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  1. A question that I have is if Transit buys the trial buses (994-998), will they be repainted to the same paint scheme as the XD40's?
  2. Those multi-coloured stripes look ugly. I hope they give 170 the same treatment as 831-888.
  3. I am pleased to see those route changes. Its going to make it easier for Transit Users in North Kildonan and Waverly West to use the Bus. Too bad the changes in Transit for Sage Creek aren't being implemented at this time. My guess is April 2018 for the restart for the 52 as it has been delayed to the 2018 budget.
  4. What's the story behind 143?
  5. What happened to 918?
  6. Is 170-199 replacing some D40LFs or are they just adding to the fleet?
  7. I agree with you David. This is a good idea as Winnipeggers don't want to wait outside to check the time of the bus. I think the Rapid Transit stations should get it first (including the ones along Main and Phase One of the Southwest Transitway)
  8. All of CN's SD70's have a top speed of 70mph.
  9. That is a sharp paint scheme. Might look like a little weird in front of a Series-8 trainset but we'll get used to it.
  10. Or did what Amtrak and repaint current engines in a good paint scheme. For Amtrak that would their Phase-III, for VIA that could be the VIA Canada paint scheme that the F40's (except for 6429) wore from 1997 to 2012. That scheme matched VIA's equipment a lot better than the Renaissance paint scheme. The Renaissance paint scheme doesn't flow with the Stainless cars which make up at least 50% of the fleet.
  11. 657 was on route 185 today in the early afternoon. I definitely like those plush seats on 657. They are more comfortable than the ones on the D40LFs and most of the D40LFRs.
  12. 904, 905, 907, 908 and 916 are done already in Canada 150. 902, 903, 915 and 917 are green P42's so they might not receive the wrap. 901 is still being repaired.
  13. The display boards/slides are posted on the city's website. Wonder when the process is starting for the Eastern Corridor?
  14. Is there a reason why Eastern Canada can't order New Flyer?
  15. 996 and 997 were both in operation on Monday. I was on 997. When did 997 get the number on the windshield again? (the demo number)