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  1. Two of the Graham Transit Mall stations (or "stations") need new names. MTS Place "Station" had already changed to BellMTS Place but now BellMTS is no longer the arena's corporate sponsor so it needs a new name again. I think they should get off the sponsorship merry-go-round and pick a new one. Maybe Arena ? I'd go further and rename it Millennium Library. The other one is of course Bay. It might be wiser to wait and see if anything becomes of the closed department store. Right now the only name I've come up with is Vaughan. What do others think? Are there better choices?
  2. City exploring possibility of offering public transit Category: Local News Published: Tuesday, 29 June 2021 10:00 Written by Brian Oliver Portage-la-Prairie, Manitoba, has conducted a transit feasibility study in Spring 2021. (click on the title for the article) Comment: I would expect starting a public transit system in Portage-la-Prairie is a long shot. Maybe an on-demand service like Okotoks or Cochrane?
  3. There is a long-standing Amtrak thread under RAILWAYS.
  4. Bus #107 is booked for a shoot (not sure if it's TV or a film).
  5. I see the whole of the route on Westminster is discontinued. That segment is the oldest city transit bus route in Western Canada, having started 01 May 1918.
  6. Is the reroute temporary or permanent?
  7. As some of you might know, the rarest bus in the MTHA fleet is Grey Goose #20: It's one of only four model T36-2L (Scenicruiser knock-off) coaches built in 1955/56 by Western Flyer Coach. The four units were: Thiessen Transportation #19 (Grey Goose #20) (now MTHA #20) [s/n 8-56] Grey Goose Lines #19 [s/n 15-55] Moore's Trans-Canada Lines #19 [s/n 16-55] Eagle Bus Lines #19 [s/n 9-56] This was discovered in a Manitoba scrapyard just a few days ago: It's clearly one of the three other WFC T36-2L's. It's been modified, especially at the rear. It's also in pretty bad shape. We don't know which of the other three it is. It's a remarkable find. We had general information about two of the other three, including reports that one of them had been spotted in an Edmonton junkyard some years ago. This unit might have been on the road, in it's modified form, in the last decade or two.
  8. The MTHA received a request for images of Winnipeg Transit's logo over the years. Here's how I replied: earlier Winnipeg Electric Company logo (1924 - ?) later Winnipeg Electric Company logo (? - 1953) Greater Winnipeg Transit Commission (1953 - 1961) Metro Transit logo (1961 - 1971) earlier City of Winnipeg Transit System logo (1972 - 1977?) later Winnipeg Transit logo (1977 - present) Did I miss any?
  9. And here's the last three Winnipeg route timetables in this 1957-1963 collection... Portage_Express_Bus-1962_Apr_15.pdf Talbot_Bus-1963_Nov_10.pdf Whytewold_Road_Bus-1961_Apr_09.pdf
  10. Another five Winnipeg route pamphlets from the 1957-1963 era. Aulneau_Bus-1960_Nov_13.pdf Cathedral_Bus-1960_Nov_13.pdf Coniston_Bus-1960_Nov_13.pdf Ness_Bus-1963_Nov_10.pdf North_Kildonan_Bus-1961_Apr_09.pdf I'll post the last three tomorrow. I hope everyone's enjoyed this wander through yesteryear.
  11. Another few route pamphlets from the 1957-1963 period. Many thanks again to Doug Shields for donating the collection. Academy_Bus-1962_Apr_15.pdf Jefferson_Bus-1960_Dec_19.pdf Mountain_Bus-1960_May_16.pdf Portage_West_Woodhaven_Bus-1959_Aug_30.pdf Valour_William_Bus-1963_Nov_10.pdf
  12. The Wednesday posting of old Winnipeg route pamphlets from the 1957-1963 era. Logan_Motor_Bus-1960_Oct_19.pdf Ness_Bus-1962_Apr_15.pdf Sargent_Trolley_Bus-1960_Apr_10.pdf Talbot_Bus-1960_Apr_10.pdf Woodhaven_Bus-1957_Jul_02.pdf
  13. Five more Winnipeg route pamphlets from the 1957-1963 era. Manitoba_Bus-1959_Nov_08.pdf Portage_Polo_Park-1962_Apr_15.pdf Selkirk_Trolley_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf William_McPhillips_Bus-1962_Apr_18+1963_Sep_02.pdf Wolseley_Bus-1960_Apr_10.pdf
  14. Still working my way through posting the scanned 1957-1963 route pamphlet collection. Archibald_Dawson_Rd_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf East_Kildonan_Bus-1962_Apr_15.pdf Portage_West_St._Charles_Bus-1957_Jul_02.pdf Valour_William_Bus-1960_Apr_10.pdf Watt_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf This makes 40 pamphlets posted out of the collection of 63.
  15. Another few route pamphlets from 1957-1963. Crescent_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf McGregor_Trolley_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf Ness_Bus-1963_Sep_01.pdf Portage_Express_Bus-1962_Jul_01.pdf Whytewold_Road_Bus-1958_Nov_23.pdf
  16. A few more route pamphlets from 1957-1963 era. Ellice_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf Marion_Windsor_Park_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf Notre_Dame_Logan_Trolley_Buses-1960_Jul_03.pdf St._Annes_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf St._Norbert_Bus-1962_Feb_19.pdf
  17. Happy New year everyone! Here's another few route pamphlets from the 1957-1963 collection... Aulneau_Bus-1960_May_02.pdf Cathedral_Bus-1960-Apr.pdf Coniston_Bus-1960_Apr_10.pdf Logan_Gas_Bus-1960_Jan_02.pdf Salter_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf
  18. A few more 1957-1963 era route pamphlets... Archibald_Dawson_Rd_Bus-1960_Dec_19.pdf East_Kildonan_Trolley_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf North_Main_Bus-1960_May_16.pdf Transcona_Bus-1963_Sep_01.pdf William_McPhillips-1959_Aug_30.pdf
  19. This Sanatorium route has an interesting history. The bus-operated extension of the St. Mary's streetcar route was started by the Winnipeg Electric Company (WECo) in 1924. In 1932 the line was contracted by WECo to an area farmer to operate. Harry Henteleff (note Henteleff Park off St. Mary's Road north of Warde Avenue) initially called his service "St. Vital Bus Lines" but he began to expand to other routes and renamed it "Beaver Bus Lines". Henteleff gave the Sanatorium route back to WECo in 1949, a year after he took over the Winnipeg to Selkirk service from WECo. Henteleff sold Beaver Bus Lines to John Fehr in 1972. The Fehr family owns it today . Beaver Bus Lines gave up the Winnipeg--Selkirk route, its last scheduled public bus service, in 2016. Here is a [badly cropped] image of Beaver's Sanatorium schedule date 03 January 1949:
  20. And another few pamphlets from the 1957-1963 era: St._Marys_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf Jefferson_Bus-1959_Aug_04.pdf Ness_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf North_Kildonan_Bus-1957_Jul_02.pdf Osborne_Trolley_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf
  21. 1. It's St. Mary's Road. The Sanatorium Bus was a motorbus extension of the St. Mary's trolleybus route. Some pamphlets do not have maps. You'll have to imagine the route from the timing points .
  22. A few more timetables from this 1957-1963 group. Point_Rd_Bus-1960_Apr_10.pdf Sanatorium_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf St._Charles_Bus-1961_Apr_09.pdf St._Norbert_Bus-1957_Apr.pdf Sherbrook_Bus-1960_Apr_10.pdf
  23. It took me about four hours to scan 62 more timetables dated between 1957 and 1963. Here's a couple more: Grant_Bus-1960_Apr_10.pdf Academy_Rd_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf University_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf Express_Portage_Bus-1960_Jul_03.pdf I also notice that while there is a Wolseley Bus pamphlet in the collection, there's no St. Boniface Bus pamphlet...
  24. I recently received the very generous gift of a set of Winnipeg timetables from around 1962. The collection appears to be complete. Here is the Grant timetable for 15 April 1962: Grant-1962_Apr_15.pdf (Note: When I click on this it downloads the pdf to my Downloads folder).
  25. Just one person's example but my transit ridership between 2019 (pre-pandemic) and 2020 (during pandemic). "CWTS" is "City of Winnipeg Transit System," Winnipeg Transit's formal name. I last bought a period pass (28-day) in March 2020, which I did not get value for. Since then I've used the eCash. 2019 versus 2020: 2019 January 63 CWTS buses 2019 February 70 CWTS buses 2019 March 90 CWTS buses 2019 April 99 CWTS buses 2019 May 98 CWTS buses 2019 June 97 CWTS buses 2019 July 108 CWTS buses 2019 August 106 CWTS buses 2019 September 102 CWTS buses 2019 October 99 CWTS buses 2019 November 105 CWTS buses, 1 taxi 2019 December 79 CWTS buses (2019 total: 1,116 buses + 1 taxi) 2020 January 70 CWTS buses 2020 February 86 CWTS buses 2020 March 52 CWTS buses 2020 April 7 CWTS buses 2020 May 25 CWTS buses 2020 June 25 CWTS buses, 1 taxi 2020 July 35 CWTS buses, 1 taxi 2020 August 9 CWTS buses, 2 taxis 2020 September 34 CWTS buses, 4 taxis 2020 October 29 CWTS buses, 2 taxis 2020 November 10 CWTS buses, 1 taxi (2020 [11 months] total: 382 buses + 11 taxis)
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