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  1. I have, and rode on 5007 on 41E from 44th St to Hayden on Saturday.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. I'd thought Valley Metro buses go for ten years before retirement.
  3. Not entirely sure. Phoenix was supposed to recieve 40 new buses, none have been delivered (to replace First Transit-West's 2013 C40LFR's). The others are likely experiencing part shipment delays.
  4. I have no idea as to when. Also, bus 6491 went back on routes this morning. My bet is that the remaining TotalRide MCI buses will show first as they are halfway to completion.
  5. Not neccesarily the case, as TotalRide has not yet collected its remaining MCI D45 CRT LE buses, some of current 2007 D40LFR's may return for routes after maintenence checkups. But yes, 6497 is expected to be sold next month.
  6. So Valley Metro isn't selling any buses Thursday, I have just checked the catalog, at least not yet. However, we could next month see buses 6497, 8516 and 8518 have their departures at auction.
  7. Buses 4515 and 4516 resumed routes.
  8. 7028 and 7029 are East Valley express route buses. There's still no word as when 7018 (for TotalRide express routes) or 7020-7027 (likely mixed between TotalRide and the East Valley express routes) would debut yet.
  9. Wonder what'll happen to the Tempe facility once the change takes effect...
  10. I actually saw 5039 on 41W today... so I wouldn't know.
  11. I wouldn't be all surprised if 5046 is retired due to the wreck.
  12. Turned out that these 3 buses have new plates: 5025 (formerly G-400GV) = ASA 5ZJ 5181 (formerly GA-11300) = A9A 5XJ 8112 (formerly G 422HZ) = AHA 3ZJ
  13. With all three checks to be used for TotalRide's express routes? Sure that TotalRide is awaiting 7018.
  14. Since 7017 has debuted, will this bus replace 6497? My bet is 6497 as it wasn't used since the 18th of this month. There probably isn't a word as when TotalRide will collect 7018 yet.
  15. Since last October, Scottsdale Unified School District had been auctioning their 2006 and 2007 Thomas HDX school buses. Whom bought some of these former 900's buses after their sales? October 2021 BB-905-05 (1T7YT4A2261272234, plated G591DH) BB-910-05 (1T7YT4A2161272239, plated G592DH) BB-927-05 (1T7YT4A2271278424, plated G193DK) BB-928-05 (1T7YT4A2471278425, plated G802EJ) BB-942-05 (1T7YT4A2471278439, plated G161DK) BB-943-05 (1T7YT4A2071278440, plated G190DK) BB-954-05 (1T7YT4A2571278451, plated G806EJ) BB-955-05 (1T7YT4A2771278452, plated G807EJ) BB-956-05 (1T7YT4A2971278453, plated G155DK) BB-957-05 (1T7YT4A2071278454, plated G156DK) May 2022 with BB-939-05 (1T7YT4A2971278436, plated G189DK) August 2022 BB-902-05 (1T7YT4C2961269926, plated G557DH) BB-904-05 (1T7YT4A2461272235, plated G156DV) BB-907-05 (1T7YT4A2661272236, plated G590DH) BB-932-05 (1T7YT4A2171278429, plated G798DH) BB-934-05 (1T7YT4A2X71278431, plated G192DK) BB-936-05 (1T7YT4A2371278433, plated G196DK) BB-941-05 (1T7YT4A2271278438, plated G198DK) BB-944-05 (1T7YT4A2271278441, plated G191DK) BB-947-05 (1T7YT4A2871278444, plated G803EJ) BB-951-05 (1T7YT4A2571278448, plated G804EJ) BB-962-05 (1T7YT4A2971278422, plated G796DH) The term "plated" means the bus' license plate number with SUSD48.
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