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    Canadian Transit, past and present, including what cities have or had transit, what companies and agencies operated transit, and what transit modes operated where and when. Interest spans transit buses, suburban and commuter buses, streetcars and light rail, trolley buses, subways, and commuter trains, and in fixed infrastructure like terminals, exchanges, shelters and stops.

    Also have a general interest in other modes of surface scheduled passenger transport, including Canadian and international long distance trains and buses, and ocean liners.

    I collect ephemera (maps, schedules, fare media) for any of the above.

    I belong to CPTdb, the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation, the Manitoba Transit Heritage Assoc., the LRT Assoc., the Trolleybus Museum Co., the Canadian Railroad Historical Assoc., the Edmonton Radial Ry Soc., the Bus History Assoc., and the Toronto Transportation Soc.

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  1. Totally forgot 751's duty as Winnipeg Transit's Christmas lights. The cooling system is drained for that so it can't freeze. At the end of that duty Transit tows 751 into the shop and refills the cooling system.
  2. As is standard practice with Winnipeg Transit, our buses' cooling systems are filled with water, not antifreeze. I don't recall any extended period when 751 (1971 GM "new look") has been outdoors in winter.
  3. The Santa Claus Parade this year will be a "reverse" parade. Floats will be parked around The Forks for a couple of days and socially distanced small groups will be able to walk by viewing them. Since we can't leave our antique buses out overnight in cold weather it is expected that the MTHA will pass on the event this year. 2020 has been without public events for the MTHA this year. Very disappointing. Let's all hope 2021 will be much better.
  4. Sad news. My condolences to the driver's family and friends. It makes me think how many times I've made that unprotected pedestrian crossing, getting off the 18 North Main and dashing across the street for an MTHA activity at North Garage. It's unnerving even in the evening or on a Sunday afternoon.
  5. The end of printed route pamphlets was part of the same budget cuts as the loss of the Downtown Spirits and the various service cuts implemented 06 Sep 2020. The loss of printed timetables sent me to spend some time with the online schedules, and I discovered a couple of problems. (1). When you call up the schedule for route 694 Wildewood the table is titled "604 Wildewood". (2). About half of the routes departing The University of Manitoba are missing their UofM departure times... Routes 47, 60, 74, and 671 are missing the UofM departure times. (Schedules for routes 36, 75, 78, 662, and 672 display UofM departure times.) I wonder if it's a coding problem with the four-stop configuration of the UofM station departure platforms. I really miss the printed timetables. It was the only way to collect and preserve service levels and schedules. The online stuff disappears with every schedule change, effectively concealing service cuts and wiping out route history. I also notice that at many on-street stops printed departure time lists are being replaced with QR codes. If you already have a smart-phone you already have access to stop times through m.winnipegtransit.com and don't really need a QR code scanner...
  6. MTHA 747 is a CanCar motor bus converted into a storage shed.
  7. Hyperloop feasibility study for Edmonton-Calgary route gets provincial backing Alberta agrees to lend support — not money — to TransPod's study, test-track search Tony Seskus · CBC News · Posted: Aug 25, 2020 5:01 AM MT My comments: I generally think of hyperloop proposals as little more than pie-in-the-sky hype and wishful thinking. But if the technology actually works, and is actually financially viable, the Edmonton -- Calgary corridor might be an interesting implementation.
  8. We don't generally get any revenue from our appearances at public events... That too...
  9. The MTHA has been unable to do any public events so far this year because of the pandemic. Work has continued on our current major project, the conversion of our 1979 OBI Orion 01 into a rolling transit museum. The interior has been reconfigured with display cases and photograph walls, and with a small cinema at the back with a wide-screen TV and four bench seats. We are unaware of any issues between us and Winnipeg Transit at this point. Of course they first and foremost have a transit system to run and we come far down their priorities, but most administrators seem supportive. The pandemic has diminished revenue more than it has reduced expenses, unfortunately. Our biggest costs are for insurance which are required regardless of circumstances.
  10. I have a nearly complete pamphlet collection going back to the early 1980s, with selected pamphlets back into the 1970s. I'm trying to figure out how to keep the collection up-to-date post-pamphlets...
  11. The route pamphlet racks at Transit locations (Winnipeg Square, Millenium Library, Customer Service on Osborne) were emptied when the pandemic started but pamphlets for the last change before the pandemic reductions were available if you asked at the window. The budget cuts approved for the Fall, by some accounts, included ending printed route pamphlets. I was hoping they wouldn't go through with that since it should be a relatively small cost in the grand scheme of things and the printed pamphlets are the only permanent record of service.
  12. I think the budget cuts being implemented speak to how the people who run transit think of transit and Transit's customers. They think of what they're doing is provide a "last choice" for people who have no other choice and will just have to accept whatever they get. No Winnipeg Transit senior administrator would ever take the bus on a regular basis. After all, they can afford a car. Did they discontinue printed route timetables too?
  13. At one time I believe the Downtown BIZ was subsidizing the Downtown Spirit so they weren't entirely revenue-free. Was that no longer the case?
  14. Airports (landed or took off). Canada: Calgary YYC Edmonton Municipal YXD Edmonton International YEG Montreal Dorval/PET YUL Montreal Mirabel YMX Ottawa International YOW Quebec City YQB Regina YQR (pass through only) Saskatoon YXE Thunder Bay YQT (pass through only) Toronto International/LBP YYZ Vancouver YVR Victoria YYJ Winnipeg YWG France: Nice NCE Paris Charles De Gaulle CGD Paris Orly ORY Netherlands: Amsterdam Schiphol AMS Germany: Berlin Tegel TXL Frankfurt-am-Main FRA Munich MUC Portugal: Lisbon LIS Spain: Madrid MAD United States of America: Atlanta Hartsfield ATL Boston Logan BOS Denver International DEN (change planes only) Honolulu HNL Houston Intercontinental IAH Los Angeles International LAX Minneapolis MSP New York Laguardia LGA Salt Lake City SLC (change planes only) San Francisco SFO Spokane GEG Australia: Adelaide ADL Alice Springs ASP (change planes only) Ayres Rock Yularu AYQ Brisbane BNE Hobart HBA Melbourne MEL (change planes only) Sydney SYD New Zealand: Auckland AKL Tonga: Fua'amotu International TBU Chile: Punta Arenas [Chile] PUQ Santiago [Chile] SCL Argentina: Buenas Aires EZE Buenas Aires Jorge Newbury AEP Ushuia [Argentina] USH Italy: Milan Linate LIN Milan Malpensa MXP Rome Leonardo da Vinci FCO Trieste TRS Venice Marco Polo VCE (weather diversion from Trieste) Mexico: Puerta Vallarta PVR United Kingdom: London Heathrow LHR
  15. The transit program news on the Grey County website seems to date from before the pandemic, and talks about a spring 2020 launch. Am I right in guessing that the launch was postponed by the pandemic? Is there a new launch date? Anyone heard or read anything?
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