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  1. Not to be rude or anything....you guys worry too much about seniority and stuffs...just focus on getting in and pass the training and things will fall right in! Start date is what will determine your seniority but medical date matters within your training group! Hope that helps and good luck to everyone who're on the pipeline!
  2. For those that are curious about training in Jan...this yr(2016) the first training class started around the 3rd week of Jan. I'm pretty sure they ain't doing any documentations during holidays...so those of you waiting to get a Doc call, you probably have to wait till the new year. No news after medical is a good news. They only contact you if they're concerned about your medical otherwise they'll just call you for documentation. Hope this help...and Fido good to hear from you bro...hope things r good on your side...
  3. Last day of the training for the yr would be Dec 24th and all the instructors will be on a week vacay. So the last class would start around 22nd of Nov. Hope this helps! Good luck to those on the pipeline. Patience is virtue so sit back and enjoy the holidays!
  4. 32 is one of the nicest routes at MD!!! MD has the worse routes in the entire city of Toronto by far!
  5. i wouldn't even try going in person....just re-apply hoping to hear from them...at least this time around you know your police clearance is good to go...good luck!
  6. They'll let you know either way...the time frame they give you just an approximate...you just gotta be patience...it's a long n lengthy process n they do go through a lot of applicants so I'm sure they'll get back to you soon....this is just the beginning you still have a long way to go if you're successful with the interview...my friendly advice to you is just be patience n hang in there!
  7. Yea the process is bit longer but someone with your experience will make it through for sure but again I understand abt being unemployed unless you find your self a temp gig in the mean time. Yea you start with $25.03( I think it's going up to 25.85 as per the union agreement by April) and you're at a full rate after your 2 yrs anniversary but there is a raise after your one year as well.
  8. A lot of differences compare to Winnipeg Transit...one of my good friends work for Winnipeg Transit n he gets all jealous when I talk abt TTC lol You're guaranteed 40hrs/week!
  9. We get paid every week...every Wednesday!
  10. Congrats! One step closer...just from the timeline in the past...you're probably my looking at a start date around late June early July...patience is virtue! Good luck with the rest of the process!
  11. All the transit ops start of making $25.03 for the first year but I believe it's going up to $25.85(as per the union agreement). To answer your 2nd question...i don't think TTC hires collectors off the street...just read the past few posts as collectors ranks pretty high in Seniority. I don't know the answer to your last question. Overall, your best bet to put an application for a transit operator opportunity(that's the only position currently open as of now). Hope i answer your questions!
  12. Unfortunately it is a lengthy process but like you mentioned it is a rewarding career! As far as the police clearance is concern it takes almost no time unless they require you to do a finger prints(it only happens if TPS finds your name match with someone else who has a criminal records). In that case your finger prints have to go through rcmp n they have to send you a clearance letter which is a longer process. Hopefully you'll get a clear from TPS soon. Be patience and things will just fall right in.
  13. Congrats on making it this far. Normally the police clearance takes about a week or two and they will directly send it to you and you have to scan n send it to your recruiter. Like you mentioned the waiting time does varies but traditionally it's been around 19 weeks since the medical date. Even lately it's been like that since the last few had their training date seen to waited about 5 months since the medical date. Hope that helps!
  14. Well it might be the difference of being at the top in your group or at the bottom of the new group
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