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    Canadian Transit, past and present, including what cities have or had transit, what companies and agencies operated transit, and what transit modes operated where and when. Interest spans transit buses, suburban and commuter buses, streetcars and light rail, trolley buses, subways, and commuter trains, and in fixed infrastructure like terminals, exchanges, shelters and stops.

    Also have a general interest in other modes of surface scheduled passenger transport, including Canadian and international long distance trains and buses, and ocean liners.

    I collect ephemera (maps, schedules, fare media) for any of the above.

    I belong to CPTdb, the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation, the Manitoba Transit Heritage Assoc., the LRT Assoc., the Trolleybus Museum Co., the Canadian Railroad Historical Assoc., the Edmonton Radial Ry Soc., the Bus History Assoc., and the Toronto Transportation Soc.

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  1. Southwest Transitway Rapid Transit Project

    I was at the University of Manitoba Terminal construction site today (19 August 2017). It looks to me like the roadway construction is complete, but they have yet to start construction on the sidewalks that will be the waiting area for people wanting to catch the bus. In particular, they have yet to pour concrete pads for any shelters. The old shelter pads are still present, but it's my guess they are not correctly positioned for reuse. (above) the eastern end of the loading area. If I recall the plans correctly there should be three bus loading stops here. As you can see in the photograph there is as yet nothing on the sidewalk-side of the curb. (above) the western loading area. I believe there is one boarding space here. In the photo you can see the foundation pad for the old shelter but it looks to me to be too close to the curb to reuse...
  2. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Polo Park Terminal is completely removed for reconstruction.
  3. Winnipeg Transit and area

    I was on campus Friday too but didn't get a chance to check out the status of the construction. I did have to catch my 60 Pembina home from Univ. Cresc. northbound between Freedman and Dafoe. Why are they not using the temporary terminal on MacLean Cresc. northbound that they used all summer?
  4. Winnipeg Transit and area

    But is it really a "hole"? Is it reasonable to expect a bus on every block or is it reasonable for people on some blocks to walk one block to access bus service? Given finite resources would it be more useful to have four buses per hour on Broadway, or two buses per hour on Broadway and two buses per hour on York/St. Mary? This is an example of the key point in Jarrett Walker's recent presentation in Winnipeg -- What is your preferred balance of Coverage versus Frequency. All the modern analysis of transit service usefulness indicates that Frequency is far more attractive and usable to ridership than Coverage. Winnipeg Transit currently fails to deliver even one single travel corridor meeting the most minimal definition of frequent service (maximum 15 minute headway in both directions all day weekdays between 7am and 6pm). Spreading bad service even thinner (and therefore making service worse) to shorten a handful of riders' walk by one measly block seems to me to be wildly counterproductive.
  5. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Winnipeg Transit orders 70 XD40 buses for delivery in 2018. press release
  6. Eastern Transit Corridor

    While the planners and engineers toil away quietly on an Eastern Corridor preferred design l have heard a few off-hand comments that sound interesting. One is that there is strong interest in an on-street design, more than the alternative railway corridor. The on-street approach brings with it traffic segregation and traffic conflict issues. I hope segregation means something more substantial than a painted line. I would also hope that cross traffic would at the very least be managed by transit-activated signal priority. It would be very disappointing (and verging on pointless) if "rapid" transit is tied to the constraints of car traffic. The second was much more vague... tying together the Eastern Corridor with "New Flyer", "new technology", and "electric". In my experience these sorts of notions often don't advance beyond the "what if" conversation stage but I'm very curious to know more. Alas, in my experience Winnipeg Transit is usually about as adventurous as an old maid in church...😁
  7. Jefferson Lines

    Jefferson Lines has arrived in Winnipeg. After an absence of approximately 8 years the bus service connection between Winnipeg and the United States has been restored. Jefferson Lines #1840 (2005 MCI J4500) arriving at the Greyhound bus station in Winnipeg 26 August 2017.
  8. Winnipeg Transit and area

    My understanding is that the layover area will normally not allow passengers. So the only structure that would be useful there is a operator comfort facility (toilets, lounge, wide screen TVs, espresso machine😀). (A couple of battery-bus rechargers would be nice too.)
  9. Winnipeg Transit and area

    The transit terminal at the University of Manitoba is being reconfigured. In the new design there will be a common alighting stop eastbound in front of Tache Hall, a bus layover area near the corner of Freedman Crescent and Saunderson Street, and four boarding stops westbound on Dafoe Road between Service Street 7 South and the quadrangle. Construction is supposed to be completed in October 2017. P.S. Has anyone checked out the site lately? I heard a rumour (which I genuinely hope is not true) that the four boarding stops would not be equipped with shelters. I hope by now concrete pads have been poured for shelters. The pads should have conduits for power too.
  10. Jeffeson Bus Lines

    This post belongs under Motorcoaches where there is already a Jefferson Lines thread.
  11. Winnipeg Transit and area

    The shelters at Polo Park Terminal have been lifted from their usual locations and stored off to the side. There are notices posted that say the terminal will close for "reconstruction" on Monday 14 August.
  12. Jefferson Lines

    I wonder if it's daily to start, until they see what the ridership is like and decide which days to keep... They appear to be starting out with some low fares too... I hear $20 between Winnipeg and Grand Forks.
  13. Jefferson Lines

    Reportedly daily arriving in Winnipeg at 8:00PM and departing at 10:45PM. The bus will not overnight in Winnipeg as it used to.
  14. Automated Fare Boxes for Winnipeg

    I've heard the most frequent problem is the transfer printer malfunctioning, especially jamming. I gather from what I'm told that there aren't a lot of choices on the market for electronic fare boxes, especially if you want coin handling too. In keeping with Winnipeg Transit's risk adverse philosophy they'd want something with a proven track record too. (Winnipeg Transit is the opposite of an early adopter.) I don't know how tied to these particular fare boxes the peggo programming is. My understanding is that most of the programming was done locally (rather than buying an off-the-shelf system) so it's probably a nightmare to change fare boxes now.
  15. Peace River Transit

    In May 2017 Peace River Town Council canceled the project to implement Transit and returned the GreenTRIP grant.