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  1. Well that's just confusing now. In any case, I think the page needs some serious overhauling now. xD Both the Horizon and Luminator pages.
  2. So, looking at the page for the Horizons... The HSR got Titans in white for 1201, the 1400s and presumably the 1500s. Assuming they're not marketing these as Horizon white in the lower-resolution range, despite them being very obviously higher resolution, what gives with this?
  3. My mistake on the naming. I always get that mixed up.
  4. So, as the Hamilton Transit Blog post's pictures have shown, the new XN60 delivery does not in fact have 52 Aries 4ONE seats, instead having the 4ONE seats of an indeterminate number and two Aries Perch series seats. http://www.hamiltontransit.ca/brand-new-articulated-buses-have-started-to-arrive/
  5. I'd be interested in becoming an editor. I'm part of many groups and have contact with more up to date information about US and Canadian transit systems, as well as specific edits in mind for the HSR and GO Transit pages, specifically pertaining to Hamilton area additions and information.
  6. Aww man, I've only ever gotten to ride an Invero once, and that was in Ottawa. Barely even remember it. Guess I've gotta hit up Burlington before they go!
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