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  1. Winnipeg Transit and area

    The new bus stop signs are already up and the revised routing signs are also up for the 85. As that was of last week, its close to a month before the September change. I am wondering if the other revised routings have the same advance preparation. I have noticed that the Fort Rouge station doesn't have any signs yet for the 84/86, which are been routed there in the September change.
  2. CP Power

    Will CP repaint ES44's with the Beaver remains to be seen.
  3. Southwest Transitway Rapid Transit Project

    That should help with congestion near IGF on event days. I was at a Bomber game during the first season at IGF and the park and ride seemed chaotic on Chancellor.
  4. 170-199

    I spotted 171 yesterday (June 29th). No pictures as I was biking outside of Transit's base on Osborne.
  5. Winnipeg Transit 1994 D40LF's #991 to 993

    Looks good for the oldest bus in the system. The seats look better than the seats in the D30's.
  6. Southwest Transitway Rapid Transit Project

    Is Transit planning a new Park and Ride route for Bomber games?
  7. VIA Rail Canada

    VIA 2 is 24 hours late into Toronto owning to a CN derailment according to VIA.
  8. VIA Rail Canada

    Have any idea why its now 12 hours late? (It was ontime into Winnipeg)
  9. Winnipeg Transit and area

    If you look at the specs for the eastern corridor's garage, you will notice that Transit is figuring bike racks into the space specs for that garage. http://winnipegtransit.com/en/major-projects/rapid-transit/eastern-corridor-study/. Click on Documents and then click on the website link to the Documents for Bid Opportunity.
  10. 170-199

    So similar to the ex-Calgary buses?
  11. 170-199

    The seats look quite different compared to the original XD40's and the XE40's. How do they feel compared to the old seats?
  12. Winnipeg Transit Battery Electric Buses

    A question that I have is if Transit buys the trial buses (994-998), will they be repainted to the same paint scheme as the XD40's?
  13. 170-199

    Those multi-coloured stripes look ugly. I hope they give 170 the same treatment as 831-888.
  14. Winnipeg Transit and area

    I am pleased to see those route changes. Its going to make it easier for Transit Users in North Kildonan and Waverly West to use the Bus. Too bad the changes in Transit for Sage Creek aren't being implemented at this time. My guess is April 2018 for the restart for the 52 as it has been delayed to the 2018 budget.
  15. Winnipeg Transit and area

    What's the story behind 143?