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    Canadian Transit, past and present, including what cities have or had transit, what companies and agencies operated transit, and what transit modes operated where and when. Interest spans transit buses, suburban and commuter buses, streetcars and light rail, trolley buses, subways, and commuter trains, and in fixed infrastructure like terminals, exchanges, shelters and stops.

    Also have a general interest in other modes of surface scheduled passenger transport, including Canadian and international long distance trains and buses, and ocean liners.

    I collect ephemera (maps, schedules, fare media) for any of the above.

    I belong to CPTdb, the Canadian Transit Heritage Foundation, the Manitoba Transit Heritage Assoc., the LRT Assoc., the Trolleybus Museum Co., the Canadian Railroad Historical Assoc., the Edmonton Radial Ry Soc., the Bus History Assoc., and the Toronto Transportation Soc.

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  1. Winnipeg Transit and area

    It is a concern. Curiously, according to a CBC article: which seems to imply neither another fare increase nor service cuts are acceptable. That only leaves City Hall allocating increased operating funding to Transit (and therefore either a tax increase or cuts elsewhere in city spending to cover it). In the grand scheme of things $1.16 million isn't huge. I'm sure this isn't anywhere near over yet, and the conversation will come back to fare increases and service cuts (it always does), but maybe just maybe it's starting from a better place than has been usual for the last four decades or so. Perhaps if we reduce our annual diesel bus purchases (because the Province is buying us battery electric buses) and transfer the savings to Operating it might all balance. This will require another lobbying campaign...
  2. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Saw an in-bus poster announcing service changes for 08 April 2018. There were no route changes. There were schedule changes for eight routes: 36, 72, 75, 78, 160, 161, 162, and 163. These look like the usual service frequency reductions associated with the end of University of Manitoba classes.
  3. Bruce Peninsula Transit

    The notice of service discontinuation on their website has a last-edited date of 01 November 2017. Perhaps that is when they ended scheduled service.
  4. New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

    It was discontinued 31 December 1992 when Headingley separated from Winnipeg and became its own municipality.
  5. New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

    I'm very curious to know if this pilot project will see the light of day. You might be disappointed though. I suppose they could run inbound in the morning and outbound in the afternoon. That would mean you'd have to stay overnight to visit Headingley for ice cream . I'd be even more curious to be a fly on the wall at Selkirk city hall. Can Selkirk afford to launch a commuter bus to Winnipeg?
  6. New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

    I personally think this kind of transit service CAN'T make money in this particular circumstance. I would note that more-or-less every transit system in North America doesn't make money. Exclusive and Kasper both increased fares. I believe Kasper is presently charging $30 for a round trip. That's $600/month for someone commuting to work weekdaily (plus $100 for a Winnipeg pass if work is not on Main Street or downtown). No wonder there are fewer passengers every month. I think that the monthly cost of a commuter line pass should be less than a Winnipeg Transit pass, so that buying both passes costs less than $200/month. At those rates the commuter service would obviously have to be subsidized. I understand the Manitoba Capital Region is still trying to pull together a Headingley bus service. I wonder what the fares would be for that...
  7. New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

    I think this third commercial abandonment should put the last nail in the coffin of the Selkirk commuter line as a self-supporting commercial operation. Either it's important enough to be publically supported financially like any other transit operation in North America, or it dies the death of market economics. I suppose the City of Selkirk could decide to spend some of its tax revenue to operate the service (and if not them then who?). I doubt this Provincial government would offer even a nickle of help.
  8. New Winnipeg - Selkirk service

    Kasper Transportation has given notice that it will abandon the Selkirk Commuter Line route and service in 90 days...
  9. Bismarck, North Dakota

    Bismarck to consider testing driverless bus JESSICA HOLDMAN Bismarck Tribune Jan 22, 2018
  10. Winnipeg Transit Orange D30LF Watch

    Just observed 937 in service on route 2. I was surprised to see orange in 2018.
  11. Winnipeg Transit and area

    It often seems that Winnipeg Transit's left hand doesn't seem to know what its right hand is doing. The folks maintaining the data and the folks maintaining the signage on street are not communicating, or disagreeing. Are the route assignments at the main terminal still different online and on street? The 60/160/161/185 was supposed to be the second stop (counting east to west) according to how the online data is arranged, but it was the fourth stop on opening day in December, and moved later to the first stop (still not matching the data).
  12. Winnipeg Transit and area

    How do you mean? If you mean the first stop on Dafoe after turning off University Crescent, across from the Leisure Centre, then that stop never existed in the online data or stop announcement data. If the temporary sign is still in place then the stop is in the same state it has alway been in.
  13. Winnipeg Transit and area

    I think the GPS data for the automated announcements is the same data as is used online, so wrong in one place is wrong in both places. As for the "Music" stop, the Faculty of Music is no longer in that area (It's now in Tache Hall), so the name of the stop had to be changed. The building across Dafoe Road from the old Music building is "Agriculture" so I think that's what they're trying to use. I do note that eastbound the database has just one stop, but on the ground there are two, one in the "Agriculture" location across from old-Music (with an installed TrueForm flag sign) , and another closer to University Crescent in front of Animal Science/Entomology building (a temp sign on a stick). The extra stop seems like a last-minute addition to replace the former stop on University Crescent at Dafoe Road southbound, which is discontinued.
  14. Winnipeg Transit and area

    I was back at the new University of Manitoba Terminal today (my first visit since December 18th) and while the assignments of routes to the four bus stops had been changed from what I observed before Christmas, they STILL don't match what m.winnipegtransit.com uses. Today the 60/160/161/185 were using the fourth (east-most) stop, even though online they should be using the third stop, and the 36/75/76 are supposed to be using the fourth stop. Either the route-to-stop assignments need to be changed again, or the electronic database used by the web app needs to be fixed. I was told the terminal is a PPP project and getting mistakes fixed is exceedingly difficult. Messages get passed up one chain of command and across an authorized liaison connection and then back down another command chain to the boots on the ground. Perhaps like a game of telephone the messages are getting garbled along the way.
  15. The STC bus and trailer fleet has apparently been sold to Hilco Industrial Acquisitions Canada in Ontario. Saskatchewan government sells bus company assets to Hilco Industrial The Canadian Press Published: December 12, 2017 Updated: December 13, 2017 6:05 PM