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  1. I thought this was close but now that I see both buses side-by-side I realize they are not a match...
  2. Ride Norfolk disruption By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer Thursday, January 12, 2017 6:06:39 EST PM
  3. St. Albert mayor confident major strides can be made on joint transit Scott Johnston CHQR 770AM January 09, 2017 06:00 am I get the impression that St. Albert is interested in a combined transit system for Edmonton and St. Albert but Edmonton has countered with a suggestion to create a regional-level entity to handle inter-municipality routes only...
  4. I spotted an xCalgary unit in service today. Saturday, on the 17, so at least one of them must be out of FRG.
  5. It's a kind of disorganized mess. I'm not sure what it was intended to show. It looks like it originated as a map of opening day changes. I think mostly it reveals that the Transit staff responsible for printed materials including the map aren't able to keep things up-to-date. More staff, maybe?
  6. 27 December 2016 Grimsby council hears details from first phase of transit study Early vision calls for five buses on three routes Grimsby Lincoln News By Alexandra Heck
  7. New Flyer test platform. I've seen it in BG on occasion.
  8. 1768 is indoors in North Garage. The similar unit in the back lot at FRG is 747, a CanCar gas bus. And P.S., the sign from the front of 1768 on the last day of trolleybus operation is in the MTHA artifact collection. It was discovered a few years ago behind furniture in a retiree's office at Transit. It had probably been there since the previous occupant retired...
  9. 692 has new exterior signs for its last day...
  10. Info from Transit
  11. We saved a second engine, from 814. One of the limitations the MTHA has to live with is storage space. We don't have space to store multiple D40s.
  12. I did see 994 in service around 2pm today.
  13. The MTHA is saving 858. I don't believe any other Winnipeg D40s are being saved.
  14. Any news if, how, or when the CITs will be folded into the new authority?
  15. Per the display boards at the last round of open houses, the University Terminal will be reworked. Buses will enter the core of campus eastbound on Dafoe Road with a stop where people will get off in front of Tache Hall facing eastbound. Buses will then lay over, empty and out of service, at a loop at the east end of Dafoe road. When they are ready to depart they will head west on Dafoe Road, picking up passengers at one of four stop-and-go stops westbound on Dafoe between Service Street 7 South and Maclean Crescent. The new stops will be spread out compared to the present four, and by separating lay-over from boarding, the stops should never be clogged with idling buses. I think the four stop-and-go loading stops are situated too far east. They are mostly east of Isbister Building, in open space and among parking lots. It'll be decades before the University builds buildings in this area. I also think the King's Drive buses should turn west on Freedman, north on University Cresc., and enter eastbound on Dafoe Road from University Crescent. That would give alighting service to more of campus, and give all the routes the same, parallel, approach and departure. (I'm assuming there will be another alighting stop on Dafoe Road eastbound around the old Music building, matching the existing westbound departure stop.)