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  1. Viafreak

    Southwest Transitway Rapid Transit Project

    It will be like going in a tunnel for those couple hundred metres along with the Pembina bridge just east of this.
  2. Viafreak

    Transit tunnels

    I do remember the Transitway tunnel being flooded a few years ago during a sudden downpour. Hopefully that doesn't happen with the Phase 2 tunnel(s).
  3. Viafreak

    Winnipeg Transit and area

    Not the first time Route 3 has been rerouted. When the MTS Centre was under construction, the Route 3 was temporarily rerouted which became its permanent route. Not sure exactly when that change was made but you can search for it on the city's website. Also the fall schedule change will have the new 74 Kenaston route on it.
  4. Viafreak

    Southwest Transitway Rapid Transit Project

    Most likely that is how it will work east of Plessis.
  5. Viafreak

    Eastern Transit Corridor

    I posted about this on the southwest corridor thread that the major change is that Main Street is now the preferred route instead of Union Station. Couldn't find this thread when I posted last night.
  6. Viafreak

    Southwest Transitway Rapid Transit Project

    The open house for the Eastern Corridor transitway is coming up in a few weeks (June 18-21) and the open house boards are online. This open house is to present the various routing options. The one thing that caught my eye was that the preferred routing in downtown will use Main Street instead of Union Station. The report states that the cost would be high to use Union Station. More details here: http://winnipegtransit.com/en/major-projects/rapid-transit/eastern-corridor-study/ The open house boards link is: http://winnipegtransit.com/assets/2249/17M-00063-00_Eastern_Corridor_Open_House_Boards_20180531.pdf Hopefully this project isn't too far off and is mostly grade-separated.
  7. Viafreak

    Winnipeg Transit 300-369 (2018 XD40)

    Is there a reason why Transit doesn't order buses with rear windows? I know they bought their first D40LFs with windows but haven't order any since? The rear of the XD40 looks bare without the rear window.
  8. Viafreak

    200s refurbished

    I believe the refurbished buses have the revised Telebus number where as the non-refurbished buses still have the original Telebus number.
  9. Viafreak

    Winnipeg Transit 300-369 (2018 XD40)

    Interesting that it came from New Flyer's Pembina plant. Always thought Transit's units were made here in Winnipeg.
  10. Viafreak

    Winnipeg Transit Battery Electric Buses

    I did notice one of the electrics moving around Fort Rouge Garage yesterday. It was too far away to see the number.
  11. Viafreak

    Winnipeg Transit Battery Electric Buses

    Hopefully they are back in service soon.
  12. Viafreak

    Southwest Transitway Rapid Transit Project

    I think that will be different with the Eastern Corridor if/when that project starts as the route would follow existing routes such as the 44/45, 47 and the companion express routes.
  13. Viafreak

    Winnipeg Transit 300-369 (2018 XD40)

    300 is only the second Transit bus to have a number ending with double zeros. 800 is the other bus.
  14. Viafreak

    Southwest Transitway Rapid Transit Project

    Good to hear about progress on the McGillivray bridge. That bridge looked behind schedule in February.
  15. Viafreak

    VIA Rail Canada

    I don't think that they are prohibited from buying new diesels that aren't Tier 4. Which is to say, that the EPA Tiers have no effect on Canada. CN bought engines (2951-2975) that were exempt from the Tiers. The only stipulation was that they couldn't cross the border. For VIA, the same rules would apply. As I recall, their current engines aren't allowed into the States as they don't have sanders.