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  1. The reason I mention this is that Boxing Day service is a Sunday schedule. Wasn't expecting the 160 to have artics on Boxing Day.
  2. Perhaps this discussion could be moved to the general Winnipeg Transit thread. More on topic, on Boxing Day I noticed several XD60's on the 160 (rode one of them) and a D60LF on the 60. Having now ridden both the XD60s and D60LFs, I much prefer the XD60. The engine noise level inside the bus is much quieter than on the D60LFs. One minor change on the XD60 compared to the D60LF is that there are no seats in the bend. Instead the XD60 has grab bars. The seats made me a little motion sick so that will be an improvement.
  3. It would have been nice to have an artic on the 11 on Boxing Day. Took me four buses to finally find one with space on it. Mind you that was around 12 pm!
  4. There is 40 Manor sleepers in service for VIA. The most that I have seen on a Canadian trainset would be 8. If that is the case, there would be at least six spare Manors depending on the requirements of trains 3 and 4 which operate April to October between Edmonton and Vancouver.
  5. VIA 2-23 arrived in Winnipeg this morning at 10:17 (12.25 hours late). With the amount of padding in the schedule, it could be ontime into Toronto. CN had a major derailment near Jasper today so 2-27 could be delayed.
  6. The Kildonan loops (Raleigh/McIvor, Glenway/Henderson) seem rather quite tight for an artic. Once in a while there are two buses at the Raleigh/McIvor loop (start of both the 11 Donwood and 11 Rothesay) and the position of the two buses isn't ideal.
  7. Isn't 8147 one of three HEP-I coaches with a galley for Northern Quebec services? Quite a rare sight to see those coaches outside their normal run. During the Canada 150 youth pass during July 2017, 8145 and 8147 (not sure about 8146) were assigned to the Canadian for meal service for Economy class. One of the other consists used a HEP-I diner. That's the only time that I have seen them in western Canada.
  8. Saw that too. Appreciate the effort of Transit to change the routings/frequencies of the feeder routes based on public feedback. One of the biggest changes that isn't actually part of the second phase of the Southwest Transitway but probably something to do with the Eastern Corridor is that Route 47 is combined with the current 160. So someone can get on at Regent and Plessis and get off at the U of M without transferring at the U of W (Balmoral Station) or Kildonan Place (KP). The reasoning behind this is to reduce capacity issues on the 75 which runs between U of M and KP but cuts through Windsor Park. I think this also affect the express routes connecting Transcona and U of W (42, 46, 48) and to a lesser degree the North Kildonan Expresses (40,41) which stop in front of the U of W.
  9. I believe the reasoning behind the route numbers as preposed by the Transit Master Plan (TMP) is signify the area of the city that the feeder routes run. You can already see this in the April 2020 service plan for the second stage of the Southwest Transitway as all the feader routes are in the 600-series with the last two digits signifying which service they are replacing. The 664 replacing the current 64 for example. The busstop numbers also start with a 6 in that area. The area that will be part of the Eastern Corridor service area has feeder routes in the 400-series and the busstop numbers start with a 4.
  10. There are very few places that have cell coverage along the Canadian route between Sudbury, Ontario and Elma, Manitoba.
  11. The new payment options are only for eastern Canadian trains. The Canadian, Skeena and Hudson Bay trains are still using the old options of payment.
  12. I have seen personal vehicles go down the first phase of the transitway so its not a new thing.
  13. Was wondering the same thing. I don't think parts of the plan have been updated in a while as it still shows the Chief Peguis Loop, which hasn't existed for about eight years now. However the plan shows the southwest transitway.
  14. Biked the whole thing on Tuesday. Was fun to do with a strong south wind.
  15. Another one should be on its way to Edmonton. Saw it at the end of a CN manifest train near the Manitoba/Ontario on the mainline. Not sure as to the number of the unit as the train was going quite fast. As Thunder Bay isn't accessible from the CN mainline, I would think it would be coming from Millhaven but I could be wrong.
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