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    Canadian Transit, past and present, including what cities have or had transit, what companies and agencies operated transit, and what transit modes operated where and when. Interest spans transit buses, suburban and commuter buses, streetcars and light rail, trolley buses, subways, and commuter trains, and in fixed infrastructure like terminals, exchanges, shelters and stops.

    Also have a general interest in other modes of surface scheduled passenger transport, including Canadian and international long distance trains and buses, and ocean liners.

    I collect ephemera (maps, schedules, fare media) for any of the above.

    I belong to CPTdb, the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation, the Manitoba Transit Heritage Assoc., the LRT Assoc., the Trolleybus Museum Co., the Canadian Railroad Historical Assoc., the Edmonton Radial Ry Soc., the Bus History Assoc., and the Toronto Transportation Soc.

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  1. The MTHA will be at the Fabulous Fifties car show at Garden City Shopping Centre tomorrow, Sunday 08 September 2019. We plan to bring three buses: #111 (1937 Twin Coach model 23R), #565 (1946 Ford model 19B Transit), and #188 (1954 GM model TDH-4801). We should arrive before 11am and will likely depart around 5pm or so.
  2. I had to laugh the first time I called Telebus in St. Boniface... The automated voice said /TA chee/ instead of /ta SHAY/ for Tache. On Portage it was /SPRAWg/ instead /SPRAYg/ for Sprague, so the automaton was an equal opportunity name mangler. (Does anyone call Telebus anymore?)
  3. What I notice is different between the station appearances of Phase 1 and Phase 2 is the "openness" feeling arising from the lack of trees around the Phase 2 stations. I'm guessing there's a landscaping plan but the new trees just haven't been placed yet. I hope there are distinctive public art installations or other features planned for each station because otherwise the stations all pretty much look the same. Same structures in the same order, same blue colour placed in the same spots, same basic layout. I can easily imagine looking up from my phone as we pull out of a station and not being sure if we were at Beaumont, Seel, Clarence, Chevrier, Plaza, or Chancellor. (Did I count the over- and under-passes and turns correctly while I stared at my phone?) No mistaking that it's the Blue Line though...
  4. How is the signage at Beaumont Station different from the stations on Phase 1? Tall vertical sign streetside. Station name on the shelters facing a stopped bus, and station name hung from the canopy facing an approaching bus. Isn't that the same as Phase 1?
  5. Today's show and shine at the Pony Corral Grant Park has been cancelled because of rain... 😞
  6. T:GO Transit - fixed route transit service in Tillsonburg https://www.tillsonburg.ca/en/live-and-play/tgo-transit.aspx
  7. https://www.cbc.ca/player/play/1591043139884 MTHA story begins at 38 minutes.
  8. CBC television will be doing a story on the Manitoba Transit Heritage Association during today's 6pm Winnipeg local news. We've been advised that it'll be three or four minutes, and probably in the second half hour (between 6:30pm and 7:00pm).
  9. Kasper Transportation announced today (Tuesday 20 August 2019) that today would be its last day operating the Selkirk Commuter Line service between downtown Winnipeg and Selkirk, Manitoba. That's not much notice of end of service. If no one leaps into service tomorrow then Wednesday will be the end of regular transit service between the two cities after about 111 years.
  10. I walked around Beaumont Station on Monday 19 August 2019. View of Beaumont Station down the sidewalk from Parker Avenue at Beaumont Street. Beaumont Station. All of the stations on Phase 2 of the Southwest Transitway are built from common components, and they all look the same to me. So Winnipeg spared no expense for station signage! 😁 I assume this twenty foot tall teapot is public art, and the art elements will help to make each station unique. Maybe this will become known as "Teapot Station"...
  11. Photos from inside Brandon Garage, Saturday 17 August 2019: Winnipeg Transit #374 (2019 New Flyer model XD60) Winnipeg Transit #375 (2019 New Flyer model XD60) Winnipeg Transit #376 (2019 New Flyer model XD60) When the pictures were taken none of the three had fareboxes installed.
  12. That hasn't come up so far. I'm not sure what the fate of the Aviation Museum's former building is supposed to be. For the MTHA in addition to just finding a space that is large enough, and in an acceptable location, is the central question of how to afford the ongoing costs. With a building you get bills for heat, water, electricity, telephone, security, insurance, building maintenance, and property taxes. Even a building for a dollar would require a solid business plan to keep it.
  13. The MTHA day at the Pony Corral Grant Park is coming up next Sunday, 25 August 2019. We are hoping to bring out between four and six buses. Plan is it will be a mix of city buses and intercity coaches. There are at least two possible situations where we might cancel. (1). If it's raining the car show & shine will probably be cancelled. (2). If the labour situation at Winnipeg Transit results in a strike or a lockout the MTHA buses will be trapped out of reach. Pray to your favourite deity or supernatural omnipotent entity for good weather and good labour relations! P.S. Grey Goose Lines #20 (1956 WFC model T36-2L) will make an appearance at Stonewall Quarry Days show & shine Sunday 18 August 2019.
  14. It may not be an "F" but 57% on time performance can't be better than a "D". I'm terrified that Winnipeg Transit thinks it's a "B+"!
  15. I find it remarkable that the Union is offering to reduce their wage demand for a chance to improve scheduling, ...that Transit's own statistics show that on time performance is at a dismal 57%, ...that statistically the highest rate of on-board assaults occur during the evening rush, when buses are overcrowded, people are tired and irritated, and buses are late (not late night when people feel less safe) and ...that public input frequently cites late buses as a major problem... and yet Winnipeg Transit seems to have no plan or intention to change things or is even willing to acknowledge publically that they're doing anything wrong or there is a problem that needs fixing! I do want to sit at their scheduling committee table and discuss with them why they're doing (and not doing) what they're doing, what their goals are for the future, and their definition of what is or isn't acceptable results from their scheduling practices. Alas, they seem unwilling to interact with anyone, and are very resistant to anyone asking questions or looking too closely at how or why they make the decisions they do.
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