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  1. Having gone down Graham this afternoon on the Blue, the stop names could be different. I agree with the first one but maybe not the second one. The person that Vaughan Street is named after was a member of the Wolseley Expedition - which is controversial. It would be better to leave it as is due to the famous Bay building. Those poor bus stops at the corners of Graham/Donald and Portage/Donald have already had three name changes over the last twenty years. I can't think of any other stop in the entire city that has had so many name changes. For Portage/Donald, I would suggest Portage/Donald.
  2. Why does the 89 run Sunday to Friday? No other route in the entire city has that schedule. As to the 90, it currently follows the 89 in Transcona during rush hour only.
  3. That's great. The D60LF's seem to have less seating than the XD60's. Most of the seating is longitudinal rather than latitudinal much like the D40HF's and are in weird places such as over the middle axle. No matter how hard you try to sit there, it is uncomfortable but sometimes that is the only seats available. Also the engines sound terrible.
  4. Reminds me of when the D40HF's were assigned to 162 and perhaps 160 occasionally back in 2014/2015 when I was attending school in the south end of the city. Due to the fact that the highfloors only had rollsigns, the 162 was displayed as the 62 Richmond Express Downtown! Man I miss those buses.
  5. No picture but was on 469 yesterday afternoon. When I was on it, it was the 690 and would be also running the 691. Seems like the 690/691 have been getting these buses quite often over the last two months. Today's bus was an older XD40. Not sure if the new buses have anything to do with the fact that MCI's facility is nearby. Regardless, I am enjoying the new bus smell and AC!
  6. Would be nice if the D60LF's were all replaced with XD60's or XE60's. Tired of seeing the 60 get all the XD60s while the BLUE gets the D60LFs. Should be the other way around. That's it just my opinion.
  7. The only problem is that both routes 3 and 4 would have serious delays almost daily as they cross the CN and CP mainlines at level crossings. I can't think of any bus route in Winnipeg that crosses both mainlines at grade so this might not be the best solution. Otherwise great map.
  8. 455 was on the 690/691 this afternoon. Still had the new bus smell.
  9. That is the bus. It would be interesting if the current 409 was assigned to the 650.
  10. There was one parked off Seel Avenue in a fenced-yard. Not sure if it is still there.
  11. I don't know if this is the reasoning but I believe that the whole purpose of the 690 (and likewise the 80/180 before it) is to serve the Fort Garry and Scurfield Industrial Parks (including MITT). Which explains why the route ends at Kenaston rather going to Whyte Ridge. The 691 (and likewise the 81/181 before it) provides peak service from Whyte Ridge to Seel Station for UofW students. With the 649 connecting Whyte Ridge and Chevier Station (connecting to Seel via BLUE), this might not be needed. It will be interesting to see how the runs look after the 691 is discontinued as most 691 buses turn into 690 buses at Seel Station. Having used both the 180 and 690, I have to say I like the 690 much better as it runs more often and doesn't have traffic on Pembina to deal with. Once in a while, traffic is backed up on Clarence due to a train but that is rare.
  12. Love the fact that its in front of a much newer 40-foot cousin.
  13. The city has implemented most of the changes for the Southwest corner of the city (stops starting with 6) aligned with the TMP due to the SWBRT corridor phase II. The only significant change I see in the southwest corner of the city is that the 691 will be discontinued. I don't know for sure but my guess is that it isn't well utilized thanks to the 642 and 650 which also connect Seel Station and Whyte Ridge.
  14. For example 443 was on the 36-1 yesterday. Felt nice to be on a brand new bus for a change.
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