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  1. I was told in the last few days that while the stadium rt station should be in use for IGF events very soon that regular service will not use the busway until the whole of Phase 2 opens circa 2020. I'm disappointed. I was imagining the 36, 161 and 185 using this segment as soon as September of this year...
  2. They are installing the pedestrian signage at Stadium station today. (above) Directional sign over the pedestrian bridge from the stadium to the station. I understand Winnipeg Transit hopes to use the station for the July 7th Bomber season opener, and city hall plans to hold a ribbon cutting some time before that. (above) pedestrian directional sign waits to be installed at the bottom of the east ramp of Stadium station.
  3. It's been over 2 months since 170 was first spotted and no one has yet reported seeing 171. This is an odd pause between deliveries...
  4. Awesome Bernie. Thanks!
  5. I only wish it was mine. The image came to me in an email inquiry. I'm very curious about the company. The badge is I think for driver #2 which might suggest it was a small operation.
  6. Took another Sunday stroll around the Southwest Transitway construction in the area of IGF Stadium. (above) The east end of the Stadium Station where the Transitway connects to University Crescent has been given gates. I wonder under what circumstances the station would be closed off to bus access from University Crescent? Even when there are stadium events won't there still be regular service via the Transitway to the University? Note also that this branch of the Transitway from Pembina Highway to University Crescent has been given a street name: it's "Bohemier Trail". Shouldn't that have been "Bohemier Transitway"? "Trail" sounds so... Calgary. I thought the station, and Bohemier Trail, were very, very close to being finished. I noticed one small bit of railing on the pyramid that needs to be completed, plus fencing on the rounded ends of the Stadium station island, and there are bolts waiting for, I assume, signage. The principal work that still seemed to be underway was landscaping There were piles of wood chips to be spread yet. (above) Exposed bolts probably waiting for signage on the east side of the pyramid. (above) Exposed bolts on the west side of the pyramid. (above) Fence posts waithing for fencing on the east rounded end of the station island. There are matching posts on the west end too. Has Winnipeg Transit publicly announced an opening date yet? When's the first Bomber game of the year?
  7. Does anyone know anything about the company named on this driver's badge? I am unfamiliar with a Nashwaaksis Bus Line. When did it operate? What happened to it? Was it local transit or an intercity bus operation?
  8. I can't say I'm really surprised. I think Beaver made a business decision when they abandoned the route in 2016. For someone to make it work now would require something Beaver didn't think of. I wondered if someone could come in with a cheaper operating model if maybe they could make it work where Beav' couldn't. Beaver had a garage and depot in Selkirk and used full size commuter buses. Could cut-aways, and no building (and cheaper labour) change the bottom line? Would promotion raise ridership? Instead Exclusive raised fares (anti-promotion) and deployed bigger buses. Not what I expected. It's probably hopeless as a commercial operation period. Really, what transit operation in North America has turned a profit in the last 70 years? If it's important one or more levels of government will have to kick in to make it go. If it's not important then it dies...
  9. I am advised that Exclusive Bus Lines has filed a notice of service discontinuation for the Winnipeg - Selkirk commuter line effective 02 September 2017.
  10. Service changes for 18 June 2017 are posted in some of the buses. No route changes. Schedule changes for routes 14, 18, 19, 21, 22, 24, 25, 28, and 55.
  11. As part of the Pembina underpass reconstruction they are providing a shuttle service through the construction. I was picked up at Pembina/Harrow by a van from Handy Helper Transit and dropped off at Pembina/Jubilee. They have demolished much of the centre pier of the old railway overpass and have dug out all of the former east side sidewalk. I wonder if the expect to have a replacement sidewalk operational by Tuesday morning... edited to add... and the sidewalk was functional Tuesday morning.
  12. Woosh has launched two more pilot rural transit services. One is a Thursday-only bus service between Fort McMurray and Fort McKay (58 km north of Fort McMurray). The other is a very remote Saturday-only bus service between Moose Island, AB, and Fort Smith, NT (174 km north). In the summer residents of Fort Chipewyan travel by private boats from Fort Chipewyan to the nearest road on Moose Island in Wood Buffalo National Park. Now instead of storing cars on Moose Island they can catch a bus to Fort Smith. website. These are in addition to existing rural services from Fort McMurray to Anzac (48km), Janvier (122km) and Conklin (155km) south of Fort McMurray and a recently established shuttle service between Fort Chipewyan and its airport. I'm very curious to know how these rural services are operated. Do they use Woosh transit buses and Woosh employees driving, or are they operated by contractors with other equipment? It amuses me to imagine an XD40 on 174km of gravel roads between Moose Island and Fort Smith but it doesn't seem likely.
  13. I went for a walk around IGF today to take a look at the Stadium Station construction. Is this the area (see picture) where the day-to-day Stadium platforms will be located? I was expecting poured concrete boarding areas but instead the contractors were spreading topsoil (I assume) for sod. At the other end of campus... Construction has begun on the bus loop at the east end of Dafoe Road...
  14. I believe the initial activity on Dafoe Road in front of Tache Hall is University-initiated sewer work with the transit terminal reconstruction to follow.
  15. At about 1pm today I observed one of the XE40s running westbound on Taylor Avenue at Nathaniel. It went by too quickly to get the number. It was towing a trailer of white battery boxes. I didn't know they had a trailer of extra batteries. I wonder where it was going...