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  1. VIA Rail Canada

    Some of the cars from that trainset that was stuck in Churchill is out east still
  2. VIA Rail Canada

    York Diner (8418) from the Churchill train is back at the Winnipeg Maintenance Center. Noticed it on February 28th.
  3. Winnipeg Transit and area

    There are provisions in the plans for the western extension of Chief for Park and Rides. I would imagine the route that would go along there would be the 77. Right now the 77 uses Chief between Henderson and Main. As of the fall schedule change, the only segment of Chief part of a Transit route is the segment between Henderson and Gateway. The segment between Gateway and Lag is part of the 85 North Kildonan.
  4. Taxis in Diamond Lanes

    Correct if I'm wrong but I think that having taxis in diamond lanes would be similar to High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes found in other cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. I don't think that it is needed here as we don't have nearly the same amount of people using our roads as those cities. Even if we did, HOV isn't meant for regular roads.
  5. Automated Fare Boxes for Winnipeg

    I reloaded my Peggo card today and was wondering why can't we specify the amount outside of 5 dollars increments. It would allow the cards to have the exact value of a certain amount of rides. Right now to get 4 rides, you need to put 10 dollars on your Peggo card. The way I think it should work is that you add the amount of 4 rides to your card and its on there right away, That way the card completely runs out instead of leaving 10 cents (in my case) on the card.
  6. Winnipeg Transit and area

    56 and 87 only run during rush hour on weekdays. Not sure how they can cut those routes further without discontinuing them.
  7. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Surprised that they wouldn't cut any of the crosstown routes (11-26). I noticed that the one of routes (85) was expanded in the fall schedule change.
  8. Winnipeg Transit and area

    I noticed that a shelter has been rebuilt at the Polo terminal when I went by on Saturday. Hopefully its a sign of things to come.
  9. Winnipeg Transit and area

    They hit somebody who died of their injuries.
  10. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Correct if I'm wrong but doesn't the 162/170 use Chancellor Matheson? That doesn't show up on the map.
  11. VIA Rail Canada

    Does the Renaissance fleet have flip-up seats? I wonder if this ruling would apply to Amtrak's trains that run into Canada as well as VIA's overnight fleet (sleepers, domes and diners).
  12. VIA Rail Canada

    I believe that the cars have AEDs, which don't appear in any other HEP-I coach.
  13. VIA Rail Canada

    They have galleys. During the month of July, they were used on the Canadian for the Canada 150 passengers. As there is only three of them, the other trainset had dining car "Emerald" (8407) on it. 4102 and 4105 were also used for Canada 150 passengers on the Canadian in July.
  14. Winnipeg Transit and area

    BusRider is correct. Having ridden several routes out of the KPSC terminal, the traffic flow for buses is pretty good from a rider point-of-view. Polo on the other hand...
  15. Winnipeg Transit and area

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Polo is the only mall terminal where the buses (such as the 11) leave the terminal and serve other parts of the mall. Why can't they run the 11 around the terminal and exit to Portage rather than go by Sears and exit at Ness. It would be safer for pedestrians and motorists alike. No other mall has a terminal and other stops in their parking lot. The KP terminal has many terminating buses as well as the 47, which doesn't end at KP. The 47 runs around the terminal (from downtown) and exits at the terminal entrance to serve Transcona. In my mind, the 11 should run the same way.