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  1. That video was shot using Winnipeg Transit's XD40's.
  2. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. The Calgary buses are quite recognizable as the windows are different. Wouldn't some of the 17 and 18 buses be based out of North Garage? Those routes go right past it.
  4. I believe this document is just for a budget adjustment for a contract for new buses rather than a new order. Transit signed an agreement for new buses with New Flyer in June 2016. This document is just adjusting the cost of the contract by $54,000.
  5. Interesting that the Calgary buses would be based out of North Garage. From what I hear, the unique Transit buses are usually based out of Brandon.
  6. Wasn't Transit looking at getting alternative fuel buses (XE40's, XN40's) Personally I would like to see Transit buy more XE40's as they are very quiet buses.
  7. Does that mean that the 84/86 and other route revisions have incorrect maps?
  8. I believe that ReveLstoke ParK has the refurbished interior.
  9. I really can't see them ordering anything other than New Flyer considering how close Selkirk is to Winnipeg.
  10. under Winnipeg Transit, it says that Transit will be operating on a Sunday schedule on Monday, December 26th. Usually Monday the buses are out but since Monday is a holiday, the XE40s will not be operating.
  11. I meant luminators! For some stupid reason, I kept typing laminators. Or its just auto-correct!
  12. The reason why the XE40's don't work weekends is due to the fact that the garage that they are based in is not open weekends/holidays, So Saturday through Monday, they will not be operating.
  13. I stand corrected on the laminators.
  14. I think some of the 911-925's have orange luminators. I don't know which ones. The 400s also have the green luminators
  15. Our 1994 D40LFs have laminators but with the old green text! Hard to see in daylight.