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  1. I was just talking to a friend from Hamilton Fire and he mentioned that the new Ladder will be ladder 1 with the existing ladder 1 replacing ladder 4. Existing ladder 4 replacing ladder 20. The new Engines will apparently be going to 23, 12 and 8. I have only seen 2 new engines at mechanical but people are still referring to 3 engines
  2. I have heard that there were 3 Engines delivered but that may have been misinformation, I would have to say looking at the roster for ages of in service pumper/engines, it would be pumpers 6, 12 and or 23 but that's just a guess. I have heard unofficially that the new Ladder will be going to 1 with the current ladder 1 going to 20 and the current ladder 20 relocated somewhere else.
  3. I noticed that Toronto paramedic services has tendered for bids new for new ambulances. Are they looking at moving away from Crestline. Toronto has used Crestline for years
  4. You weren't seeing things. Hamilton Paramedic Service has purchased 1 Crestline ambulance and are using it to evaluate going with either Crestline or Demers for the future ambulance deliveries.
  5. Thanks. I wasn't sure if they were going to go with an identity change as well as the name change. It appears Waterloo EMS is on their 2nd graphics change in a year or so. They have now changed from Orange and White to Bright yellow graphics. It seems be a popular colour for a lot of services now.
  6. Do you happen to know if there has been talk of any graphics changes as the new ambulances are delivered, or will they be the same.
  7. With Waterloo Region Paramedic Service recently changing their vehicle graphics to a slightly different design . I was Watching an interview on CTV and noticed a brand new ford paramedic response vehicle in the background that had bright yellow and blue graphics. Does anyone know if they are switching from orange and blue to yellow and blue graphics. It seems like a lot of services are changing to bright yellow and blue.
  8. I saw 2003 turning from Mohawk onto Upper Ottawa yesterday. It looks much better than the previous new Demers ambulances they put into service a short time ago. I was told that 2000, 2001 2002, 2003 have air ride with the rear end lowering when loading the patient into the ambulance. I'm seeing a lot of 2003 now, so I'm assuming its stationed in the Limeridge Rd station(Old HFD Station 5).
  9. The electronic Federal Q's have been installed on Rescues 1,4 and 12 and there is a rumor that the next group fire apparatus to be delivered will have the actual version of the federal Q on them.
  10. Approaching 5 months now and still sitting unstriped at the Mechanical shop . It doesn't look they have been moved at all. This is very odd.
  11. I was talking to a friend last night and apparently HFD is testing the new siren on Rescue 1 to see how effective it is in nmoving traffic. The Fereral q actually sounds like a fire truck is supposed to. As for the door crests. Hamilton Paramedics are doing the same with the ambulance crests. There are 6 new ambulances at the Bay street shops un decaled, for about 2 months now. Not sure why. Maybe a new identity(Graphics) package ?
  12. That's interesting to know. There were rumors a while back that HFD might be going to the Older style federal Q type sirens. I guess the rumor was correct. Thanks for the info.
  13. Hamilton Paramedic Service has had 6 or 7 brand new Demers ambulances and 2 Chev Tahoes that have been sitting unstriped at Mechanical Station 13 for about a month now. I was wondering if anyone knows what the delay is to have them strpiped and put into service. Are they going with any new change in graphics, other than the new door decals that used to say Hamilton emergency services?
  14. Thanks very much for the update. Do you happen to know if there will be an updated graphics change for the new ambulances that will be coming in, or will they be remaining the same with just door crest changed. I know they should be due for a number of new Demers ambulances as there are still a number of aged vehicles still on the road.
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