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  1. Not sure about the first order of XD40's (831-888) but the second and third orders of XD40's had the same size of fleet number above the door. I am guessing its something to do with the camera on the outside of the door. Its not like the number is super visible even if its full sized.
  2. 371 was parked outside of the original Fort Rouge Garage today along with two of the D60LFs. I could see another XD60 parked between that garage and the maintenance garage but was too far away to see the number.
  3. What are the numbers of the two XD60's behind it?
  4. Glad to hear that. Can't imagine there being much ridership on that portion of the 162/170 route. The Turnbull service is only four buses a day each way (7 of the 162 and 1 170 bus). The 137 doesn't serve Turnbull.
  5. 372 was on the 160 on Tuesday afternoon.
  6. Noticed that today that 372 was in the midst of the artic buses along the fence.
  7. They were also using Beaver Buses. Those Orions sound awful - slightly worse than the units that Transit bought from Calgary.
  8. Hopefully not the same fareboxes as Winnipeg's. Several years later - about 5 or so - they are still slow and the reader doesn't always work. Stop announcements are a nice feature especially if you aren't familiar with the route.
  9. I think Transit should use artics on Folk Fest service as well. The only problem might be the hills on the way back.
  10. Both units provide HEP. Each unit provides HEP to each side of every car in the consist. One car may have the first unit provide the left side and another car have the left side HEP provided by the second unit. The HEP 1 fleet (8100~8718) doesn't have MU cables however the HEP 2 fleet (4000 and 4100 series) does.
  11. Orange. The Yellow displays are also on some of the D30LF's. I also have a hard time reading the Luminator signs on those buses!
  12. Interesting that 371 has all Orange Luminator signs. The newest XD40 (369) has a silver LED front Luminator sign but orange LEDs on the side and rear Luminators.
  13. Except that non-Prestige Chateaus have 8 single bedrooms versus 4 in the Manors. The bedrooms are staggered in the Chateaus creating the second floor windows. The Prestige cars have kept one single bedroom for the concierge attendant which has been redone like the Manor single bedrooms. Also they have the second floor window openings plated over.
  14. I'm surprised that the city doesn't have bilingual bus stop signs in St. Boniface. The stops have only the English direction (eastbound, westbound, northbound or southbound). There's no est, ouest, nord or sud respectfully on the signs. Winnipeg specifies in contracts that St Boniface is bilingual yet I haven't seen a sign with any French on it except for the street name.
  15. The Manors have both doors and curtains for the single bedrooms. The curtain goes over the door on the outside of the bedroom facing the hallway, When the Prestige Chateaus were rebuilt, a single bedroom was retained for the concierge. Not sure the setup for the single bedrooms on the Chateaus.
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