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  1. I thought Brandon could handle a few electrics (16 per the report to IRPW January 2021). There are limitations to going full electric at Brandon as Hydro can't take that load on its infrastructure. I don't know the exact load of the area but by my best guess, it is a high load. In addition to Winnipeg Transit's Fort Rouge campus (G, Brandon and Fort Rouge), you also have a BellMTS building (not sure the purpose) and the Via Rail Canada Winnipeg Maintenance Centre. I can't remember if Transit has got a location yet for a replacement garage for North Main.
  2. The strike in 2009 lasted 2 days. The Canadian was cancelled at Winnipeg, leaving two trainsets parked at the station. Good to hear the deadline this time was extended. I thought that was the case as there were no trainsets parked at the station. The only sign that something was amiss was the fact that the Winnipeg Maintenance Centre had one of the Hudson Bay consists complete with Park Car. Usually there wouldn't be any trainset there on a Monday.
  3. Noticed that yesterday. I got on it knowing full well that it was the 40. The 40 has never been signed as going to Ragsdill. In fact, the 40 didn't exist until 2006 when it was split from the 41. Due to that, there was no route name on the D40HF's. Personally I think it should be signed as 40 North Kildonan via Edison.
  4. Speaking of old buses, those D40's were only retired within the last ten years.
  5. Probably best not to post non-public transit info. It would be different if that information was in the minutes/agenda of the IRPW council committee.
  6. Where did you see that the 649 is being changed. There is no item on any Public Works meeting to change the routing of the 649.
  7. Viafreak


    Not sure if there would be any purpose to extend the Ethan Allen Express further north than Burlington (for example Montreal) as that area already has daily Amtrak service to Montreal via the Adirondack using the former Delaware & Hudson. In fact, I would hope that Amtrak would show a seasonal connection to the Adirondack at Burlington for ferry service to Port Kent where the Adirondack stops in the summer.
  8. VIA Rail modified some of their cars to accommodate wheelchairs without changing the door completely. I wonder if that is what happened here with CT Rail.
  9. There is still one original trolleybus left here in Winnipeg. 1768 is parked at the Fort Rouge garage.
  10. Yes. Maybe we need that type of thread for Winnipeg.
  11. Wonder why the 24 still runs as an express Monday to Saturday days and local Sundays and M-S evenings. Other routes that were like that have long been split into new routes such as the 65/66.
  12. I probably got it confused with the 59. Like 40/41, the 54 and 59 shared a similar service area. The 54 and 59 also often have a XD60 so that might have been what confused me.
  13. Noticed some new signs on certain routes such as the 28 and 54. Instead of having the destination on a separate sign, it is displayed underneath the route name. I find that is easier to see and probably saves wear and tear on the signs. I wonder if all buses can display two lines on the front sign.
  14. To think eight years ago when the Transitway was new, there was the occasional D40 assigned to the 160.
  15. Also this is the start of the new routing for both buses.
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