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    Canadian Transit, past and present, including what cities have or had transit, what companies and agencies operated transit, and what transit modes operated where and when. Interest spans transit buses, suburban and commuter buses, streetcars and light rail, trolley buses, subways, and commuter trains, and in fixed infrastructure like terminals, exchanges, shelters and stops.

    Also have a general interest in other modes of surface scheduled passenger transport, including Canadian and international long distance trains and buses, and ocean liners.

    I collect ephemera (maps, schedules, fare media) for any of the above.

    I belong to CPTdb, the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation, the Manitoba Transit Heritage Assoc., the LRT Assoc., the Trolleybus Museum Co., the Canadian Railroad Historical Assoc., the Edmonton Radial Ry Soc., the Bus History Assoc., and the Toronto Transportation Soc.

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  1. Always amusing to bump into another media article about the Edmonton--Calgary hyperloop project. Canada might be getting a 1,000 kph vacuum-tube train Maureen O'Hare, CNN • Updated 1st September 2022
  2. 751 was purchased in 1971 from General Motors in the United States and was built in Pontiac, Michigan. This was done because GM Canada could not supply the required air conditioning.
  3. I observed the following 9000 series units at Fort Rouge Garage on Saturday 06 August 2022: 9425, 9460, 9462, 9472, 9480, 9503, 9504. Together with 9443, 3528, and 9914 reported in 2021 by simer4 that makes ten buses renumbered into the 9000 series. What have others observed? Is this a complete list of "9000s" to date? I know 9425 was converted into a "community engagement" venue. simer4 above reports 9443 and 9528 were transferred to the Winnipeg Police Service. What has been the post-retirement purpose of the other seven?
  4. A few more pictures from the Pony Corral Grant Park car show on Sunday 07 August 2022 are here: flickr album
  5. We have been working hard to marshal drivers and ready buses. This will be our first multi-vehicle display in many years. We're anticipating having six buses available. Exactly which ones depends a bit in which units are operating or can be repaired in time. I know the 1954 GM is ready, and we're expecting to debut the Museum Bus [1979 OBI Orion 01]. What else appears will be "as available"...
  6. Am I remembering correctly that this year's electrics were dependent on Federal grant money? Would that be a separate grant or this big one?
  7. I would guess the 100 electrics won't arrive until after the new garage is ready, so five years out at the earliest? I'm also guessing the 137 diesels will role in first. Maybe 34/year for four years?
  8. I accessed winnipegtransit.com on my smartphone today and landed in the a completely new interface. So far I'm quite disappointed. Things that were a click or two away in the old version are now multiple clicks to access. The list of stops nearby are all indicated by their stop numbers (with the actual description in tiny print underneath). The schedule display for the stop no longer indicates which buses are early or late. The "just passed" buses are gone too. The output has seems to emphasize appearance over information. Huge downgrade in usefulness in my view.
  9. The MTHA has been for some time working on converting our OBI Orion 01 bus to a rolling museum. We have removed most of the seating and installed display cabinets, installed photo walls, and have reversed the back two rows of seats to face a wide-screen TV where we intend to project photos and videos as part of the displays. Last week we were able to put up 31 photographs on the photo wall. The wall holds 32 photos, and the photos are mounted with velcro so they can be changed out. Here are some photos of the photo walls: If you have any transit-related artifacts you would like to contribute to the displays inside the bus, please contact me to let me know.
  10. I came across this article searching Winnipeg Tribune articles. Winnipeg Tribune 13 October 1920. I did not know that Assiniboia once ran its own bus service in competition with Suburban Rapid Transit Co./Winnipeg Electric Railway Company.
  11. The Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba Transit Heritage Association is the evening of the last Monday in May. 7pm Monday 30 May 2022 in the "Transit Break Room" inside the maintenance garage ('G") at Fort Rouge Garage. If you think you might want to join the MTHA this is a great opportunity to check us out. If you're thinking attending please let me know, either through a direct message on this board or by email to contact@mtha.ca .
  12. The bus shelter/homeless shelter at northbound Osborne Street at River Avenue has been attended by police all afternoon today (at least since 1:45pm when I first passed by). The shelter and plaza area between the shelter and Subway was taped off. Around 5pm the police forensic unit was dusting the interior glass. It resembled a search for finger prints I've seen in TV shows...
  13. The bus shelter/homeless shelter at southbound Osborne St N and Broadway has been destroyed by fire. [I hope no one was hurt].
  14. Two of the Graham Transit Mall stations (or "stations") need new names. MTS Place "Station" had already changed to BellMTS Place but now BellMTS is no longer the arena's corporate sponsor so it needs a new name again. I think they should get off the sponsorship merry-go-round and pick a new one. Maybe Arena ? I'd go further and rename it Millennium Library. The other one is of course Bay. It might be wiser to wait and see if anything becomes of the closed department store. Right now the only name I've come up with is Vaughan. What do others think? Are there better choices?
  15. City exploring possibility of offering public transit Category: Local News Published: Tuesday, 29 June 2021 10:00 Written by Brian Oliver Portage-la-Prairie, Manitoba, has conducted a transit feasibility study in Spring 2021. (click on the title for the article) Comment: I would expect starting a public transit system in Portage-la-Prairie is a long shot. Maybe an on-demand service like Okotoks or Cochrane?
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