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  1. Saw 443 at Seel Station this morning. Was hoping to get it but had to settle for a 20-year-old D40LF!
  2. Saw a white BYD bus on the back of a transport truck this afternoon going south on Highway 59. Couldn't see any markings on it. Funny thing is that I have had dreams about seeing a non-NFL bus here. I guess you could say my dream was reality!
  3. If so, those colors have served Transit and predecessors well over the years. There was streetcars with orange paint such as 356 at the Railway Museum. What is cool is that most of the equipment that has worn orange was built here.
  4. With the current schedule, the 54 and 59 get an artic on the first run of the morning, which becomes BLUE buses.
  5. I wonder if it was Grey Goose's as this scrapyard looks close to the Beaver lot on Archibald.
  6. I think buschic was looking more for the economy wheelchair spots. I don't know if there are many shots as the cars (8100, 8102, 8109 and a few others)were released in 2020.
  7. That could happen with many of the 600-series buses and feeder routes. Not sure why they are signed as 100-series on the run cards (eg. 690-2 is 190-2 on the run card).
  8. Sorry, I meant the westbound stop.
  9. The RT logo. Funny enough the eastbound stop at Graham/Donald still has the old RT routes listed on it.
  10. I have always thought they were too tall for the Winnipeg trainshed. Still, I am glad that VIA never went with Superliners. Just today I saw a ex-CP sleeper that would have been gone had the Superliner order gone through. As to your first question, I could be wrong but I think the Canada lettering was applied in the mid-90's. F40PH's 6429-30 and 6447 never received the Canada lettering. With the latter two engines, they were retired before receiving the Canada lettering - 2000 and 1997 respectfully - whereas 6429 had advertising from the time the Canada lettering appeared to when it wa
  11. That's not corridor equipment, that is a rebuilt HEP-1 coach. Its either 8102 or 8109. They came through Winnipeg in mid-September. As to the baggage car, there is a few of those in western Canada with a couple based in Winnipeg for northern Manitoba services.
  12. The Hudson Bay has been running with Skyline cars for the last year or so. The Skyline cars are still in the consists as there is no galleys on these HEP-1 coaches for the snack kart service. So I assume that might be the case for the economy passengers aboard the Canadian (unless VIA decides to run the Panorama cars to Winnipeg as those have galleys). I am thinking that there would be one Skyline and one diner on the Canadian consist with no Park Car. I could be wrong but that seems the most logical. We'll see what happens.
  13. Was riding Route Blue (internally 100) this afternoon around 4:30 which is part of my normal commute. However, this afternoon's bus was a XD40 instead of the normal XD60. I have been riding the same run for the last five weeks but this is a first for me. I also have never seen a Blue bus as a XD40. And yet, the 60 still gets XD60/D60LF buses exclusively.
  14. Manitoba has restrictions on travelers from east of Terrace Bay, Ontario for quarantine. In VIA's case, they would be only allowed to provide services to Longlac. Both Winnipeg and Vancouver have maintenance centres that are capable of working on the Canadian. The Winnipeg Maintenance Centre (WMC) is located about 1.5 miles southwest (timetable west) of the station and is the maintenance base for the Hudson Bay trainsets. A little over eight years ago, I was aboard the Canadian when we had to get maintenance done on our train. As to the schedule, I was told that its the previous schedule. I am
  15. Anybody else notice some express buses running slower than normal since the new schedule began? The one I have found is a Route 40 All Seasons (I think its run 5). It seems to be slower along Henderson than the morning run or the 41 North Kildonan that runs a few minutes ahead of it. When I asked the driver why its so slow, the driver told me that he had a schedule to follow and that due to COVID, he had to go slower. I thought there wasn't any all stop express buses anymore.
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