1 (Chandler Fashion 20 only)?

  7. Oddly, 6510 (while on 41W) is saying the previous Scottsdale circulators, like Downtown Trolley (SCDT on the sign) for some peculiar reason I don't know of. It may be the fault of the route description if I had to guess, but it does have the new annunciator setup.
  8. From the Saturday Auction: *7115- $100 *8510- $1,300 *6418, 6427- $700 *6422- $500 *6423- $1,500
  9. 5623 was found on the 29W today.
  10. 5274 is the highest 5200's bus I have seen.
  11. Yeesh! When I saw 5616 on the 41W (out of service), you may think it'd be diesel - but it had an alternative fuel plate.
  12. 5618 was observed on the 41W this morning, and it has a new paint scheme. Still a Gillig.
  13. While looking at this Saturday's commercial vehicle auction catalog, oddly there are NO Valley Metro or City of Phoenix buses on the catalog.
  14. 6822 was observed on 81N on my way to work. Oddly, it has the 4ONE Aries seating, pull cord stop requests and the new annunciator setup.
  15. Has anybody seen bus 5612 or later? My mind blew when I thought I saw 5613 on the 41E...
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