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  1. I believe El Dorado doesn't put too much capital into new bus model designs... most of their investments seem to be in fuel cell technology...they have several projects ongoing with some US transit agencies, and have an order with Akron,Ohio, for I think seven Axess fuel cell buses...I have tried unsuccessfully several times e-mailing REV Group and El Dorado about what their strategy would be when REV acquired them a year and half ago...I was interested if REV would try to turn El Dorado into a bigger player in the North American transit bus manufacturing industry--ex., if they would bid on larger transit bus contracts or if they would developed a 60ft model or an electric battery one.
  2. I believe it's under re-construction...I went to the REV Group website which owns El Dorado National...then found El Dorado's website...that's the message that was posted on it...it will probably be up and running in several weeks.
  3. I'm disappointed El Dorado couldn't meet the Metro's specs, but I'm more surprised they couldn't meet their delivery schedule, especially when they hardly ever bid on major transit agencies bus contracts.
  4. Proterra will be at the CUTA Trade Expo Show in Montreal...they're on the list of exhibitors, along with BYD Motors...I guess they both trying to make greater inroads to sell their bus models in Canada.
  5. Interesting, there's a press release on their website from October 22nd stating that they're now testing their 30ft model at Altoona, Pa. and that the CEO and President William Trainer saying that they hope to start bidding their bus models in the USA starting in 2016.
  6. According to the RTD website, they recommend the RTD board award the Shuttle bus contract to BYD.
  7. It's a no brainer...they're the only on who submitted a bid.
  8. New Flyer was awarded the contract this afternoon...it's worth $222 million...the deliveries begin in July 2016 and end late in 2017.
  9. SEPTA has a rfp for 525 40ft. diesel hev buses...there's a pre-bid meeting on June 22th...it closes on August 7th...the delivery schedule calls for 90 buses in 2016, 105 (option 10)in 2017, 100(option 15) in 2018, 115 in 2019 and 119 in 2020...I'm curious if Gillig will bid on it...NFI and Nova Bus probably will.
  10. I wonder if they'll be interested in submitting a bid for the current SEPTA 30ft. bus contract...the bid was recently extended...it closes on Friday.
  11. There's a photo of a newer Axess demo model on Metro magazine's photo gallery section on their website...it's from the recent APTA Bus and Paratransit Conference held earlier this month...there's other photos from various bus manufacturers.
  12. Proterra is building a new bus manufacturing facility in the San Gabriel Valley area due to increased bus orders...the news item was published in the Friday edition of the Wall Street Journal. It's being built in California.
  13. I don't understand why SEPTA wants a 96" width...their New Flyer and Nova buses are 102" wide.
  14. Foton tried to market and build CNG buses in the North American market three years ago and failed.
  15. CCW is now delivering 21 rebuild ZEPS electric power buses to the Indianapolis Public Transportation Corp(Indy GO) right now.
  16. There's a news story in the San Jose Mercury newspaper about Gillig moving their business and manufacturing operations from Hayward to Livermore, Ca. because of expansion needs...it was mentioned in the article they had to turn down orders because of limited capacity.
  17. To anyone interested, BYD has come out with a new 40ft electric over the road coach called the C 9...it was introduced at last week's UMA Expo in New Orleans...there's a story about it on Mass Transit's website today.
  18. SEPTA's order is far from over...it's a year behind schedule...they've only received 12 of their 90 40ft buses and 26 0f 185 60ft buses...the order is scheduled to be completed within two years.
  19. There's a news item on Metro magazine website today announcing the ADL will be establishing a manufacturing facility in Ontario to build 250 buses for I believe OC Transport.
  20. The contact is going to be awarded on low bid...also, there's a possible 200 additional option on it...low bid may favor either Nova Bus or NFI...I don't think Gillig will be interested in it.
  21. Did El Dorado National have any other models besides their 40ft Axess CNG bus for PACE at the expo?
  22. I understand that they'll have their new two door 30ft bus at next month's CUTA Expo.
  23. SEPTA has Express of Interest on their procurement section on their website for 40ft electric transit...probably to replace 2001 New Flyers...interesting.
  24. I do remember seeing it three weeks ago...they still must be having financial problems...it they didn't submit a bid for the RTD Mall Shuttle contract, that must a telltale sign.
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